Monday, 25 April 2016

Day 9 - Cambridge Royal Wedding Review

Day we will be looking at what happened after all the royal wedding celebrations.

Walking to Helicopter (1 min)

Middleton's leave Goring Hotel (2 mins)

Hair (2 Mins)

Twitter  (4 Mins)

Royal Wedding Fund  (7 Mins)

Duchess of York Not Invited (2 Mins)

 On Beatrices and Eugenie's Hats (3 Mins)

Pippa and Harry Dating? (2 Mins)

Queen and Catherine View Wedding Exhibit (4 Mins)

Meet Obamas after honeymoon (1 Min)

    William and Catherine's Life in Anglesey (2 mins)

    First Official Engagement: ARK GALA (1 Min)

    Sneak Peak of Day 10: Tomorrow we will look at The Cambridge's 1st year of marriage.

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    1. A bit off topic, but I received a reply from the Queen's 90th birthday card I mailed about a month back. It's very beautiful and not at all what I expected!!! Have you received yours yet??

      1. Never off topic!!!!

        I haven't received mine yet. It took me forever to get around to writing my birthday letter to the Queen. So I didn't have mine mailed out as early as I would have liked. So I expect my letter is still underneath a large pile at Buckingham Palace waiting to be looked at.

        And I think the closer to her birthday one wrote, the more mail was sent at the time, so it will take exponentially longer for replies to arrive.

        But Lucky You! I will be waiting eagerly!

    2. I just noticed something peculiar about my letter. I sent it to her Buckingham Palace address, as I normaly do. But my reply came from Windsor Castle. And it is dated as being written on April 21st. What do you think this means?

      1. This could either be two things:

        (1) a form letter, which is dated with the Queen's Birthday and written on Windsor Stationary since that is where she was for her birthday...... But not actually sent from Windsor or on her birthday.

        (2) Letters get sent to Buckingham Palace. Most often them get answered there, by either a Lady-in-Waiting or someone in the communications section. (These will be marked Buckingham Palace and dated either with the date they were written, or if a form letter likely just April, 2016) For every occasion a selection of letters is collected for the Queen to read. And taken to where ever the Queen is..... Currently She is at Windsor (not every letter taken to Windsor is actually read by her)..... The Queen may or may not have read your letter and then one of her ladies in waiting replied to it.

        I would lean towards option 2 right now (especially since you wrote early enough it could be sorted and taken to Windsor, and the reply came right after her birthday). It's hard to say more, without seeing your reply and comparing it with other replies.

      2. But to put this in Perspective: Christmas I got a personal letter from Sandringham written by a lady in waiting..... a friend of mine got a form letter from Buckingham Palace...... Letters sent from some where besides the main office tend to be a lot more personal and special.

    3. Thank you so much! This one definitely seemed a lot more personal then other ones I've received from her majesty. You definitely confirmed my suspicions. Would you mind if I sent a photo of the card to you through Twitter messages? Just to show you.