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Annual Tally of Engagements for William, Kate, Harry & Meghan

This tally is based on our calendar of engagements each year. You can find, William & Kate's on the "The Cambridges" tab, and Harry & Meghan's on "The Sussexs" tab.

This is our count of engagements. Contrary to popular belief, there is no official count released from the Palace and no official rules on how exactly engagements on the Court Circular (CC) should be counted. For more on, how I count engagements (which, at times, includes something left off the CC).

Total Number of Engagements
2015 2016 2017 2018

Includes Meghan's pre-wedding engagements from 2017 & 2018.

Number of Tours

This count is just of official tours. Overseas visits are not included in this count.

Number of Non-Tour Engagements
2015 2016 2017 2018

Tours are jammed packed with official engagements, and in a few days, you can do a month or twos worth of engagements. So, I think it is important to not just look at total engagements, but also compare the number of non-tour engagements.

Overseas visits are included in this count. 

Prince Harry - Official Engagements (2019)

Embed from Getty Images

Prince Harry's current count is 7 engagements for 2019. 

(Unconfirmed) - Not Officially Confirmed/ Announced, Yet, but Expected
(Possible) -  Not Confirmed or 100% Expected, but Possible due to past appearances or reports of their attendance

    Monday 14th - Birkenhead
    • Visit Hamilton Square to view a new sculpture erected in November to mark the 100th anniversary of Wilfred Owen’s death
      • Unveil plaque
      • Walkabout
    • Visit No 7 a Pyramids shopping centre
    • Visit Tomorrow’s Women Wirral, an organization that supports women in vulnerable circumstances
    • Visit the Hive Wirral Youth Zone
      • Meet young members as they take part in a number of activities and workshops 
      • Unveil plaque
    Tuesday 15th 
    •  Attended a Roundtable Discussion on conservation and sustainability (Royal Foundation)
    Wednesday 16th 
    • Attended a Creative Workshop on Ministry of Defence Mental Fitness at Kensington Palace
    • Attend Cirque du Soleil’s premiere of TOTEM in aid of Sentebale at the Royal Albert Hall
    Upcoming Engagements: 
    Date not announced - (Unconfirmed)
      • Attend the Endeavour Fund Awards Judging Panel
      Date not announced - (Unconfirmed)
      • Attend the annual Endeavour Fund Awards
      Date not announced - (Unconfirmed)
      • Attend the annual Royal Foundation Forum showcasing the programmes run or initiated by The Royal Foundation
        • with William, Kate & Meghan 
      Monday 11th -  (Possible)
      • Attend Commonwealth Day Observance service at Westminster Abbey 
      Sunday 28th  - (Unconfirmed)
      ???  - (Unconfirmed)
      • Attend the Queen's Garden Party at Buckingham Palace
      Saturday 8th 
      • Trooping the Colours - Queen's Official Birthday 
        • Grenadier Guards will be trooping
      18th - 22nd - (Unconfirmed)
      • Attend Royal Ascot
      • Open Silverstone Experience
      • Various Polo Matches
      •  Play in Sentebale Polo Cup in support of Sentebale

      (15th: Prince Harry's 35th Birthday)


        Thursday 7th? - (Unconfirmed)
        • Visit Field of Remembrance
        Saturday 9th - (Unconfirmed)
        • Attend Festival of Remembrance Concert at Royal Albert Hall
          • With Meghan & Royal Family 
        Sunday 10th 
        • Remembrance Sunday at Cenotaph in Whitehall, London 
          • With Meghan & Royal Family 
        ???? - (Unconfirmed)
        • Attend the annual Autumn Dinner for the Royal Foundation

            Prince Philip - Official Engagements (2019)

            Embed from Getty Images

            # of engagements since retirement began 13
            # of engagements in 2019 0

            (Possible) -  Not Confirmed or 100% Expected, but are events we think he might possibly attend

            Wednesday, 26 December 2018

            King Carl Gustaf of Sweden's 2018 Christmas Address - English Translation

            Clarification or explanation added by Gert's Royals is in Italics. When the speech mentions a specific official engagement, I have linked to the post about that from the Royal Website using [*].

