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Anniversary & Birthday messages from the Queen

Birthdays and Anniversaries are very special occasions. What you may not know is there is a very special office at Buckingham Palace dedicated to celebrating some very special milestones. For 100th birthdays and 60th wedding anniversaries Queen Elizabeth II send out personal cards to mark these special milestones.

Birthday Messages:
The Queen send out birthday messages for 100th & 105th birthdays and then ever year after 105.

You must apply for the message each appropriate year, however you are not required to resubmit proper documentation (i.e. Birth certificate) a second time.

For information on how to apply:

Wedding Anniversaries:
The Queen sends out messages of congratulations for 60th, 65th, & 70th wedding anniversaries and then every year after the couple's 70th anniversary.

You must apply for the message each appropriate year, however you are not required to resubmit proper documentation (i.e. Marriage certificate) a second time.

For information on how to apply:

Who is entitled?
The Queen only send messages to current British, Commonwealth and UK overseas territories citizens. Unfortunately due to the number of requests each year, the Queen is unable to send congratulations for birthdays and anniversaries not listed above.

For more information on who is entitled:   https://www.royal.uk/anniversary-messages-0

Australia, Canada or New Zealand?
If you live in either Australia, Canada or New Zealand, the completed application form should be sent to your Governor-General, who will then process your request.

(see the appropriate link above for more information.)

What you will receive?
The Queen sends out a personalized card, congratulating the couple or person on their special milestone. The picture on the card is changed every five years to stay current, and to try to prevent people from receiving duplicate pictures.

The Anniversary Office has also been known for changing up the messages slightly, so that twins each receive their own special massages, or people who receive both anniversary and birthday cards.

The message is written in English, but you can request a message in Welsh instead.

Friday, 20 November 2015

Spain State Opening of Parliament Speech - English Translation (2016)

I want to begin my speech, in this solemn opening of Parliament, by expressing our (The Queen and mine) respect and recognition to the Cortes Generales (Spain's Parliament). In a Parliamentary Monarchy, the presence of the King in Parliament is a constitutional expression of the bond between you, the guardians of national sovereignty, and the Head of State.
And I also wish to express my deep personal pleasure in addressing this institution, that is and should be, at all times, the common house and meeting place of all Spaniards. Thank you, Madam President, for your kind introduction.
A little more than two years ago I was proclaimed King before the Cortes Generales (The Parliment). This act, which had a profound historical and political significance, was an expression and example of the normal functions of our democratic institutions. And it also meant for me the beginning of a new stage of our Parliamentary Monarchy, which I assumed with responsibility, a sense of duty and a spirit of renewal; A stage full of illusion and a determined desire to lead Spain - from an institution holding on to its history - towards its better future; To contribute, in short, to the modernization and progress of our country.
Today, as on the day I became King, I wish to reaffirm here, before Your Lordships and before all the Spaniards, three commitments of the Monarchy:
- First, is a commitment to our citizens; For they are the reason we have the monarchy, to be in service to all Spaniards and in the exercise of monarchy's constitutional functions, from political neutrality and independence, at all times pursuing the general interest.
- Secondly, is a commitment to our democracy; With the values of freedom, equality, justice and political pluralism (multiple political views); And with the principles that underlie our constitutional regime: national sovereignty, separation of powers and the rule of law.
- And finally, is a commitment to Spain; A great nation enriched by its diversity over the centuries, and of which the King, as Head of State, is a symbol of its unity and permanence.
Ladies and gentlemen,

This path that today calls us also has the greatest political and institutional dimension. The holding of general elections require not only the reaffirmation of our democratic will, but also legitimate representatives election by the citizens, in which, the power of decision on the essential issues of national life resides.
On this occasion, I would like to congratulate the honorable Members of Parliament and Senators on the great honor and responsibility of representing the Spanish people.

I would also like to congratulate Don Mariano Rajoy Brey on having obtained the confidence of the Congress of Deputies and wish him many successes in the exercise of his responsibilities as Prime Minister.

And I would also like to convey my gratitude, respect and consideration to all the representatives of the political groups who have participated in the constitutional consultation process (2016 Election Drama) for their sincere and responsible collaboration in the task entrusted to me by the Constitution.

And now, once the Spanish people have freely expressed themselves at the polls and the Congress of Deputies has agreed upon a Prince Minister, Spain has a working Government ready to carry out its responsibilities. It also puts an end to a complex situation that began after the general elections in December last year.

The constitutional obligation to convene a new general election in the absence of an agreement on a Prime Minister in the last legislature, and the possibility of a new election, certainly generated uneasiness and discomfort in our society, disenchantment and - why not say it - distancing our political life from many citizens, and concern for our partners and allies.

I believe, however, that it is very important to note that the election crisis has finally been resolved through dialogue, responsibility and generosity. There is no doubt that the general interests have been very present in its solution and that, throughout all these months, our Constitution has been fulfilled and the constitutional procedures have been respected.
From now on, as you well know, it is up to you to fulfill the mandate you have received from the citizens. And much of what our citizens are expecting today is the political forces and all its institutions.

It is obvious that after the last election, our political pluralism requires a permanent dialogue and an always constructive debate; Demands that generosity, responsibility, respect and understanding are permanent values ​​in public life; Demands the will and the ability to reach agreements, to achieve greater agreement on the basic issues; And needs the commitment of all with the general interest to solve the problems of citizens.

The Spanish people, who have given an example of maturity, good sense and responsibility over the last few decades - especially during the economic crisis - are asking us, ladies and gentlemen, to dignify public life and give prestige to this institution; That we are, in short, at the height of the transcendence and seriousness of the challenges that Spain has to face.

