Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Cambridge + 2nd Yorks Christmas Reply (2016)

Two royal Christmas replies came while I was away on a business trip! Both of them are from British Royals.

The Cambridges

The first reply came from the Cambridges. It's the typical reply from the Cambridges. The photo on the front of the card was from the Cambridges trip to Canada (attending Children's party at Government House in Victoria, September 29th).

The photo was taken by Royal Photographer, Chris Jackson. Although it is miscaptioned on the back of the card.

The typed message on the back is the exact same as their card last year.

The Yorks

The second reply is from the Yorks! This is the 2nd Christmas reply I have received from the Yorks this year. I had written two Christmas letter (one to Andrew, and one to Sarah) because the couple is divorced.

I received my reply from Prince Andrew last week. It was a letter; you can see it here.

The second reply was also marked with Prince Andrew's Cypher, but I'm assuming this is a reply for my letter to Duchess Sarah. Yes, Andrew and Sarah are the most bazaar divorced couple I know. I love that they are still great friends, and do a joint Christmas Card.

The reply is a rather lovely tri-fold card, with the Duke of York's cypher on the front.

The 1st side of the card features a private photo of Prince Andrew, Eugenie, and Beatrice on the Queen's estate at Balmoral (Summer).

There is also a photo of Eugenie, Sarah and Beatrice in London attending the wedding of Petra Palumbo and Lord Lovat (May 14th).

The other side of the card also features a private photo of Eugenie, Beatrice, and Andrew at Balmoral (Summer).

A handwritten note is printed on the card. It looks like it was written by Duchess Sarah.
The four signatures are also printed on.

The two dogies may be the same ones featured on the Family's 2014 Christmas card.

The final photos show Princess Eugenie and Beatrice doing charity work.

Princess Eugenie attending a service at Westminster Abbey to commemorate William Wilberforce for his work combat Modern Slavery (October 12th).

Princess Beatrice during the Virgin Strive Challenge triathlon in Italy in support of her charity Big Change (September 29th).

This reply is the first I have received with the Windsor Castle postmarked, where the letter was franked and processed. This wasn't actually sent from Windsor Castle; it would have been sent from Prince Andrew's home, the Royal Lodge, which sits on the Windsor Great Park. Duchess Sarah currently lives in Switzerland but has a place at the Royal Lodge for when she is in England.

We see the same thing with replies sent from Royal Residences and Offices in London, they are postmarked Buckingham Palace.

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  1. I received the response from William and Kate but not the others. I was not a fan of the photo William and Kate chose, it was not framed well. I LOVE the idea of a personal fold out card with candid shots. What a great idea!!

  2. What address did you use from the Duchess of York?

    1. Letters to the Duchess of York should be sent to the Duke of York's Office at Buckingham Palace, they will then forward it:

      Buckingham Palace
      London SW1A 1AA