            Dear people of Sweden, both at home and abroad, everyone in Sweden!

            Christmas in our country can come in many different ways.

            Many celebrate with family and friends and gather around the traditions that bind us together across the generations.

            Some are alone, by choice or otherwise. And others do not celebrate Christmas, but may still enjoy the special atmosphere that characterizes the Christmas holidays.

            Regardless of how your Christmas looks, I hope these days give you the opportunity to reflect and think now that the year is coming to an end and a new one will soon begin.

            When I look back on the past year, I think, in particular, of all the people I've met, across our country, who have in different ways chose to take responsibility. Either in daily life or during extraordinary circumstances.

            People who have made a difference, as they have shown courage, compassion, and action.

            For example, I am thinking of all those who are committed to giving children and young people access to good education and a positive community.

            I think of all those who work for sustainable development, helping us take better care of the Earth's limited resources.

            And, of course, I also think of all those who will work in various crisis situations - like the severe forest fires this summer. [More on the Forest Fires]

            Rescue workers, members of the Armed Forces & National Guard and volunteers: There were many people in our country who made great sacrifices to fight the fires and minimize its harmful effects.

            Unlike recent fires in other countries, thankfully, no human life was lost. But for those who were affected by the fires, the damage is still felt, as generations of forests were reduced to nothing.

            When the most difficult part of the fire was extinguished, I had the opportunity to visit one of the affected areas, in the Ragunda municipality in Jämtland County. [*] The Crown Princess couple [Victoria & Daniel] and the Prince couple [Carl Philip & Sofia] made similar visits to Hälsingland and Dalarna. [*]

            The workers and volunteers did an amazing job of working together during those hot summer months.

            To all of you who contributed, I want to express my heartfelt respect and gratitude: Thank you for choosing to take responsibility.

            2018 has been a memorable year, with several important anniversaries.

            This year, we marked 100 years since the cannons silenced on the battlefield of World War I. A war that cost millions of lives. And, unfortunately, that was not the last war that would take place.

            This year, also marked 100 years since Sweden's Riksdag [Parliment], through an agreement in principle, took the first crucial step towards universal and equal voting rights for men and women. Something that laid the foundation for modern Swedish democracy. [*]

            This year's parliamentary election was the 29th since this important reform was fully implemented. The process of forming a new government has been going on throughout the autumn. Maybe we can become a little impatient. But that is how our democracy works: Important matters must take its time.

            And although there are differences in opinions and approaches, I want to emphasize how much, that still, unites us all in Sweden. There is a fundamental cohesion, which is shown in particular when difficult trials occur.

            In 2018, we also marked two hundred years since my ancestor, Jean Baptiste Bernadotte became King Karl XIV Johan. [He was the founder of the Royal House of Bernadotte, which the current Swedish Royals are a part of. More on King Karl XIV Johan]

            A little more than a week ago we re-dedicated the Karl Johan's equestrian statue which is now located out here at Slottsbacken [A street close to the palace]. [*]

            There he now looks out over the newly renovated National Museum - which I had the opportunity to visit together with the Crown Princess [Victoria] and Princess Estelle before the solemn re-opening in November. [*]

            Earlier this autumn, The Queen and I, along with Crown Princess Couple [Victoria & Daniel] visited the city of Pau in France. That was where my ancestor [Karl XIV Johan of Sweden] was born in 1763. [*]

            And there the Crown Princess receive a magnolia seedling; a cutting from a tree that King Oscar II planted on his visit to Pau in 1899. [King Oscar II was Karl XIV Johan's grandson and is the current King's great-great-grandfather. More on King Oscar II]

            It was handed over to the Crown Princess as a gift to Princess Estelle. In the spring, it will be planted at Haga Castle [The Crown Princess Family's home]. There, it will hopefully take root and eventually flower as a symbol of history's covenant with the future.