And for that we have to start from what we have been in the past, and from what - thanks to so many - we are now and together. Almost forty years ago, the Spaniards were able to unite to start together a new path in our history: the path of reconciliation; That of peace and forgiveness; The path of the disappearance forever of hatred, of violence, of imposition ...
But we also begin the path of understanding in democracy, respect for the rights and freedoms of people, Of the recognition, in short, of our political plurality and of our territorial, linguistic and cultural diversity.

We can never appreciate in all its dimension the serenity, the illusion and the hope of the Spanish people at that time; We will never be able to thank the bravery and generosity of those who, with the pain and memory still alive in their souls, put their whole heart, all their strength, to at last achieve reconciliation between Spaniards and democracy in Spain.

A democracy, ladies and gentlemen, for which, over many years, hundreds of Spaniards, victims of terrorism, have given their lives. For this reason, we can never, nor should we, forget the victims and their families, who deserve our memory, all our respect and the highest dignity.
And in that spirit of reconciliation and democracy, again the Spanish people, with much sacrifice and effort - and to this very day - has been the protagonist of the most profound transformation in our history, which has allowed us to achieve what was then unthinkable; Achievements far greater than most could have imagined.

Therefore, the current difficulties - serious and important - can not make anyone forget the terms of freedom, coexistence and progress achieved by the Spanish people ever since. Let us never cease, therefore, to exalt and appreciate the extraordinary legacy - unique in our history - of democratic coexistence in peace and freedom; Nor the immense patrimony of social, economic and cultural advances that, under the leadership of our political representatives, have allowed us to make Spain a much better country: a great country.
And in addition to remembering it, we have, ladies and gentlemen, the responsibility to share it with the younger generations. As I pointed out before this parliament (During his Accession), "But we also owe the duty to them, and to ourselves, to enhance that valuable legacy and to enrich the collective heritage of freedoms and rights that took such hard work to acquire. Because every political time has its own challenges; and because all political projects – like all human projects – inevitably remain unfinished. "
And with that legacy we must approach, step by step, with serenity but with determination, the difficult task and challenges that lie ahead.

Coming together as a society is an essential requirement to improve our common life, since the citizens most affected by the crisis must feel the solidarity of the Nation of which they are a part. And they must feel the presence and support of a State that offers its citizens: credibility to be able to recover their expectations of the future, confidence to give way to their legitimate aspirations, and hope to develop a project of a dignified life.
That is why we must strengthen our welfare state, created over the last decades and which we must be proud of; Because it has been, together with families, a basic pillar for social protection in recent years.

It is clear that the economic crisis has had profound consequences on our productive system; But above all, in people and our social cohesion, depriving many of our citizens of employment, especially the youngest. However, the constant pace of economic recovery, its growth and the new jobs are a true and positive reality that allows us to have well-founded motives in overcoming the imbalances generated by the crisis.

But the cohesion of our society - Ladies and Gentleman - has another aspect, also essential, which we must always keep in mind and which has been highlighted in these Chambers by the debates of its members: the regeneration of our democratic life. Because achieving a coexistence in democracy is a great conquest that does not exhaust itself; Requires care and attention to maintain its vitality; Needs dedication and great effort for its improvement and continuous improvement.

Likewise, the moral regeneration of public life is a matter of principles, of will and decision; Is also a matter of order in the operation of our Rule of Law, and a necessary precedent in order to restore the confidence of citizens.
And in that sense, ethical values should inspire our public life and we must also establish civic references in our social behavior.

And, ladies and gentlemen, corruption, which has outraged public opinion throughout our country and must continue to be fought with force, must become a sad reminder of a scourge that we must overcome. In pursuit of this objective, I want to publicly acknowledge the work being done by the Security Forces and the permanent action of Justice.

As I also want to acknowledge - and thank for their service, devotion and sacrifice - all those who look after our security, inside and outside our country; Those who fight crime and defend our rights and freedoms; And those who in many ways contribute to improving our democratic coexistence.
Ladies and gentlemen,

In my accession speech I stated that "the Constitution recognized our diversity as a defining characteristic of our very identity, in proclaiming the intention to protect all the people of Spain, their cultures and traditions, their languages and institutions. This diversity stems from our history, exalting us and giving strength."

Respect for and observance of the law and the decisions of the Tribunals constitutes an essential guarantee of democracy; Because in a rule of law the primacy of the law eliminates the arbitrariness of public powers and ensures the exercise of rights and freedoms of citizens. Similarly, dialogue and understanding are requirements of any regime of freedoms. For this reason, the dialogue within the respect of the Law is consubstantial to Democracy.

A dialogue that must be sincere and loyal, in which the self-government of our Autonomous Communities preserves the demands of equality among all citizens and solidarity among all the peoples of Spain. A dialogue that is strengthened and promoted by the fraternal spirit among all the Spaniards.

Because Spain can not deny itself as it is; He can not give up his own being; And can not, finally, renounce the common heritage built by all and from which we must continue to build a shared future.
Ladies and gentlemen,

In the international context, we need a committed and firm Spain in the defense and promotion of our interests; That knows how to project its capacities, its advances, its prestige, and even its leadership in all the possible fields.

Today it is clear that the economic and social well-being of our citizens depends to a large extent on our being an active and dynamic country in the world; A Spain with a focus on science, the arts and knowledge, at the forefront of development; As well as sensitive and attentive to the problems of global society, and in solidarity with those who suffer the most. Therefore, there should be no more borders in our external action than those marked by our laws and commitments, and by our resources and capabilities.

