Friday, 15 April 2016

Princess Beatrice - Bio

Full Name: Beatrice Elizabeth Mary

Birth: 8 August 1988 at Portland Hospital in London, England

Monarchs during life:
  • Queen Elizabeth II (1952-Present)
Relationship to current monarch: Granddaughter

Place in line of succession:
  • At Birth: 5th in line, after Charles, William, Harry, & Andrew
  • Current: 7th in Line, behind George, Charlotte, Harry, Andrew
Religion: Church of England
  • Christening: Chapel Royal at St James's Palace on 20 December 1988
    • God-parents: 
      • Viscount Linley (Father's cousin) 
      • Lady Jane Dawnay (then Duchess of Roxburghe)
      • Peter Palumbo 
      • Gabrielle Greenall
      • Carolyn Cotterell
  • God Children:
    • ?
  • Grandparents: Queen Elizabeth & Prince Philip, and Ronald Ferguson (d. 2003) & Susan Barrantes (d. 1998)
    • Parents: Prince Andrew, Duke of York & Sarah, Duchess of York
      • Siblings: Princess Eugenie
  • Goldsmiths College in London (2008-2011)
    • BA in History & History of Ideas
Job: Works Full-Time in Business in London

  • Associate for Sandbridge Capital in NYC, USA  
    • (July/May? 2015 - )
  • Intern at Sony Pictures in London
    • (January 2014 - January 2015)
  • Private Equity Analyst for Cabot Square Capital
    • (February 2012 - June 2013)
  • Research and development intern for Children in Crisis 
    • (September 2011-January 2012)?
  • St. James Palace in London
Causes: Education, Poverty, Dyslexia,

Video of her speaking:


"Dyslexia is not a pigeonhole to say you can’t do anything. It is an opportunity and a possibility to learn differently. You have magical brains, they just process differently. Don’t feel like you should be held back by it," - at Bolingbroke Academy (2014)



  1. Will you write about the Duke or Duchess of Kent or Gloucester?

    1. Yep, the I'll eventually make post for most of the British Royal Family. all of the Queen's Children, grandchildren, I won't do the great grand children, except for Charlotte and George. I will do the Duke and Duchess of Kent, Gloucester, and Prince and Princess Michael of Kent. As well as a few dead royals, who i think are important to know, the Queen's parents and Diana.......

      But this will all take time to.....

      Eventually I will also do this for the foreign royals.