Sunday, 24 April 2016

Day 8 - Cambridge Royal Wedding Review

This weekend we looked back at the actual ceremony. Today we focus on what happens after the ceremony. 

Cartwheel (1 min) 

Royal Wedding Route (4 mins)

William and Catherine (8 mins)

Royal Family (2 mins)

Balcony (6 mins)

Earl of Spencer comments on wedding (1 min)
See 0:48

Bouquet on Toumb of Unknown Solider  (1 min)

Drive to Clarence House (3 mins)

Leave Clarence House for Reception (1 Min)
Can you spot a certain then Press Secretary, now Private Secretary in background?

Wedding Reception + Baby Photos of William (5 mins)

Pippa Middleton heading back to Goring Hotel  (1 min)

Sneak Peek at  9: Tomorrow we will continues on with aftermath of the Royal Wedding.

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