And I have the conviction that Europe is the main current and future project for our society. Therefore, in these difficult times for this project, we must reaffirm our faith in Europe, and strengthen our commitment to the Union and the values ​​that inspire it and give it meaning and virtue.

The future of the European Union highlights the need to strengthen our cohesion and a sense of belonging to the same community of interests, with the same model of coexistence, but respectful of our richness and diversity of cultures and identities. Europe has to play a transcendental role in the coming decades; And Spain has to be fully aligned with the concerns of Europeans and with the answers that will be given to them.

On the other hand, I do not want to forget that Spain has the great heritage of belonging to the Ibero-American Community of Nations, which offers an extraordinary potential, based on our common history, the linguistic and cultural identity that we share, in Deep feelings and affections; And also in interests, in the will to influence and contribute together to the great global tendencies. Let's take advantage of it.
Ladies and gentlemen,

We live in times of great uncertainty; But they are certainly new times whose challenges also offer opportunities that we must not let pass; Times, in short, that demand reflection and action, strategic vision and collective ambition.

They are undoubtedly in the international arena: from war conflicts and the fight against terrorism, to the migratory phenomenon or to climate change. They are for the challenges that we have to face in our country. They are also due to the profound social and economic changes that the technological revolution and the scientific advances introduce daily in our lives, in a world already without frontiers.

In the face of this, we can opt for isolation, pessimism, the destructive spirit, the negative vision of our capacity or of everything that surrounds us, as in some dark epochs of our history; By looking only at our past; By looking, in short, only towards ourselves.

Or - in return - we can opt for what has made us great as a Nation: the spirit of improvement, the constructive spirit, the passion to live united to the desire to progress; By looking forward, confident of ourselves, with hope and hope.

Our journey in the most recent history has not been without difficulties. We overcome them and we will overcome them again. I am convinced that in the Spanish people there is a deep desire to open a new stage of prosperity in our history centered on the value of coexistence and understanding and our willingness to progress together.
Ladies and gentlemen,
You, ladies and gentlemen deputies and senators, are the voice of our people. And the future of millions of Spaniards depends greatly on their daily tasks.

The task is not easy, no one doubts it, but it is in their hands.

In our hands it is; In everyone's.

Let's get to it.

Spain and the Spaniards of today and the future ask us.

We owe it; But, above all, they deserve it.

Thank you very much.

Moltes gràcies / Eskerrik asko / Moitas grazas.

"I declare the twelfth Legislature open."

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Regimental Ties (British)

For most regiments of the British Armed Forces, they have a Regimental Tie which is worn by members of that Regiment. Or a royal connected to that regiment. Listed below is regimental ties worn by members of the BRF.

Below each tie is a list of the members of the BRF who have worn that tie. By no means a complete list of either ties, or wearers.

Note: Although they are broken down by England, Scotland, Wales, & Northern Ireland regiments they are all apart of the British Armed Forces. 

~~British ~~

Black Tie worn by the RAF, ATC and The Royal Navy
  • Prince Phillip
  • Prince Charles 
  • Prince William
  • Prince Harry
  • Prince Andrew
  • Prince Edward
  • Princess Anne
  • Duke of Kent
  • Prince Michael of Kent
  • Duke of Gloucester
Service Dress Tie - Worn by British Army with #2 service dress
  • Prince Phillip
  • Prince Charles
  • Prince Harry
  • Prince Andrew
  • Prince Edward
  • Duke of Kent
Household Division
  • Prince Charles
  • Prince William 
    • Served in Blues & Royals
  • Prince Harry 
    • Served in Blues & Royals
  • Prince Phillip
  • Duke of Kent
  • Vice Admiral Timothy Laurence
Royal Air Force
  • Prince Charles
  • Prince Phillip
  • Prince William 
    • Served in
  • Duke of Gloucester
    • Air Marshal 
    • Air Commodore
Fleet Arm Air
  • Prince Charles 
    • Served in 845 Naval Air Squadron in 1970s
  • Prince Andrew
    • Commodore-in-Chief
Royal Navy
  • Prince Phillip 
    • Lord High Admiral
    • Served in
  • Prince Charles 
    • Served in
  • Prince William 
    • Served in
  • Prince Andrew
    • Served in
  • Vice Admiral Timothy Laurence
    • Served in
  • Prince Michael of Kent
Royal Dragoon Guards
  • Prince Charles 
    • Colonel in Chief
Royal Army Medical Corps
  • Duke of Gloucester 
    • Colonel in Chief
The Rifles
  • Prince Phillip
    •  Colonel in Chief
  • Prince Edward
    • Royal Colonel of the 2nd Battalion
  • Duke of Gloucester 
    • Royal Colonel of the 6th Battalion
Gurkha Brigade

  • Prince Charles 
  • Royal Logistic Corps Officer
    • Duke of Gloucester
    Royal Marine
    • Prince Philip 
      • Captain General
    Royal Logistics Corps
    • Duke of Gloucester 
      • Deputy Colonel-in-Chief
    Army Air Corps
    Embed from Getty Images
    Prince Charles
    • Colonel-in-Chief
    Royal Wessex Yeomanry
    Embed from Getty Images
    Prince Edward
    • Royal Honorary Colonel
    King's Royal Hussars 
    Embed from Getty Images
    Prince Micheal of Kent
    • Senior Colonel
    ~~ English Regiments ~~
    • Prince Charles
      • Colonel in Chief
    1st Battalion Royal Anglian
    • Duke of Gloucester 
      • Colonel in Chief

