Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Crown Princess Mary Birthday Reply

Sorry for posting this late. I was a bit busy with the Easter Holidays and this is nothing we haven't seen before.

I wrote to Crown Princess Mary in February for her 44th birthday. A little over a month and a half latter, this arrived. The Crown Prince Couple's replies always look just like this. In fact this is identical to last year's Birthday reply.

The response time was the same as usual for this couple. They usually reply quite quickly, but since they sent the letter economy, it took forever to arrive.

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  1. I know if you write to queen margarethe letter comes about 2 weeks earlier. I am from Poland and for Queen Margarethe letter i wait 14 days.

    1. Yes, that is our experience as well. Like other Royals, Queen Margarethe sends her replies Priority, so they only take a few days in the mail.

      The Crown Prince Couple are the only ones who I have seen use Economy mail.