Saturday, 2 April 2016

Write to Queen Elizabeth for her 90th Birthday

The Queen absolutely loves to get letters and cards from the public! While she can't personally read them all, her Ladies-in-Waiting collect a variety of responses for the Queen to look at. All of the letters are read and answered by someone at Buckingham Palace, quite often one of the Queen's Ladies-in-Waiting. 

You can either type or hand write your letter or card. You don't need to write something long and elaborate. A few carefully chosen words or lines can go a long way. The best letters and cards are always the most personal ones, so include a few specific details or examples. 

Instead of just saying "I really admire the work You and the Royal Family do."

Give some detail, "I really admire the work You and the Royal Family do, especially for the armed forces. My father was a .../Prince Harry's work with the Invictus Games.../etc."

This creates a much more interesting, personal letter. Also feel free to include in your letter a poem, drawing, newspaper clipping, etc.

If you prefer to send a pre-made card, be sure to write a little note inside yourself. 

The Address: 

HM Queen Elizabeth 
Buckingham Palace
London SW1A 1AA

When to write?
The Queen's 90th Birthday is celebrated over a number of months this year. I personally am going to send my letter or card in April for her actual birthday. But you can write anytime during the celebrations. It will likely be the same/ similar response regardless of when you write.

If your not sure if you want to write in April for her actual birthday, or in June for her official birthday. Remember her husband, Prince Philip's 95th birthday is in June. So you can write now in April for the Queen's birthday and then in June for Philip's. And in your June letter to Philip sum up your thoughts and feelings on the birthday celebrations since April. 

What to write about?
  • Some event in her 90 years that was particularly meaningful to you
    • or cause, royal tour, etc.
  • What you are excited for in 2016
  • How you plan on celebrate her 90th
  • What the Monarchy, or Commonwealth means to you
  • How has the Queen has inspired you
  • What you admire about the royal family
  • etc.

If you need a little more help on what to write about, check out our guide from last year for the Queen' Longest Reign. A number of you found it really helpful.

For More Basic Information of Writing to the Royals

What to Expect?
The Queen's office responses with a letter. For big events, the Queen's offices replies with form letters. This is a letter that is sent out to everyone who write. They all look the same and are not personalized. For example:

Her office simply doesn't have the time to send out personalized letter to each individual for big occasions like this. Form letters ensure everyone gets a reply. 

Some letters will be replied to personally by the Queen's Ladies-in-Waitings. These are often letter from important groups, schools, instances where the form letter would not be an appropriate reply, or they feel the letter deserves a more personal response. 

Some examples of personalizes letters are: 


  1. Hello! I have written to the Queen in February and I was waiting for a response 3 weeks and 2 days. I was really flabbergasted that a response time was really short. Your blog is fantastic! When I have a free-time I always read your posts. Thanks! :) On Tuesday I sent a letter to Princess of Liechtenstein Marie.

    1. Gert's Royals2 April 2016 at 12:26

      Awe, thank you! Glad you had such a short response time.

  2. I sent my birthday letter to The Queen on March 21st. When can I expect a reply? I'm a huge fan of your blog by the way. Much love from Canada!

    1. Gert's Royals4 April 2016 at 21:00

      Response time for the Queen is usually 1-2 months. In this case I wouldn't not expect to see anything for 1.6 - 2 months or more from when you sent it.

      It usually takes 4-7 days for a letter to go from Canada to the UK. This means your letter arrived long before her birthday. Which is fine. It's always great when it is there and can actually be read on the birthday. It takes time for the Palace to sort mail, so you do want to be a little early.

      (My rule of thumb is to send it in the month the event happens, or if the event is at the beginning of the month about 2 weeks ahead of time.) (Some times you will get a different response if you send your letter too early or too late. But I don't think that will be the case here.)

      The response will take a while. Since this is likely going to be a form response, They aren't going to start sending out responses till the Queen's Birthday or sometime after. Which means, regardless of where you are in the pile of mail, it's going to be over a month before you get your response because you wrote a month ahead of time.

      That all being said. A Month ahead of time for a big milestone birthday is perfectly reasonable and I'm sure you letter is siting in a pile with a bunch of other birthday letters waiting for the Queen's Big Day!

      Much love for USA! I'm 40 Minutes from Windsor, Ontario. We are actually planning having Tea there for the Queen's Birthday.

    2. Thank you so much for all of your help! Your definitely the most reliable royal blogger out there. I hope you enjoy your Tea in Windsor, it's certainty the perfect way to celebrate the Queen's birthday!

  3. I have never got answer from the Queen, maybe once. The palace probably respods only to letters from Commonwealth countries. Such a pity :-(

    1. Gert's Royals7 April 2016 at 14:01

      You just need to give it more time. The Queen usually take 1-2 months to reply. But answers can take much longer. I've gotten replies from British Royals 4 month latter, so just be patient.

      (1). The Queen's office replies to letters from all over the world not just Commonwealth Countries. I'm not from a Commonwealth country, and I know plenty of people who aren't from Commonwealth countries who have all gotten replies.

      (2). I don't know anyone who hasn't received a reply from the Queen when they wrote (or Phillip, Charles, Camilla, William, Catherine or Harry).

      I have had a number of people like you, who have commented that they didn't get a reply from the Queen or one of the above British Royals. I told them to be patient. And for every single one of those people they got eventually got a reply.

      So don't worry.

    2. This past Christmas I wrote to all of the Uk Royals, including Will, Kate and Harry. I received two replies from Harry back to back, and I never received one from Will & Kate. I thought this was kind of strange, but I'm assuming they sent one from Harry by mistake, meaning to send one from each of them.