    ~~ Scotland ~~
    Gordon Highlanders
    • Prince Charles 
      • Ceremonial Chief
    Royal Scots Dragoon Guards 
    • Duke of Kent 
      • Deputy Colonel-in-Chief
      • Served in
    Royal Regiment of Scotland
    • Prince Phillip 
      • Royal 
    • Prince Charles

    Black Watch

    • Prince Charles 
      • Royal Colonel
    Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders
    • Prince William 
      • Patron of Appeal for Regimental Museum

    ~~ Welsh Regiments ~~
    1st The Queen's Dragoon Guards 
    • Prince Charles
      • Colonel in Chief
    Royal Regiment of Wales
    • Prince Charles 
      • Colonel in Chief

       ~~ Northern Ireland ~~
      Royal Irish
      • Prince Andrew 
        • Colonel in Chief
       ~~ Commonwealth ~~
      Chindits (India)
      • Prince Charles

      Friday, 13 November 2015


      Our thoughts and prayer are with the people in Paris.

      Messages of condolence and support from Heads of States/Goverment:
      (By no means a complete list, still updating)

      France - President François Hollande
      "Faced with dread, there is a Nation who knows to defend himself, known to mobilize its forces and, once again, will defeat terrorists."

      France - Prime Minister Manuel Valls
      "I understand that the French can be afraid, but we must be strong and deal with our values."

      Afghanistan - President Ashraf Ghani
      Albania - President Bujar Nishani

      "Votre Excellence, Les actes terroristes de la nuit dernière à Paris m'ont énormément choqué. Mon cœur et l'esprit sont avec vous, avec les personnes et les autorités françaises dans ces moments difficile. Je tiens à exprimer, aussi au nom du peuple albanais, les plus sincères condoléances aux membres des familles des victimes, a vous,au gouvernement aussi q'au peuple français. Je prie pour le bon rétablissement de tous les blessés. Je condamne fermement ces actes barbares terroristes et extrémistes qui visent à effrayer et de terroriser pas seulement la France et le peuple français, mais l'ensemble du monde civilisé et démocratique."

      "Shkëlqesia Juaj,
      Aktet e mbrëmshme terroriste në Paris më tronditën pa masë dhe e gjithë mendja e zemra ime janë në këto moment me Ju, me popullin dhe autoritetet franceze. Në emrin tim dhe të popullit shqiptar, i përcjell ngushëllimet më të ndjera e të sinqerta familjarëve të viktimave, Juve, popullit dhe Qeverisë franceze. Të lënduarve u uroj shërim sa më të shpejtë! I dënoj me forcën më të madhe këto akte barbare terroriste dhe ektremiste që synojnë të trembin dhe terrorizojnë, jo vetëm Francën dhe francezët, por mbarë botën e qytetëruar dhe demokratike. Ju siguroj për mbështetjen dhe solidaritetin e plotë, timen dhe të popullit shqiptar me autoritetet dhe popullin francez, për kapërcimin sa më shpejt të kësaj situate tronditëse e kritike. Me ndjenjë të lartë solidariteti, ju lutem pranoni, Shkëlqesia Juaj, ngushëllimet e mia më të sinqerta."

      "Your Excellency, The terrorist acts of last night in Paris to me have greatly shocked. My heart and spirit are with you, with the people and the French authorities in these difficult times. I would like to express, also on behalf of the Albanian people, the most sincere condolences to the members of the families of the victims, has you, the government also q ' the French people. I pray for the good of all the injured. I strongly condemn these barbaric acts terrorists and extremists who are designed to frighten and terrorize not only France and the French people, but the whole of the civilised world and democratic."

      Albania - Prime Minister Edi Rama
      "It is a real war! Full support of Albania to the France and its Government in these moments of horror and grief #ViveLaFrance"

      Algeria - Prime Minister Abdelmalek Sellal

      "Je tiens à vous exprimer la pleine solidarité du Gouvernement et du peuple algériens en cette tragique épreuve qui frappe la France et son peuple. Devant cette tragédie, je voudrais vous présenter mes plus sincères condoléances au Gouvernement français ainsi qu’aux proches des victimes auxquels nous exprimons notre totale et sincère sympathie. Nous condamnons, avec la plus grande fermeté, ces actes barbares que la morale réprouve en ce qu’ils constituent une atteinte grave aux valeurs de la civilisation humaine."

      "I would like to express the full solidarity of the Government and people of Algeria in this tragic event that hits France and its people. Faced with this tragedy, I would like to present my deepest condolences to the French Government and the relatives of the victims to whom we express our full and sincere sympathy. We condemn with the utmost firmness, these barbaric acts morally reprehensible in that they constitute a serious attack on the values of human civilization."

      Argentina - President Cristina Kirchner
      "Our most definitive condemnation of such barbarism and disaster"
      "Once again the horror and the global tragedy of terrorism. Our solidarity with the people and Government of France."

      Armenia - President Serzh Sargsyan

      "Unfortunately, by the irony of fate we witnessed last night terrorist attacks, unprecedented terrorist acts by their scale, committed at the heart of France - Paris. All of us are deeply shocked by it. I strongly condemn those terrific and ghastly actions which claimed multiple innocent lives.

      In recent years, the growth of this kind of inhuman violence in different countries of the world gives rise to serious concerns. I am confident that each member of the civilized community will join the struggle against this evil facing of us. We must not allow violence, extremism and intolerance to prevail. We are obliged to make concerted efforts at revealing and eradicating all those factors which cause such horrible manifestations of extremism.

