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Writing to the Royals for Christmas! (2016)

The Royals absolutely love to get letters and cards from the public, and Christmas time is no different.

What do I need to know about Writing to the Royals:
If you are new to writing to the Royals, or need some help, we have a lovely section on everything you need to know about writing to the royals. You can find it here.


Note:  A lot of Monarchies outside Europe are not Christian and don't celebrate Christmas. If you wanted to write to them, I would figure out what it is they are celebrating this time of year, or just send them good wishes for the season/new years.

Send By Date: 
Send by dates vary from country to country, and depend on where you are sending it to, the type of mail (economy, standard, first class, priority, etc.) and if it is in a standard size envelope.

We recommend you send your letters/cards by December 5th!

We recommend December 5th, because it should cover most situations where you are mailing a letter internationally, by standard mail, and want it there by Christmas. To find the exact "send by date" for your situation, check out your national postal service's website. Some of you may need to send your letter in November, while others will have 2 more weeks in December.

Remember during the Christmas season, it often takes longer for mail to arrive. Feel free to continue sending your letters after December 5th.

If you are sending your letter after Christmas, I would re-focus it a little and wish them a Happy New Year and 2017.

What if I don't celebrate Christmas? 
Don't worry! You can still send the royals a Holiday/ Winter Season/ New Years letter or card, what ever it is you are celebrating this season. Be aware however most royals send out pre-made cards, that aren't personalize for each person, so their reply may thanks you for your Christmas wishes.

What to expect? 
Royals get thousands of Christmas cards and letters each year, full of well-wishes and hopes for the coming year. Unfortunately most are unable to send out personal responses. Responses vary greatly across the different royals. Most usually respond with a pre-made thank you, and the response will usually be sent sometime in January, or February. There are some royals who sadly don't send replies. If you write early, you make get a response in December.

You can check out our replies from last year here.

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Is there anything different about writing for Christmas?
Not really. The letter will take longer in the mail. The Royals may take longer to reply. And many send nicer replies than usual.

Since there are so many letters and cards sent and received at Christmas, do try to make yours personal, so it will stand out.

What should I write? 
I very often get asked this question. The answer is, write whatever you feel like writing about. There is no one right answer. As long as you are being respectful and thoughtful, it is hard to go wrong.

Letter or Card?
Either one is fine. It doesn't matter if the card is homemade or store bought. If you send a store bought card, you can make it more personal by handwriting a little note in it.

For Christmas you could Mention Things Like: 
  • Some event in 2016 that was particularly meaningful to you 
    • or a cause, royal visit or tour, etc. 
    • 2016 Calendar can be found here.
  • What you are excited for in 2017 
  • How this royal has inspired you 
  • What you admire about the royal family 
  • etc. 

Royal Birthdays in December & January:

3rd Dec Prince Sverre Magnus of Norway (Age 11)
6th         Princess Sofia of Sweden (32) 
7th         Princess Catharina-Amalia of Netherlands (13) 
10th       Princess Gabriella of Monaco (2) 
10th       Prince Jacques of Monaco (2) 
18th       Viscount James (Wessex) of UK (9) 
23rd       Queen Silvia of Sweden (73) 
23rd       Emperor Akihito of Japan (83)
25th       Princess Alexandra of Kent (80) 

5th Dec  Juan Carlos I of Spain (79)
8th         Prince Vincent of Denmark (6)
8th         Princess Josephine of Denmark (6)
9th         Duchess Catherine of UK (35)
15th       Princess Michael of Kent (UK)(72)
20th       Queen Mathilde of Belgium (44)
20th       Countess Sophie of Wessex (52)
21st        Princess Ingrid Alexandra of Norway (13)
25th       Princess Charlene of Monaco (39)
30th       King Felipe VI of Spain (49)
30th       King Abdullah II of Jordan (55)
31st        Princess Beatrix of Netherlands (79)

Some of the Big Events in early 2017:

Queen Margrethe of Denmark's 45th Anniversary of Succession

King Willem-Alexander of Netherlands' 15th Wedding Anniversary to Queen Maxima
Queen Elizabeth of UK's 65th Anniversary of Succession
King Harald of Norway's 80th Birthday

King Willem-Alexander of Netherlands' 50th Birthday

King Juan Carlos of Spain's 55th Wedding Anniversary to Queen Sofia

Full 2017 Calendar can be found here.

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