Thursday, 13 October 2016

Bhutan Royal Wedding Review (Day 2)

Following King Jigme and Queen Jetsun's Royal Wedding in 2011, the couple went on a working Honeymoon.

Their first stop was India, where they spent 9 days. During their stay they met with the Prime Minister and President of India.

Honeymoon in India (2 Mins)

During the visit to India they attend a book release party for King Jigme's book of photographs, Bhutan Through the Lens of the King.

The couple then made a 4 day visit to Singapore, where they met the President and Prime Minister.

Visit Singapore (1 Min)

The couple next made a 5 day visit to Japan. The couple were the first State guests to visit Japan since their deadly earthquake earlier that year. They met with the Japanese Royal Family and attended a banquet held in their honor. The visit also coincided with the Japan & Bhutan's 25th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations.

The couple ended their working honeymoon in UK. During there visit the couple met with Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla at Clarence House. They also visited King Jigme's alma mater Magdalen College, at Oxford University.

Since then the couple have been busy with royal duties. They have made numerous trips to Bhutan's neighboring countries and have done a lot of charity work, focusing on youth, the environment, health, art, etc.

On November 11, 2015, the King and Queen of Bhutan announced they were expecting their first child, a son, in early 2016.

On February 5th, 2016 the little Baby Prince was born! He brought the country much happiness.

Later that year, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge made a high profile visit to Bhutan, and were welcomed by the Royal Family.

Cambridge Visit to Bhutan (2 Mins)

The little prince wasn't given a name until a official naming ceremony in late April. His name is HRH Gyalsey (Dragon Prince) Jigme Namgyel Wangchuck

In June there was another royal visit to Bhutan, this time by King Carl Gustaf and Queen Silvia of Sweden.

King Jigme and Queen Jetsun celebrated their 5th Wedding Anniversary, yesterday (October 13th, 2016)

Their anniversary was saddened by the death of the King of Thailand, who was a good friend of the Bhutanese people. Today, Bhutan will have a national day of morning, to allow the Bhutan people to visit temples and offer prayers.

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