    3. Gert's Royals8 April 2016 at 16:24

      Michaela R - The Cambridges always reply. So it's likely things just just got a little mixed up in their office and you go two from Harry. It happens.

      For Christmas 2014 I got two replies back from the Queen.

      The other British Royals (Anne, Andrew, the Queen's cousins, etc) don't always reply. And You can't really predict for what occasions they will and for what occasions they won't.

  4. Shoud it be handwritten or on computer?

    1. Gert's Royals10 April 2016 at 11:47

      Either is fine, as long as it can be read.

      The only time when you really ought to hand-write a letter is when sending our condolences after a death.

  5. I would like to send the Queen a 90th birthday card but how do I address it? and how should I end my card?

    Thanks, Julie

    1. Gert's Royals13 April 2016 at 08:35

      There are no set rule for writing to the royals. Do what ever feel comfortable to you. A good rule of thumb is write the same way you would speak to them. For a younger royal it would be more relax, for the Queen more Formal.

      I usually start with: Dear Your Majesty,
      And then something about why I'm writing: I am writing to send you my warmest of wishes for your 90th Birthday

      End it how ever you like
      Yours Sincerely,
      Sincerely yours,
      Yours Faithfully,
      Your Servant,

      Feel free to be creative.

      Another good tip, is when ever I have a question about how something should be done I take a look at my Royal Responses. It is hard to go wrong by imitating them.

      Responses can be found in the "replies" tab above.

  6. I whant to send a letter to the queen but i don't know how

    1. Gert's Royals4 July 2016 at 19:26

      What do you need help with?

  7. Im from new zealand and made the queen a card of herself with a replica of one of her crowns and havent got a reply yet

    1. Don't Worry! They are still working on sending out all the replies. I haven't gotten mine either.

  8. I am making a knitted toy of the queen do you think she'd like it if i sent her it as a gift

    1. The Queen & Royal Family love thoughtful gifts. They love to hear that you were thinking of them. So it would be a lovely gift.

      But keep in mind: the Royals receive a lot of gifts & don't have room for all the gifts. Some they keep, some they donate, etc.

      You took such a long time to create a beautiful knitted Queen. It's beautiful and should be appreciated & loved. You can send it as a gift, & I'm sure the Queen would love it and Love to hear you were thinking of her.

      But The Queen would love to hear you were thinking of others as well. Instead of sending the Queen the knitted toy, you could donate to some organization (Think children, sick, elderly, poor, etc.). Or you could sell it to someone you know will love and appreciate it, and donate the money to a charity.

      The Queen would love to get a letter with a picture of the lovely toy and note saying how you were thinking of her, and how this toy went to good use.

  9. Have you gotten your reply for the Queens birthday yet

    1. No not yet. I'm still eagerly waiting. But don't worry I see people getting replies every few days, so they are still working on sending them out.

  10. Hello! What a fun blog to read!

    In 1984, I had the unexpected thrill of meeting Queen Elizabeth while she was on a State Visit to Canada. I was the first woman piper in an all-male Air Reserve pipe and drum band, and Her Majesty stopped to speak to me following the Command Performance in Winnipeg, MB. Two days later, Her Majesty spoke to me a second time at a much smaller event, the opening of the Royal Western Aviation Museum, where the 402 Air Reserve Band was again on parade.

    I have always treasured this memory, so I wrote to the Queen in June to send birthday greetings and I recalled this experience in my letter.

    I am thrilled to have received a personal letter of response, written by Philippa de Pass! It arrived yesterday, and remarked on several details mentioned in my original letter! Such a thoughtful response!

    I thought I would share, as I am very excited in receiving this letter!


    1. Quite exciting, Christina. Thanks for sharing. Still waiting for my reply for my Birthday letter to the Queen.

  11. Hello. My 8 year old daughter is a huge fan of the Queen and she would like to send her a letter. Do you think that the Queen will respond?

    1. Yes, one of the Queen's Ladies in Waiting will send a lovely letter in reply.

  12. Hello,

    I would like to personally Email the Queen. Is there any authentic Email address? If yes, please share it here

    1. The Queen does not have an email. You can mail her a letter.

  13. i have written to the Queen and sent many cards over the years. I have received a reply each time from a lady in Waiting...the last one, for her 90th birthday was a return card with a photo. I share the same birthday (Apr 21) as the Queen and I share the same wedding anniversary (Nov 20) as the Queen and my mother and the Queen mother (RIP) shared the same birthday (Aug 4). I have always been fascinated with the UK and the history and know more about English history than i do American history even though i'm from USA . Lovely blog! I will forever cherish my letters from Buckingham Palace! I love Queen Elizabeth..

  14. I sent a birthday car to Her Majesty and a fun book I made for her. The book was called A Really Great Brit and was about Paul Burrell and his shenanigans with the Royal Corgi's at Buckingham Palace. It was very funny indeed. I received a wonderful hand written letter from Paul Burrell but nothing whatsoever from The Queen of her Ladies in Waiting. I was very impessed with the Paul's reply. I wonder if I will ever get a response from The Palace?

    1. The Queen's office usually responses to all of the letters they receive, if appropriate to do so. It does take them a while to answer them all. Usually 1-2 months is a standard wait time. But I have gotten a reply after 6 months before. So you might just need to wait longer.

      The Royals usually accept books, if the subject matter is appropriate. I do wonder if they this wasn't the most appropriate thing to reply to. Paul Burrell isn't well-liked by the Royals. He's been cashing in on Royal stories for years, exaggerating his relationship with Diana, and was even accused to stealing some of Princess Diana's possessions.