            Yes, we are all part of something bigger than ourselves. We have been reminded many times during the past year.

            It can be a place. A story. Or a mission. We are all links in a chain. And we all have a responsibility to those who come after us.

            This applies particularly to those of us who represent various institutions of central importance to our country. Those institutions that have existed long before us and will remain long after we are gone.

            In us lies a special responsibility to look beyond ourselves. To act in a way that honors the trust we have received - and which, in fact, is only borrowed.

            Every year, my family and I participate in the Nobel festivities. And this year as well. [*] According to Alfred Nobel's will, the Nobel Prize will be awarded to the people who make the "greatest benefit to mankind" during the year.

            And so it really is: This year's laureates have all, in different ways, helped to make our world slightly better.

            Yes, they even have saved lives. All these advances, I think, are a good reason to have hope in the future!

            Just a few days ago, we celebrated the Queen's 75th birthday. Over the years, the Queen has worked stubbornly and purposefully to improve the conditions for vulnerable children and young people, but also people with dementia.

            And it felt important and good to be able to recognize these efforts in conjunction with the Queen's birthday.

            During the year, we also welcomed a new grandchild, little Princess Adrienne. It made us very happy!

            Now I look forward to spending a few more days of good company with my whole family.

            I want to end this Christmas greeting from the Royal Palace in Stockholm by wishing you a Merry Christmas - and a happy New Year in 2019.

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            Tuesday, 25 December 2018

            Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg's Christmas Eve Address (2018) - English Translation

            Dear fellow citizens,

            A few weeks ago, in Luxembourg, in Paris, and in other major cities of Europe, with dignity we remembered the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I.

            11 November 1918 is a very distinctive day, a turning point in the history of our continent. After more than 4 years of horrific war, which cost the lives of nearly 20 million people, the moment of the ceasefire finally came.

            But the world was changed. The European "leadership" was always in question. And the fight for peace was, unfortunately, quickly lost: after another twenty-five years, another world war began.

            And the end of World War II until today is of great significance because it marked the beginning of a new era. I'm talking about the cooperation between the states and nations.

            A new system has been introduced:
            - with rules that all nations, whether large or small, must be respected in the same measure
            - and also international organizations where collaboration works.

            The League of Nations, the forerunner of the UN, was founded. But the crisis [Great Depression] and nationalism in the 30s did not allow this system to develop. Only after World War II did the importance of international co-operation begin to win.

            In today's world, multilateralism, meaning the cooperation between several countries on an equal footing, is more important than ever. It fills in the gaps wherever bilateral agreements reach their limits:

            • To organize fair international trade, 
            • bring climate change under control, 
            • find more global solutions to migration issues, and
            • avoid conflict.

            Luxembourg's diplomats have been champions for the respect of international law and the furtherance of multilateral cooperation for decades and they are receiving recognition for it.

            I was able to see this personally at the COP24 conference in Katowice [United Nations Climate Change Conference in December in Poland]. Let us stick to those instruments and institutions that are available to us. They have done their preliminary work and delivered results, even if their work needs further development.

            In a time characterized by national egoism, all international actors must be aware of their responsibility. We have only one world, with challenges that we all work on.

            Dear fellow citizens,

            The outcome of the elections this autumn allows for the ongoing coalition, to create a further legislature period, and I wish our government the best of luck in their important and noble tasks.

            As in our neighboring countries, there are also changes in our political landscape. More parties find a connection among voters, who feel less well-off than before. Specific demands or topics get a greater resonance.

            However, I am pleased to note that the good of the party is not being held above the common good.

            The exclusionary or simplistic slogan have hardly been found. We must be proud of the diversity and cohesion of our society.

            [Switches from Luxembourgish to French]

            At this point, I would like to thank the non-Luxembourgers, who live or work in our country, for their valuable contribution to our society. Economic cohesion, but also the social cohesion, of our country are assets which we must defend at all costs. They are at the heart of our projects and our success. It's the common good for everyone.

            [Switches back to Luxembourgish]

            Today, on this Christmas, I do not just want to limit my speech to the political plan.

