Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Day 4 - Cambridge Royal Wedding Review

I know your excited about re-watching the Royal Wedding. Don't worry! We will get to the ceremony this weekend in a combined Day 6 & 7. But Today, we are looking at the Day before (April 28th, 2011). 

Last Minute Rehearsal at Westminster Abbey  (3 mins)

Middleton's Arrive at Goring Hotel (2 mins)

Prince William Royal Walkabout Before Wedding (2 mins)

Royal Fans (2 mins)

T-Mobile Ad (2 mins)

Celebration Song (2 mins)

Pre-Royal Wedding Reception at Mandarin Oriental  (5 mins)

Royal Wedding Parties Around the World (2 mins)

Interview with Crown Prince Alexander of Serbia  (8 mins)

Discussion: Happy 90th Birthday Queen Elizabeth!!  What impact did this marriage have on the Monarchy? Do you think the Queen was relieved to finally see Prince William marry?
(Post your thoughts in the comment section below).

Sneak Peak at Day 5: Tomorrow, We look at Morning of, Guests, and Arrivals at Westminster Abbey. 


  1. Dear Gert!
    Who is the lady in a dark green dress who receives the guests by Pre-Royal Wedding Reception at Mandarin Oriental? The young couple why not there?
    Thanks....Evi from Hungary....:-)

    1. The women is Lady Anson, she is the Queen's Cousin. Lady Anson is a party planner and was hosting the event.


      The party is really just to entertain the royal guests who obviously had to arrive the night before. William and Catherine didn't attend, Charles and Camilla attended only briefly. I think they were meeting with family who had come into town, getting ready for the wedding, and obviously tried to calm their nerves and get a good nights rest.

  2. Dear Gert!
    Thank you very much and also to answer so quickly!