Sunday, 5 June 2016

Cambridge's - 5th Wedding Anniversary

This arrived on Friday. I had written to the Cambridges for their 5th wedding anniversary, and Princess Charlotte's 1st Birthday.

A month and a half latter, this arrived. It was the Cambridges usual picture reply.


The picture certainly surprised royal watchers. This is the 1st time, I've gotten a photo that hadn't been been released to the public. This is unusual, usually we get a picture from a official engagement, or some official photo that was released.

The Message is what we typically see.

The photo was taken by Chris Jelf. He was the photographer behind the Cambridge's Christmas Photo taken last October.

My letter for the Cambridge's 5th wedding anniversary was also for Princess Charlotte's 1st Birthday. I had hoped to find two cards in the letter, one for each event. But no.

I'm hoping that Princess Charlotte's Birthday reply might come separately. But it could be whoever was answering the mail only glanced over my letter and didn't see the part about Princess Charlotte's Birthday.

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  1. Hi from Italy!! I've sended two separated letters and received (Friday) two separate replies....Maybe if they received one letter for two events the reply just once...


  2. I wrote both letters together as well and received both replies in the same envelope. Hopefully you receive it soon!