      In this difficult time, Armenia stands beside the brotherly country of France and is ready to provide full support. I express my deepest sympathy to French President Francois Hollande, the friendly people of France and to the victims’ relatives, wishing patience, strength and vigor to them and a speedy recovery to the injured.Our prayers, hearts and souls are with the French people.”

      Australia - Governor General Peter Cosgrove

      "On behalf of all Australians, I wish to express to the French Government and people our deepest condolences and sympathies in the aftermath of the shocking attacks which have rocked France in the last few hours.We were appalled at the loss of so many innocent lives in the French capital. Our two nations have a long history of standing together in times of crisis and we do so again today as we condemn, in the strongest possible terms, those who seek to interrupt our peaceful way of life. We are greatly saddened by these senseless acts. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of those affected and the French nation."

      Australia - Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull
       Azerbaijan - President  Ilham Aliyev

      Bangladesh - Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina

      "I am deeply shocked by the series of attacks in Paris that killed so many innocent people and left many others injured. I along with the people and the government of bangladesh strongly condemn these acts of terror and stand in solidarity with the people and the government of France. Terrorists are terrorists irrespective of their colour, creed or religion and much have no place in any civilized society. We are together in our fight against terrorism and violent extremism. I express our deepest condolences to you and through you to the people of France. Our thoughts and prayer are with the grieving families. May the departed souls rest in eternal peace."

      Belgium Royal Palace (Dutch and French)

      "Shocked by attacks in Paris, Belgium is solidarity with french people. Courage to the people directly affected by these heinous acts"

      Belgium - Prime Minister Charles Michel (French and Dutch)
      "New tragedy in Paris. Condolences to the families and victim support. The Belgium is alongside the France."

      Brazil - President Dilma Rousseff
      "Dismayed by the terrorist barbarism, express my abhorrence to violence and manifest my solidarity to the people and to the French Government."
      Bulgaria - President Rosen Plevneliev

      "Новината за най-кървавите терористични атаки в сърцето на Париж, отнели повече от сто човешки животи, дълбоко ме потресе и ужаси. Няма кауза, която да оправдае убийството и насилието над невинни хора. В този толкова тежък за Френската република момент бих искал да Ви уверя в съпричастността и солидарността на българския народ. Убеден съм, че демокрацията и ценностите, в които вярваме, са по-силни от тероризма и не могат да бъдат победени"

      "The news of the bloodiest terrorist attacks in the heart of Paris that claimed over a hundred lives deeply shocked and horrified me. No cause can justify the killing and violence against innocent people. In this difficult moment for the French Republic I would like to assure you of the commitment and solidarity of the Bulgarian people. I am convinced that democracy and the values ​​in which we believe are stronger than terrorism and can not be defeated"

      Canada - Governor General  David Johnston
      Canada - Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

      Colombia - President Juan Manuel Santos
      "We condemn attacks in Paris. Our solidarity with the French people and President @fhollande. Incidentally I spoke with him today."

      Costa Rica - President Luis Guillermo Solís
      "Our solidarity, condolences and support to the people and the Government of France in these times of deep pain #Paris"
      "The Presidency of the Republic of Costa Rica sends their heartfelt signs of solidarity and support to the French people"

      Croatia - President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović
      Cuba - President Raúl Castro

      "Presidente: He conocido, con pesar, sobre los atentados terroristas que acaban de ocurrir en la ciudad de París. Le extiendo las más sentidas condolencias al pueblo y al Gobierno de la República Francesa, en nombre del pueblo y Gobierno cubanos, que hago extensivas a los familiares de las víctimas. Con mi más alta consideración y estima."

      "President: I have met with regret about the terrorist attacks that have just occurred in the city of Paris. I extend the deepest condolences to the people and Government of the French Republic, on behalf of the Cuban people and government, which I extend to the families of the victims. With my highest consideration and esteem."

      Cyprus - President Nicos Anastasiades (Greek & French)

      "Our thoughts are with the grieving French people. We are all together in defence of our common values. #ParisAttacks"

      Czech Republic -  Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka
      "The attack on France was an attack on the values of the Czech Republic. We must not be intimidated!"

      Denmark -  Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen
      "I am appalled by the attacks in France. My thoughts go to all French men tonight. #dkpol #ParisAttacks"

      Denmark - Queen Margrethe II

      "Jeg beder Dem modtage min dybeste medfølelse med det franske folk i anledning af de tragiske begivenheder i Paris natten til i dag. Prinsgemalen og jeg udtrykker vores inderlige sympati med alle berørte – med hele Frankrig. I denne vanskelige situation sender vi de allerbedste ønsker for Deres land."

      "Recevez, Monsieur le Président, nos vives condoléances suite aux attentats tragiques qui ont frappés Paris hier. Le Prince Consort se joint à moi pour vous exprimer notre profonde sympathie pour ceux qui sont affectés et pour le peuple français. Nous vous adressons nos meilleurs vœux pour votre pays dans cette situation difficile."

      "Mr. President, I ask you to accept my deepest condolences to the French people on the occasion of the tragic events in Paris the night to today. Prince Consort and I express our heartfelt sympathy with all concerned - the whole of France. In this difficult situation we are sending the best wishes for your country."

      El Salvador - President Salvador Sánchez Cerén
      "We condemn vigorously attacks. Our solidarity with the people and Government of France."

      Finland - Prime Minister  Juha Sipilä
      Gabon - President Ali Bongo Ondimba
      "I express my solidarity to the french people hit once again by despicable terrorist attacks"

      Georgia - Prime Minister  Irakli Garibashvili
      Greece - Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras
      Guatemala - President Alejandro Maldonado
      "Government and Guatemalan people are in solidarity with France. Message from the President of Guatemala to President Hollande."