            A large, deep thanks to the many members of our society, who, both at home or in crises zones, are serving people in emergencies.

            Solidarity and social commitment are often the only light that stays on when politics reach their limits.

            It is not enough to worry about it, you should have the courage to make the world better.

            This help can be done on many levels. The Grand Duchess [Maria Teresa], with heart and conviction, works to call people to action, notably in the fight against any form of sexual violence, particularly in matters that stem from war and conflict. I stand fully behind this initiative of the Grand Duchess. Many others, including 3 Nobel Peace Nobles, will join her and attend the international [Stand Speak Rise Up!] forum in the spring of 2019 here in Luxembourg.

            Dear all people,

            Many of us celebrate the holidays with their family and friends. But I also think about the sick or those who are alone… Why not just give them a good word or a little time on this Christmas?

            In that spirit and together with the Grand Duchess [Maria Teresa], Grand Duc Jean, Prince Guillaume, Princess Stéphanie and all our children, I wish you all a Merry Christmas and best wishes for a happy New Year.

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            Monday, 24 December 2018

            King Philippe of Belgium's Christmas Eve Speech (2018) - English Translation

            Ladies and gentlemen,

            The Christmas and New Year holidays are the perfect occasion to step back, to stop our race in the pursuit of time. To look where we are in life. But also to remember that life is a path that we do not follow alone, but with fellow travelers, who, like us, need companionship, someone to listen, and give advice.

            For most of us, the Christmas holidays are a time to come together and share. Moments in which we take time for each other. For those who endure severe trials, are lonely or who have lost a dear one, the loving presence of another is invaluable.

            Let us especially remember the most fragile in our society during the holidays. And also remember those who surround them, with their care and attention to ensure that they can live dignified.

            With those who have children, the Queen and I share the desire to live with them in the moment, in the true and real presence of each other. We know how important these moments are, but also how easily you miss them. These are the moments when we can experience our children as they are and rejoice in rediscovering them.

            Moments in which our children can understand that we, their parents, and everyone else who cares for their upbringing are equally vulnerable. That we do not retreat from our problems or flee from them, but try to overcome them - and draw from our inner strength. With this inner strength, we can really open ourselves up to the others and assume our responsibility.

            Our country is going through a turbulent period [refering to the recent political drama in Belgium]. Our fellow citizens are rightly concerned about important issues. We are currently experiencing serious political tensions. I trust in the sense of responsibility of our decision-makers that they act in the interest of the country and its people.

            Inequality, poverty, intolerance, and climate change are questions that require comprehensive answers. These crucial problems of our society require from us all listening, openness, courage and initiative.

            Democracy requires listening and dialogue. In the run-up to the federal, regional and European elections, let us have open and honest debates, respecting each other. Because the moment of the vote must be the result of careful reflection.

            "Give me a lever and a place to stand and I will move the Earth," said Archimedes [200s BC mathematician]. To fully inhabit our time, to cultivate an inner strength that opens us to others, these are the places to stand and levers that can move the Earth.

            The Queen and I, and all our family, wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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            Thursday, 6 December 2018

            Nobel Prize Banquet - Detailed Schedule (2018)

            Embed from Getty Images
            Detailed Schedule for 2018 Nobel Prize Banquet in the Blue Hall at Stockholm City Hall.

            All times are Local Stockholm. Note: they do often run behind schedule.

            (7 PM Stockholm = 6 PM London, 1 PM New York, 10 AM Los Angeles, 5 AM Thurs Sydney)

            6:30 PM
            • Guests begin to arrive at the Banquet and take their seats
            7:03 PM
            • Guests at the Table of Honor process in
              • These are the Laureates, Royals, Nobel Prize Officials, etc. 
            • King Carl Gustaf gives a toast
            (Photo are taken at the Table of Honor.)
            • 1st Entertainment performance
            • 1st Course is served
            (Photo are taken at the Table of Honor.)
            8:20 PM 
            • 2nd Entertainment performance
            • Main course is served
            9:20 PM
            • Dessert Wine is served
            • 3rd & 4th Entertainment performance
            • Desert is served with coffee and liqueur
            10:30 PM
            • Student of Sweden parade their University Flags
                  • Banquet Ends and Table of Honor processes out
                  • After Party Begins

                  Sunday, 2 December 2018

                  Christmas Events (2018)

                  As there are a lot of Christmas Events for all the different royals. We are sticking to the big annual events, that you love seeing each year.

