Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Liechtenstein Christmas Reply (2016)

Today, my first Royal Christmas reply came! This was a pretty quick reply. It helps that I wrote early when they weren't swamped with Christmas Wishes. Don't expect this good luck, even if you wrote to Liechtenstein around the same time as me. Remember it takes a while for them to reply to everyone so you could get your's weeks apart from someone else.

I had sent my letter to Hereditary Prince Alois and Hereditary Princess Sophie of Liechtenstein on November 20th, so it took just over 2 weeks to get a reply. It is very lovely. The card is the same style as one I received for Princess Sophie's Birthday. But, obviously, a different typed message.


The message is in German, Liechtenstein's official languages. It translates to, "Blessed Christmas and all the best in the New Year." The card has the auto-pen signatures of Princess Sophie and Prince Alois. It looks like a secretary filled in the "Dear Miss Daly,".

We will have all of Christmas replies linked here, when they arrive.

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  1. Which royal families did you send out christmas cards to this year? :)

    1. I wrote to all of Current European Monarchies (For the UK I wrote to various royals) + Jordan for their holiday this season.

    2. I hope that you'll get lots of replies this year!! :)