Thursday, 21 April 2016

Day 5 - Cambridge Royal Wedding Review

Today we are looking at the Royal Wedding guest, who was invited, who was not, and or course watching them arrive. 

Who was snubbed (4 mins)

Bucklebury (2 mins)

Royal Wedding Controversy (4mins)

Guests (2 mins)

Hats (1 min)

William & Harry (7 mins)

Royal Family (1  min)

Bridesmaids and Pageboys  (1 min)

William and Harry chat with Spencer Family (1 min)

Catherine (8 mins)

Discussion: Did you have a favorite Royal Wedding Guest? Who were some of the best dressed, and who could have used a little friendly guidance?
(Post your thoughts in the comment section below).

Sneak Peak at Day 6: This weekend we finally get to the Actual Wedding Ceremony!

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