Thursday, 27 April 2017

King Philippe of Belgium - Birthday Reply (2017)

Today I received a lovely reply from Belgium. I had written to King Philippe of Belgium earlier this month for his 57th Birthday.

The card is similar to Queen Mathilde's Birthday reply from this year & last year's, except her card was accompanied with a photo.

I did write to King Philippe last year for his birthday, but the reply I got wasn't exactly a birthday reply.

The message is in French, which is 1 of  Belgium's 3 official languages (Dutch, French, German). The message translates to:

"Palace of Brussels

His Majesty the King has received the kind wishes you have sent him on the occasion of his 57th Birthday.

The King would like to cordially thank you.

Brussels, April 2017"

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  1. Well, aren't you lucky!!! I wrote Prince William of the UK & got nothing back. (Maybe I was too personal so it was socially awkward.)
    What I said was don't let your family make you miserable, taking up the bottle. You know your mother was concerned about one of her relatives prone to being an alcoholic. She thought you might have it in your genes. You can be strong -- you're better than that.
    (He later proved me right.)

    1. Yeah, I wouldn't think they would reply to a letter suggesting they drink to solve their problems. Especially one that belittled other members of the Royal Family. Or that suggest Alcoholism is a result of one's weakness.

      And also how young was William then? Cause if you were suggesting underage drinking they would view that as highly inappropriate.

  2. BTW, do you know of an English translation of the biography of King Philippe of Belgium? Has it just circulated in Belgium only? I read people talking about it online.
    It can't be all negative. Have you seen it? What's your opinion of it?

    1. I haven't hear anything about a controversial King Philippe Biography.