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Monaco Royal Wedding Review (Day 6)

Our Monaco Royal Wedding Review ends with some Important moments since their first year.
And yes since we are a little royal baby obsessed, they mainly focus on the Twins!

In January 2013, Albert and Charlene met with Pope Benedict XVI, shortly before his retirement. Princess Charlene as the wife of a Catholic Monarch is permitted to wear white.

Meeting with the Pope (2 mins)

A few months later the couple attend Pope Francis's Installation Mass.

Royals and World Leaders at Installation Mass (3 Mins)

In May of 2014 the Palace releases a statements saying: Prince Albert and Princess Charlene "are delighted to announce the pregnancy of H.S.H. Princess Charlene. The birth is expected at the end of the year." Rumors start almost immediately that Princess Charlene is carrying Twins.

Shortly after the announcement, Princess Charlene backs out of a official visit to Netherlands with Prince Albert, due to the pregnancy.

By August's Rose Ball, Princess Charlene is starting to show a bump.

At National Day, the couple confirm they are expecting twins!

On 10th December 2015, twins Princess Gabriella Thérèse Marie (5:04 PM)
 & Crown Prince Jacques Honore Rainie (5:06 PM) are born at Princess Grace Hospital.

Because of Monaco's male preference primogeniture laws, Jacques is places ahead of his older sister in the line of succession. Any (legitimate) brothers Gabriella may someday have will also go ahead of her in the line of succession.

The Twins birth is announced with a formal notice hung outside the palace in both French and English.

Instead of a traditional 21 gun salute for each child, there is a combined 42 gun salute.

Birth of Twins (1 min)

The Twins make their first public appearance on 7th January 2016. The day is made a public holiday.

Twins Appearance on Balcony (1 Min)

Behind the Scene Balcony Appearance (2 Mins)

The Twins are christened in May 2015. The Twins half-sister Jazmin Grace Grimaldi attends the christening. 

Princess Charlene surprised Prince Albert with her first Speech in French to celebrate his 10th Anniversary on the Throne 
(2 mins) (In French)

A translation of her speech:

"Your Serene Highness,

It is with immense joy that we celebrate this day, ten years of your reign.

I congratulate you and pray that your reign be long, accomplished and serene.

More than anyone, I know your absolute devotion to the Principality (Monaco), it's future and the welfare of it's population.

More than anyone, I know your commitment to the noble causes that you forcefully defend.
Our children will learn for your example.

Prince Albert I was a explorer,
Prince Rainier was a builder,
You are the Prince of HEARTS ... and My Heart.

Long Live the Prince

Long Live Monaco"

In January 2015, Albert and Charlene make another visit to the Vatican meeting Pope Francis.

Meeting Pope Francis (1 Min)

In August, the Twins make their 1st official engagement, attending the annual traditional 'Pique Nique Monegasque'.

In November, the Twins accompany their parents on the 'March for Climate' walk in Monaco.

Interview with the Twins for 1st Birthday (13 Mins) (In both English and French with subtitles, Interview starts at 2:00)

Since the Twin's Birth, Princess Charlene has taken on Part-time Royal Duties, to be a Full-time Mum.

We hope you have enjoyed our Monaco Royal Wedding Review!  Assuming I can find time in my very busy life, expect another Royal Wedding Review later this year as another royal couple celebrate a milestone anniversary.

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