                  (Annual events with dates not yet announced are listed at the Bottom of the Page.)



                  • UK - Diplomatic Reception at Buckingham Palace
                    • Attending: Queen, Charles, Camilla, William, Kate
                  • UK - Camilla invites Children from her patronages to decorate Clarence House Christmas Tree
                    • Attending: Camilla, children from  Helen & Douglas House and Roald Dahl's Marvellous Children's Charity
                  • Spain - King Felipe & Queen Letizia and King Juan Carlos & Queen Sofia release photo of their Official Christmas Card
                  • Sweden - Accept the Christmas Trees for the Palace from the Royal College of Forestry's student union
                    •  Attending: Prince Carl Philip & Prince Alexander
                  • Sweden 
                    • Seminar for Queen Silvia's 75th Birthday 
                  • UK - Queen's Christmas lunch at Buckingham Palace for members of the extended royal family 
                  • Belgium - Annual Christmas Concert at the Palace
                    • Attending: 
                      • King Philippe & Queen Mathilde
                        • Their children 
                      • King Albert 
                      • Princess Astrid & Prince Lorenz
                  • Monaco - Pass out gifts to Monaco Children at Palace
                    • Attending: Prince Albert, Louis Ducruet (Princess Stephanie's son)
                  • Sweden 
                  • UK - Queen travels to Sandringham by Train

                  23rd (Sunday)
                  • UK - Sunday Church Service Royals at St. Mary Magdalene at Sandringham 
                  • Sweden - Queen Silvia's 75th Birthday 
                  • Christmas Morning Church Service
                    • UK Royals at St. Mary Magdalene at Sandringham 
                    • Norway Royals at Holmenkollen Chapel
                  • Christmas Day Speeches (Link for details)
                    • UK 
                    • Sweden 
                    • Netherlands
                  30th (Sunday)
                  • UK - Sunday Church Service at St. Mary Magdalene at Sandringham 


                  • Denmark - New Year's Day Banquet at Christian VII's Palace, Amalienborg
                    • (Tiara Event)
                  • Denmark - New Year's Reception for Supreme Court judges, the Royal Guard and Regiments Officer Corps at Christian VII's Palace
                  • Denmark - New Year's Reception for Diplomatic Corps at Christiansborg Palace
                  • Denmark - New Year's Reception for the military, patronages, country leaders, etc. at Christiansborg Palace
                  6th (Sunday)
                  • UK - Sunday Church Service Royals at St. Mary Magdalene at Sandringham 
                  • UK - Queen presents the Queen Elizabeth Prize for Academic Excellence to a student from Springwood High School in King's Lynn (a short drive from Sandringham).

                  Date not yet announced:


                  • Visit Christmas Villiage

                  Tuesday, 20 November 2018

                  Duchess Meghan - Official Engagements (2019)

                  Embed from Getty Images

                  Meghan's current count is 7 engagements for 2019.

                  (Unconfirmed) - Not officially confirmed/ announced, yet, but expected
                  (Possible) -  Not confirmed or 100% expected, but possible due to past appearances or reports of their attendance