      Guatemala - President Elect Jimmy Morales
      "I am appalled by the tragic terrorist attacks in France. My solidarity with the people and Government of France."

      Haiti - President Michel J. Martelly
      "I express my deep concern over the conduct of the unfortunate events in Paris. My thoughts to the french people."

      India - President Pranab Mukherjee

      India - Prime Minister Narendra Modi
      Ireland - Taoiseach  Enda Kenny
      Italy - President of the Council of Ministers Matteo Renzi
      "Together with our French brothers, against the heinous attack in Paris and Europe."

      Jordan - Queen Rania
      Kenya - President Uhuru Kenyatta

      Latvia - Prime Minister Laimdota Straujuma
      Lithuania - President Dalia Grybauskaitė
      Luxembourg - Prime Minister Xavier Bettel
      "Shocked and upset by the attacks of #Paris. We are all with the #France and the french people"

      Luxembourg - Grand Duke Henri

      "Monsieur le Président, C’est avec une très grande émotion que la Grande-Duchesse et moi-même avons appris la nouvelle du terrible accident de circulation routière survenu aujourd’hui à Puisseguin en Gironde. Au nom du peuple luxembourgeois, nous Vous exprimons nos plus sincères condoléances. Nos pensées et nos sentiments de compassion les plus émus vont aux familles et aux proches touchés par ce drame."

      "Mr. President, It is with great emotion that the Grand Duchess and I have learned of the terrible road traffic accident today in Puisseguin Gironde. On behalf of the people of Luxembourg, we express You our deepest sympathy. our thoughts and feelings of the most moved compassion are with the families and friends affected by this tragedy. "

      Malaysia - Prime Minister Najib Razak

      Malta - President Marie-Louise Coleiro
      Mexico - President Enrique Peña Nieto
      "We express our solidarity with the people of France, and our heartfelt condolences to the families of those who lost their lives."

      Mongolia - President Tsakhiagiin Elbegdorj
      "The acts in Paris were terrorism and crimes against humanity. We expresses condolences to the families victims of the attack. We are with France and it's people."

      Morocco - King Mohammed VI
      Nepal -  Prime Minister  Khadga Prasad Oli
      "Prime Minister Khadga Prasad Oli condemned last night's terrorist attack on France. French President ?????" (Unable to translate the last part)

      Netherlands - King Willem-Alexander

      "Ik ben diep geschokt door de aanslagen gisteravond in Parijs. Nederland voelt zich nauw met Frankrijk verbonden. Met het Franse volk rouwen wij om de slachtoffers. Met het Franse volk blijven wij standvastig de vrijheid verdedigen tegen hen die haar met terreur proberen te ondermijnen. De waarden van vrijheid en solidariteit geven wij nooit prijs. Onze gedachten zijn bij allen die nu intens verdriet hebben om het verlies van hun dierbaren en bij alle slachtoffers van deze laffe aanslagen."

      "I am deeply shocked by the attacks last night in Paris. The Netherlands feels closely connected with France. With The French people we mourn for the victims. With The French people, we remain steadfast freedom against those who defend her with terror trying to undermine it. The values of freedom and solidarity we never give price. Our thoughts are with all those who are now have intense sadness at the loss of their loved ones and to all the victims of these cowardly attacks."

      New Zealand - Prime Minister John Key
      Norway - Prime Minister Erna Solberg
      Norway - King Harald

      "Excellence, Jeg har med stor sorg mottatt nyhetene om det grufulle terrorangrepet i Paris fredag kveld, som resulterte i så mange drepte og skadede.  Nok engang minner en tragedie som har rammet Frankrikes hovedstad oss om viktigheten av å verne om våre sentrale demokratiske verdier. På vegne av meg selv og det norske folk, sender jeg Dem hr. President, min dypeste kondolanse, og jeg ber Dem om å viderebringe min kondolanse og dype medfølelse til de etterlatte og til det franske folk."

      "Excellence, I have with great sadness received the news of the heinous terrorist attack in Paris on Friday night, which resulted in so many killed and wounded. Once again reminds a tragedy that has hit France's capital us about the importance of protecting our core democratic values. on behalf of myself and the Norwegian people, I send you hr. President, my condolences, and I ask you to pass on my condolences and deepest sympathy to the bereaved and to the French people. "

      Panama - President Juan Carlos Varela
      "We condemn the attacks in Paris and reiterate our solidarity and condolences to the Government, French people and relatives of the victims."

      Paraguay - President Horacio Cartes
      "We express sorrow and solidarity with the people of #Francia to the despicable terrorist act consummated today"

      Peru - President Ollanta Humala Tasso
      "The Government of Peru extends its solidarity to the French people and their pending @fhollande and strongly rejects the violence in Paris"

      Philippines - President Benigno S. Aquino III

      "Terror and brutality have plunged the City of Light, Paris, into the darkness of horror and grief. The Philippines and its people stand in solidarity with the people of Paris and all of France, in this time of deepest sorrow and the gravest outrage against the perpetrators of these crimes."

      Poland - President Andrzej Duda
      "Sadness, grief and anger. Sympathy to the French, especially Families who have lost loved ones. We are with you think grief and prayer."

