Friday, 1 July 2016

Monaco Royal Wedding Review (Day 5)

After a two day Royals Wedding, you would think all Prince Albert and Princess Charlene wanted to do was relax.

But no, Prince Albert and Princess Charlene flew to South Africa for the 123rd IOC session. The IOC is the International Olympic Committee, which Prince Albert is a member of. The IOC session ran from July 4th-9th.

Attending the IOC Session was very important to the couple. In fact, their wedding was originally scheduled for a week latter, but when they found out the date conflicted with the IOC session, they move the date.

The Palace said: "The couple wished for the presence of the Olympic family by their sides. The Prince also wanted the Princess's first trip abroad to be to her homeland, South Africa."

There was of course drama, and rumors when Prince Albert spent one night in a separate hotel. He  had rented a room at the Hotel where the ICO session was being held, so he wouldn't have to sit in traffic before the 7 AM session. The rest of the time in South Africa they spent together at the same hotel.

During the trip to South Africa, Prince Albert and Princess Charlene meet with the President and First Lady of South Africa.

The couple hosted dinner at their hotel Oyster Box to celebrate their Wedding with their friends in South Africa.

Dinner at Oyster Box (3 mins)

Princess Charlene kept herself busy while Albert was in the IOC Session. One day, Princess Charlene visited to the Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation Youth Centre.

Once the IOC session was over the Couple went off on a private honeymoon.

One of their first engagement back in Monaco was to visit their Royal Wedding Exhibit.

The couple had a very exciting first year of marriage. A quick look back:

In August, Albert and Charlene attended the annual Red Cross Gala

In September, the couple attend the World Wildlife Fund's Panda Ball in Geneva, Switzerland. Prince Albert is Patron of WWF.

In October, Albert and Charlene host a State Visit together, welcoming the President of Croatia.

In November, Albert and Charlene attended the Princess Grace Awards Gala in New York City.

Princess Grace Awards (3Mins)

In December, the couple head back to Durban, South Africa. They attend a number of engagements while there.

1 Billion Trees Campaign  (1 Mins)

In January, the Royals attend the annual 'Sainte-Devote' celebrations. Saint Devote is that Patroness of Monaco.

In February, Prince Albert and Princess Charlene attended the American Academy Awards (Also know as The Oscars).

In March, Charlene visits Australia to open the Grace Kelly: Style Icon exhibit in Bendigo.

Princess Charlene Speech at Opening (3 Mins)
In April, they attend Monte-Carlo Rolex Masters.

Present Novak Djokovic with Vermeil Medal of Physical Education and Sports  (2 Mins)

In May, the couple joins other Heads of State at Queen Elizabeth II's Jubliee lunch at Windsor Castle.

Queen Elizabeth's Dimond Jubilee Lunch (1 Min)

In June, the couple mingle with celebrities as they host a 52nd Monte-Carlo TV Festival reception at the Palace.
Monte-Carlo TV Festival (2 Min)

July brought the 2012 Summer Olympics to London, and of course Albert and Charlene made the trip to attend the Games.

CNN Interview (2 Mins)

Day 6 will look at Years 2-5!

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  1. A busy first year indeed for the couple. But, as far as I know, Princess Antoinette passed away on March 18, 2011 and not in 2012.

    1. Gert's Royals2 July 2016 at 08:30

      Thank You! This is why I shouldn't leave to the last minute when I'm really tired.