                  Thursday 10th 
                  Monday 14th - Birkenhead
                  • Visit Hamilton Square to view a new sculpture erected in November to mark the 100th anniversary of Wilfred Owen’s death
                    • Unveil plaque
                    • Walkabout
                  • Visit No 7 a Pyramids shopping centre
                  • Visit Tomorrow’s Women Wirral, an organization that supports women in vulnerable circumstances
                  • Visit the Hive Wirral Youth Zone
                    • Meet young members as they take part in a number of activities and workshops 
                    • Unveil plaque
                  Wednesday 16th 
                  • Visit Mayhew
                  • Attend Cirque du Soleil’s premiere of TOTEM in aid of Sentebale at the Royal Albert Hall
                  Date not yet announced
                  • Visit National Theatre
                  • Visit the Association of Commonwealth Universities 
                  ?? - (Unconfirmed)
                  • Attend the 2nd annual Royal Foundation Forum showcasing the programmes run or initiated by The Royal Foundation
                  Monday 11th - (Possible)
                  • Attend Commonwealth Day Observance service at Westminster Abbey 
                    • With Queen and Royal Family

                  (Maternity Leave)

                  (Maternity Leave)

                  Saturday 8th (Unconfirmed)  
                  • Trooping the Colours - Queen's Official Birthday 
                    • The 1st. Battalion Irish Guards will be trooping
                  18th-22nd - (Possible)
                  • Attend Royal Ascot
                    1st-14th - (Possible)
                    • Attend the Championships, Wimbledon at All England Club
                      (4th: 38th Birthday)



                      Saturday 9th (Unconfirmed)  
                      • Attend Festival of Remembrance at Royal Albert Hall
                      Sunday 10th (Unconfirmed)  
                      • Attend Remembrance Sunday at Cenotaph in Whitehall, London 
                      ??  (Unconfirmed)  
                      • Attend annual Autumn Dinner for the Royal Foundation 

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                      Friday, 2 November 2018

                      November & December Q&A (2018)

                      Post your General Royal Questions & I will get to them as soon as possible. Questions about Writing to the Royals or Replies have been moved to our Q&A on Gert's Royal Replies

                      Question 1: Do you think Meghan Markle is having Twins?

                      Answer: I don't think so. There aren't any real signs suggesting that Duchess Meghan might be expecting twins. 

                      Question 2: Do you think Prince Philip will attend the Christmas day service with the Royal Family this year.

                      Answer: I think Prince Philip will definitely be at Sandringham with his family for Christmas. He wouldn't miss it. But whether or not he attends the Christmas day service depends on how he is feeling that day. 

                      Question 3: Who is your favorite royal?

                      Answer: This is a hard question to answer as there are so many royals that I admire. But my absolute favorites would be Duchess Kate & Duchess Meghan.  

                      Thursday, 1 November 2018

                      2018 Christmas/New Years Speeches

                      Most of European Monarchs give a speech sometime during the holiday season. We will link them here when they get posted, with an English translation, if they are not in English or subtitled. 

                      (All times are Local/London.) Times that are confirmed for 2018 are in Black. Times from last year are in Blue.
                        Christmas Eve Speeches
                        King Philippe of Belgium (Pre-recorded 1 PM/ Noon)
                        Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg  (7 PM/6 PM)
                        King Felipe of Spain (Live 9 PM/ 8 PM) 
                        30 mins before the speech, they show a video review of the year.
                        Christmas Day Speeches 
                        King Willem-Alexander of Netherlands (Pre-recorded 1 PM/ Noon)
                        Queen Elizabeth II of United Kingdom (Pre-recorded 3 PM)
                        King Carl Gustaf of Sweden (Pre-recorded 7:45/8:45)
                        They usually release the video and Swedish texts ahead of time. 
                        New Years Eve Speeches
                        Queen Margrethe of Denmark (Live 6 PM/5 PM) 
                        King Harald of Norway (Pre-recorded 7:30 PM/ 6:30 PM)
                        Prince Albert of Monaco (7 PM?)

