Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Monaco Royal Wedding Review (Day 2)

After the Engagement Announcement: 

Immediately following the engagement announcement, rumors begin to swirl that Princess Charlene was pregnant.

Those rumors turned out to be false. But Charlene and Albert left the public know: when they do become parents, they are going to be Cool Parents, or at least Embarrassing.

For one of their 1st post-engagement appearances, Prince Albert and Charlene attending a Iggy Pop and the Stooges and ZZ Top Concert held at Monaco's Palace. Albert's sister Princess Caroline accompanied them.

Charlene continues to support Prince Albert with his official engagements. Charlene makes her first appearance at Monaco's National Day that year.

2010 National Day (1 Min)

Charlene even accompanied Prince Albert on a Official State Visit to Ireland.

Charlene also starts to take on her own engagements.

Charlene opens School Swimming Pool & Midmar Mile Race
(3 mins)

Then of course comes all the Wedding Planning for the July 2011 Wedding!

Pre-Wedding Interview (6 min)

Wedding Preparations (3 Mins)

Princess Charlene - Monaco Grand Prix Interview
(1 Min)

Royal Wedding Mont Blanc Pen (4 Mins)

Yes! There was an Official Royal Wedding Car! 
(2 Mins)

Rumors Wedding will be called off? (2 Mins)

For Day 3, we will look at Civil Ceremonies and Celebrations on July 1st. Day 4 will look at the Religious Ceremony. 

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  1. I feel so sad that this couple have had to endure all these terrible rumours, but at the same time I am so happy that their love has prevailed. Now, five years later, they seem to be very close and very much in love.