Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Gert's Royals Update!

One thing every Gert's Royals follower should know is, We are always updating things. 

This is what we are focusing on right now!

We are going to be updating the Foreign Royals Tab
You should be excited, because this means we are actually going to have information there!

We hope to have a bio about each country, so you can learn a bit about that country. We will also have bios about all the important royals from that country.

We decided the best way to do this is create all the pages at once. Thats 9 country bios +  a handful of royal bios for each country. Most of these are going to be empty for now, but we will be updating them a little at a time.

If you want us to update a certain bio, just comment on that page, we will make it a top priority. If you want to comment with some of the Bio's info, that would be great as well. It does take quite a while to hunt down all this information, as we are certainly not experts on every royal.

British Royal Bios
Of course our British Royal Bios aren't complete either. We are working on them as well.

Deleted Pictures?!
As you probably know, we have an unfortunate accident a while back, where we accidentally deleted all of our wonderful pictures of our letters. So far, we have gone back and updated all the pictures we had saved on our computer. We have gotten everything from 2016, and late 2015. For the other pictures we are slowly updating them, that means having to take a new picture of each letter, envelope, etc.

This is not our top priority, but if you comment on a page with a missing picture we will put it up right away. 

Prince Albert and Princess Charlene 5th Wedding Anniversary Review
We know how much you all loved our Royal Wedding Review for the Cambridge's 5th Anniversary. We will be doing another one for the Monaco's royals 5th wedding anniversary next month.

We haven't started yet. We don't know how long it will be. That just depends on how much time we have and what we find. 

Upcoming Big Royal Events 
If you check out the "Upcoming Big Royal Events" in the sidebar you will see we have a bunch of things over the next few months we will be covering.  --->

This area gets updated as things happen.

Monthly Q&A
Just a reminder every month we do have a monthly Q&A page. It's linked in the "Calendar" Tab and under the "Upcoming Big Royal Events" in the sidebar. For those big lengthy questions, this is the best place to ask them. And Ask Away!

A lot of you ask questions on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. That fine, especially if it's just a quick, short question. Or if it's a personal question, a direct message is often the best way to go.

The Q&A is really great: I can answer questions when I have time and the chance to really think about it. (On social media, I'm always a bit rushed. If I don't answer the question when I get it, I could forget or lose is in all my notifications).

With the Q&A, I can hopefully give you a detailed answer. I can say so much more there than I can in a Tweet. And I can also update my answer as I think of new things.

This also allows other people to see your questions. They may have the same question, or find your question interesting. Or they know more about it than I do, and share some of their knowledge.

New Royal Website
As you know the British Royal Family created a new website This means, any links we had to the old website are now broken. If you find one, point it out and we will be happy to update it. One of the big things is speeches.

A few other royals have updated their websites as well.

Mobile Users!

Some times the Mobile View looks funny, and fonts can be weird. I don't really look at Gert's Royals on my phone, so I'm often oblivious of this.

If something looks funny in mobile view just comment something like: "Looks funny in Mobile View/ on my phone/ etc." and I will figure out what the problem is and hopefully fix it.


If you see any thing that wrong, broke, you want more, just ask. We obvious got a lot to work on, but we are doing this for you guys, so ask away. 

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