Sunday, 27 November 2016

Hereditary Princess Sophie of Liechtenstein - Birthday reply (2016)

I was quite excited to come home from a holiday break to find a piece of royal mail waiting for me. It was even more exciting to see that it's from Liechtenstein. This the first reply I have gotten from Liechtenstein, for the first letter I sent them. I sent my 2nd letter to them just a little bit ago for Christmas. 

I had written in October for Hereditary Princess Sophie's birthday. Hereditary Prince/ss means the same thing as Crown Prince/ss; different countries use the different titles. Some countries use neither and have a special title to denote the heir instead (e.g. Prince of Wales, Princess of Asturias, etc.).

The envelope is lovely. It reminds me a lot of Luxembourg's envelopes. It has a simple front, with a postmark and actual stamp, and on the back is the royal's address. 

Of course, the excitement of getting mail from Liechtenstein was doubled when I saw what was inside. 

Inside is a very lovely note. It's gorgeous. I especially love the edges and the embossed coat of arms. (You see a lot of embossed coat of arms on royal mail, but this is nicest I've seen. The paper is really nice and thick, so the coat of armed is raised quite a bit.)

It looks like the card is a pre-made thank you card, with "Many thanks for your kind wishes" pre-printed on it. They then added the mention of her birthday, before Princess Sophie signed it.

I really like how they have this basic card they can use for anything that they were then able to personalize. It certainly must make their life earlier.

Princess Sophie wrote: "Dear Miss Daly" & "Sophie Liechtenstein"

I think this reply is definitely in my top 10.

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  1. What a lovely response ~ I can only imagine your excitement. Big smile your way, Miss Daly!

    I believe that the second part of Princess Sophie's signature is 'Liechtenstein'
    (The way I read it, the the "h" in 'Sophie' looks a bit like "le" and thus what looks like "deten" in the first half of the last name could well be "chten" [de->cle->ch]. The preceding letters are quite close to "Lie", and the last part, albeit distorted due to running out of space, seems close enough to "stein' to fit my theory :)

  2. Wow. Congratulations !
    How long did you wait?

    1. Well if I wrote to her in October for her birthday and it's now November, that would be a little over a month.

  3. Congrats!! My four replies from today are up on my blog!

    1. What a lovely collection. I'm still waiting for my reply for Prince Charles birthday. I've seen a number in the last week or so get theirs, so I'm eagerly waiting.

  4. It says Sophie Liechtenstein - I got the same thank you card :-)

  5. Forgot to mention that as i have got a reply for the whole family ( birthday, wedding anniversary etc ), they all sign it with Liechtenstein as a 'surname'.