Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Day 3 - Cambridge Royal Wedding Review

Day 2 looked at the various reactions to the engagement news. Today we will focus on Wedding Preparations. 

Royal Mew (3 mins)

Royal Wedding Cake (3 mins)

Groom's Cake (1 min)

Buckingham Palace Staff (4 mins)

Chapel Royal Choir (2 mins)

Duchess Catherine's Dress (5 mins)

Prince of Wales's Harpist (3 mins)

Flowers (3 mins)

Royal Stamp (2 mins)

Catherine and Camila Do Lunch (1 min)

Discussion: How did you prepare for the Royal Wedding?
Did you do anything special to celebrate?
(Post your thoughts in the comment section below).

Sneak Peak at Day 4: Tomorrow, we move a little closer to the actual ceremony and look at the day before the Wedding!

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Also Congratulations to Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia on the birth of their first child today, a healthy baby boy!