      Portugal - President Cavaco Silva

      “Foi com grande consternação que tomei conhecimento dos hediondos ataques terroristas, hoje, em Paris, e da perda trágica de um elevado número de vidas. Nesta hora de profundo pesar, quero transmitir a Vossa Excelência, às famílias enlutadas e a todo o povo da República Francesa, em nome do povo Português e no meu próprio, os sentimentos do nosso sentido pesar e da mais sincera solidariedade. Peço-lhe que aceite, Senhor Presidente, a expressão da minha elevada consideração e estima pessoal. Aníbal Cavaco Silva”

      "It was with great dismay that I learned of the heinous terrorist attacks today in Paris, and the tragic loss of a large number of lives. In this hour of deep sorrow, I wish to convey to you, to the bereaved families and to all the people of the French Republic, on behalf of the Portuguese people and myself, our feelings of grief and sense of sincere solidarity. I ask you to accept, Mister President, the assurances of my highest consideration and personal esteem. Aníbal Cavaco Silva "

      Republic of Congo - President Denis Sassou Nguesso
      "Horror without name and heinous crime. In this event, the Congolese people and myself express our compassion and solidarity to the people of France"

      Romania - President Klaus Iohannis

      "În tragedia de azi-noapte din Paris și-au pierdut viața doi cetățeni români. Din nou, sufletele noastre sunt în doliu și vă cer tuturor să rămânem uniți și solidari. Familiilor îndoliate le transmit toată compasiunea mea."

      "In the last night in Paris and killed two citizens romanians. Again, our hearts are grieving and I ask you all to remain united and solidarity. Bereaved families have all of my sympathy."

      Russia -  President Vladimir Putin
      Russia -  Chairman of Government Dmitry Medvedev

      "Теракты во Франции – чудовищное по своей циничности и жестокости преступление. Жертвами стали невинные люди. Именно это и есть цель убийц – принести боль и страх. И никакие «религиозные» или «политические» основания, к которым они апеллируют, никогда их не оправдают. Это терроризм. Терроризм, против которого мы все будем бороться и дальше. Мои самые искренние соболезнования тем, кто потерял своих близких. К сожалению, Россия тоже знает эту боль. Скорбим вместе с Францией."
      "Les attentats en France sont un crime atroce qui frappe par son cynisme et sa barbarie. Des gens innocents ont péri. Les tueurs veulent créer la douleur et la peur, et aucunes justifications «religieuses» ou «politiques» qu’ils avancent, ne sont en mesure de leur donner raison. Il s’agit du terrorisme pur et dur. Et nous poursuivrons la lutte contre ce dernier dans l’avenir. Je présente mes condoléances sincères à tous ceux qui ont perdu leurs proches. La Russie connaît malheureusement elle-aussi cette douleur. Nous déplorons les morts avec la France."
      "The terror attacks in France are a horrifyingly cynical and brutal crime. The victims are innocent people. This is precisely the goal of the murderers: to cause pain and fear. They cannot be justified by any “religious” or “political” reasons they are citing. This is terrorism, terrorism we’ll keep fighting. My most sincere condolences to those who have lost their loved ones. Unfortunately, Russia is familiar with this pain. We are mourning with France today."

      Saudi Arabia - King Salman

      "We learned about the pain and the sadness of the terrorist attacks in Paris… We express our condemnation for this repugnant terrorist act and offer our condolences to your excellency, the French people and the families of the victims."

      Senegal- President Macky Sall
      "#rfi I strongly condemn the barbarous act committed in Paris. My unqualified solidarity with the french people to whom I present my condolences"

      Serbia - President Tomislav Nikolić

      "Predsedniče Oland, teror koji je sinoć divljački udario po Francuskoj mi u Srbiji doživljavamo kao najveće zlo koje je i nama učinjeno. Ostali smo nemi posle užasnih vesti iz Pariza, ali znajte da odlučno, kao i uvek u istoriji, stojimo uz Francusku spremni da joj pomognemo u svemu što smatra potrebnim."

      "President Hollande, the terror that was savagely hit last night in France we in Serbia perceive as the greatest evil that was done to us. We stayed silent after the terrible news from Paris, but know that it vigorously, as always in history, we stand by ready to France help her in all that it deems necessary."

      Serbia - President of the Government Aleksandar Vučić
      Singapore - Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong
      Slovaka - President Andrej Kiska
      Slovania - President Borut Pahor
      "President Pahor in his own name and on behalf of the REPUBLIC of SLOVENIA gives expressions of deep sorrow and sympathy, the French President of Holland and the French nation."

      Slovania - President of the Government Miro Cerar

       Somalia - Prime Minister Omar Abdirashid Ali Sharmarke
      South Africa - President Jacob Zuma

      "South Africa stands firmly with the rest of the international community in its condemnation of attacks targeting innocent civilians and reiterates its stance that terrorism, in whatever form and from whichever quarter, cannot be condoned."

      Spain - King Felipe

      "En estos momentos de dolor, deseo trasladaros toda la cercanía, solidaridad y apoyo en nombre del gobierno y del pueblo español así como expresar la condena más firme frente a la barbarie terrorista y la cruel e inhumana sinrazón de quienes atentan contra los principios y valores fundamentales que sustentan nuestra convivencia y nuestras democracias.  Junto a la Reina, quiero también expresar mi más sentido pésame a las familias de los fallecidos y nuestro deseo de una pronta recuperación de los heridos. Los españoles estamos, hoy más que nunca, al lado de los franceses en la determinación, en el compromiso y en la unidad que permite superar los desafíos de la violencia terrorista."

