Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Q&A - January & February (2019)

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Question 1: Name Suggestion for Baby Sussex?

Answer: I think Harry & Meghan are going to go with something traditional from up the Royal Family tree. And then the baby will probably have two middle names.

Question 2: Considering his current role I have a feeling that Harry & Meghan might attend CHOGM 2020 in Rwanda. Is that a possibility? Or it will be only Charles & Camilla?

Answer: I think we will get a better idea after Harry's engagement next week. But I think the purpose the engagement is really about The Minister of State for the Commonwealth, who is hosting the event, doing some research about youth issues so he can bring that info to the next CHOGM meeting. He invited Prince Harry to attend this engagement, as it will give Harry some important insights for his own work as Commonwealth Youth Ambassador.  

In the past, just the Queen & Prince Philip attended. Charles & Camilla only started attending when the Queen stopped traveling so much. And of course, the Queen doesn't travel overseas anymore. (See Table of past attendance.)

So based on that, we should just see Charles & Camilla. They aren't just there as royals. They are representing the Queen, in her position as Head of the Commonwealth. CHOGM is a working meeting, there are things for the heads of government to get done. And actually, most of CHOGM meeting doesn't involve the royals at all. The Queen's main job is to host the banquet and officially open the meeting.

The 2018 CHOGM meeting in London was something extra special. It was in the UK & it had a Commonwealth Forum, so we saw all the royals attend. And the Commonwealth Forum really made this an event that all the Royals could participate in.

If CHOGM 2020 is just the CHOGM, then I expect just Charles & Camilla. Harry's role as Commonwealth Youth Ambassador doesn't really relate to this meeting.

But if they add on something like the Commonwealth Forum, so it's not just a meeting of the Heads of Governments but involves a lot of different people, then we could see Harry & Meghan attend. And if they are attending, I would also expect the Cambridges.

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