Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Day 10 - Cambridge Royal Wedding Review

Today we will be looking at William and Catherine's first year of Marriage!

Tour of Canada (2 mins)

Canada Day + Speech (4 mins)

UNICEF Denmark (4 mins)

Royal Baby Rumors (2 mins)

Catherine takes on her 1st Patronages (4 mins)

William in the Falklands for RAF (4 mins)

Catherine's 1st solo Engagement (2 mins)

Valentines Day (1 min)

St. Patricks Day Parade (2 mins)

Catherine's 1st Speech (8 mins)

Attend Premiere of "African Cats"(1 min)

1st Anniversary (2 mins)

Sneak Peak of Day 11: Tomorrow we will look at The Cambridge's 2nd-5th year of marriage. Which will be the end of our Royal Wedding Review.

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