      "In this painful time, I want to move all the closeness, solidarity and support for the government and the Spanish people and to express the strongest condemnation of the terrorist barbarity and the cruel and inhuman injustice of those who violate the principles and values fundamental underpinning our coexistence and our democracies. With the Queen, I also want to express my deepest condolences to the families of the deceased and our desire for a speedy recovery of the wounded. The Spaniards are, more than ever, alongside the French in the determination, commitment and unity that overcomes the challenges of terrorist violence. "

      Spain - President  Mariano Rajoy
      "Shocked by the news that come from Paris. France has on its side the Spanish people in this difficult time. MR"

      Sri Lanka - President Maithripala Sirisena
      Sweden - King Carl XVI Gustaf

      "La Reine et moi-même souhaitons exprimer nos sincères condoléances suite aux disparitions tragiques des victimes du terrible attentat qui a frappé Paris. Nous tenons à transmettre notre profonde sympathie à leurs familles ainsi qu’au peuple français."

      "I was shocked to hear about the terrible events in Paris.
      I feel great sorrow, and my thoughts go out to all those affected, the victims and their families. These killings are an attack against the whole of society and our way of life. Many of us share a sense of worry and concern. It is important that we stand united in the face of these incomprehensible acts of terrorism.”

      - President Simonetta Sommaruga
      "Switzerland's thoughts are with France following the attacks in Paris. Simonetta Sommaruga, President of the Confederation. @fhollande" 

      Togo- President  Faure Gnassingbé

      "Les graves attentats terroristes, d’une barbarie inégalée, qui ont été perpétrés  dans la nuit du vendredi 13 novembre 2015, en divers points de la capitale française, ont plongé le peuple togolais tout entier, dans un émoi profond et dans la plus grande stupeur. En ces heures tragiques et extrêmement douloureuses pour la France, je tiens à vous faire part de ma vive émotion, de ma compassion et de la solidarité de l’ensemble du peuple togolais qui est sous le choc et profondément meurtri par le lourd bilan de ces attentats inédits. "

      "Serious terrorist attacks of unparalleled barbarism perpetrated on the night of Friday, November 13, 2015, at various points of the French capital, plunged the Togolese people as a whole in a deep turmoil and the greater stupor. In these tragic and extremely painful hours for France, I wish to express my emotion, my compassion and solidarity of the entire people of Togo who is in shock and deeply scarred by the heavy toll these unpublished attacks."

      Trinidad and Tobago - Prime Minister Keith Rowley

      "On behalf of the Government and people of The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, Prime Minister Dr the Honourable Keith Rowley wishes to convey heartfelt condolences to the President of France and the French people with respect to the unspeakable horrors of yesterday's attacks. As the Government and people of France struggle to come to terms with these attacks, the rest of the world is also gripped by shock, sadness and outrage. No nation should ever have to face such tragedy and it is hoped that nothing of this nature will ever befall any nation again."

      Tunisia - President Beji Caid Essebsi
      "The President has strongly condemned the terrorist attack that hit the French capital #Paris and expressed sympathy and condolences to the families of the victims #TnPR #BCE" 

      Turkey - President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan
      "I condemn the terrorist attack that occurred in France and my sincere condolences to my @fhollande counterpart and the french people."

      Turkey - Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu

      Ukraine - President Petro Poroshenko
      "The Ukrainian people side-by-side with the people of France in this horrible time. "

      Ukraine - Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk

      United Kingdom - Queen Elizabeth
      United Kingdom - Prince Charles

      United Kingdom - Prime Minister David Cameron
      United Nations - Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon
      United State of America - President Obama
      Uruguay - President Tabare Vazquez

      “El Gobierno de Uruguay condena en los términos más enérgicos los atentados terroristas y barbáricos perpetrados en el día de la fecha en diversos puntos de París, Francia, los cuales dejaron como saldo más de 100 muertos y un gran número de heridos. Mientras continúan las acciones de los servicios de seguridad franceses para contener esta situación e identificar a los responsables, Uruguay reitera, una vez más, que las respuestas a este flagelo internacional deben ser enérgicas, coordinadas y en el marco del Derecho Internacional."

      "The Government of Uruguay condemns in the strongest terms the barbaric terrorist attacks perpetrated on the day of the date in various parts of Paris, France, which left more than 100 dead and many injured. While continuing the actions of French services to contain the situation and identify the responsible security, Uruguay reiterates once again that the answers to this international scourge must be vigorous, coordinated and within the framework of international law."

      Vatican City - Pope Francis

      "Informed of the horrific terrorist attacks that occurred in Paris and at the Stade de France, killing a great number of people and wounding many others, His Holiness Pope Francis joins in prayer with the suffering of families affected by the drama and the pain of the French people. He invokes God, Father of mercy, asking that He welcome the victims into the peace of His light and bring comfort and hope to the injured and their families. He assures them, and all of the personnel participating in aid efforts, of his spiritual closeness. Once again, the Holy Father vigorously condemns violence, which cannot solve anything, and he asks God to inspire thoughts of peace and solidarity in all and to impart on families in this trial and on all of the French people, the abundance of His Blessings."

      Venezuela - President Nicolas Maduro

      "El Presidente de la República Bolivariana de Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro Moros, en representación del más genuino sentimiento de condolencia del pueblo venezolano, expresa su más enérgica condena ante los atentados perpetrados hoy, 13 de noviembre de 2015, en la República Francesa, que han dejado más de ciento cincuenta personas fallecidas, muchas otras víctimas lesionadas y al mundo entero dolido y conmocionado ante tan vil masacre."

      "The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, representing the most genuine feeling of sympathy of the Venezuelan people, expresses its strongest condemnation of the attacks today, November 13, 2015, the French Republic, which have left more than a hundred people dead, many others injured victims and hurt and shocked to slaughter so vile world."