                        Monday, 8 October 2018

                        Netherland's State Visit to the UK

                        Embed from Getty Images

                        23rd to 24th October 2018, King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima of the Netherlands will make a state visit to the UK

                        Monday 22nd
                        • Fly into the UK
                          • Greeted at Airport by Representative of the Queen 
                        • Spend the night at Netherland Ambassador's residence
                        Tuesday 23rd
                        • Greeted by Ambassador's residence by Prince Charles & Duchess Camila
                        • Official Welcome at Horse Guard Parade
                          • Greeted by the Queen 
                          • Inspect guard of honour
                            • 1st Battalion Coldstream Guards
                          • Carriage ride to Buckingham Palace
                        • Lunch at Buckingham Palace
                          • View items from the Royal Collection related to the Netherlands
                        • Visit Westminister Abbey
                          • Lay wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier
                        • Visit Parliment
                        • Visit Clarence House for Tea with Charles & Camilla
                        • Meet with Jeremy Corbyn, Leader of the opposition
                        • State Banquet
                        • Spend the night at Buckingham Palace
                        Wednesday 24th

                        • Breakfast at Mansion House, hosted by Lord Mayor of London
                          • With Prince Edward & Countess Sophie
                        • Visit UK-Netherlands Innovation Showcase
                        • HMS Belfast & HNLMS ZEELAND and view collaborative navy demonstration 
                          • With Duke of Kent (President of Imperial War Museum), Prince Edward & Countess Sophie
                        • Visit Pop Brixton, a creative space for local, independent businesses and social enterprises
                          • With Prince Edward & Countess Sophie
                        • Meeting with the Prime Minister at No. 10 Downing Street
                        • Farewell at Buckingham Palace

                        Saturday, 6 October 2018

                        Royal Attendance at Annual Diplomatic Reception (UK)

                        Each year, in late November or early December, the Queen hosts a Diplomatic Reception for all the Ambassadors and High Commissioners to the UK (Court of St. James's) at Buckingham Palace

                        Royal attendance at Diplomatic Reception

                        Queen Philip Charles & Camilla Cambridges Sussexs Wessexs Queen's Cousins
                        2010 x xx
                        xDuke of G
                        2011 x xOn TourD&D of G and
                        P&P M of Kent
                        2012 x xx
                        2014xxxOverseas Visit
                        2015xxJust Charlesx



                        Monday, 1 October 2018

                        October Q&A (2018)

                        As always, post your Royal Questions & I will get to them as soon as possible.

                        Question 1: I wrote to Princess Eugenie for her engagement in July. I know you're always saying that you shouldn't be worried even after six months, but I kind of am. I know people wrote late for the Sussex/Cambridge family events, but was wondering if that was the case for the Yorks or if it is unlikely I will get a reply. Do you think I should mention it in my wedding letter to her?

                        Answer: First let me say, I usually tell people you shouldn't worry if it's only been 1-2 months. 1-2 months is a completely normal response time. 4 Months is usually the longest you will ever wait. Unless they are swamped with mail because it is a very big and important event. (When I know a Royal doesn't usually/always reply, e.g. the Wessexs, I assume by about 3.5 months of waiting I'm not going to get anything.)

                        If you wrote to Princess Eugenie in July, it's been 3 months or less. So it's a little long, but not unexpected. The Royals & their staff take most of August off. So things pile up over the summer, and it takes them a while to answer mail from well-wishers. Unlike Clarence house, Prince Andrew does not have staff whoes only job is to answer mail. They have other duties they need to do, and reply to well-wishers when they have the time. I haven't seen any replies yet for Princess Beatrice's birthday in August. So, they are just a little busy right now. 

                        You did write 6 months after the engagement, so they very well may not have any of the engagement replies left. So, it could be they are waiting to send you the wedding reply. 

                        But I wouldn't mention anything in your wedding letter. I think it would be a little rude. I hope you are not just writing because you want some pretty reply but because you honestly wanted to wish the couple congratulations. 

                        Question 2: I wrote to The Cambridge’s for the birth of Prince Louis in April and I also wrote for Prince William’s birthday in early June but I have not received a reply for any of them. Do you think I will get a reply?

                        Answer: You will get a reply. Clarence House has just been very, very busy with all of the mail for the different events. I haven't gotten my reply for Prince Louis's birth either. 

                        Question 3: Have you get an answer for the Royal Wedding from the Duke and the Duchess of Sussex or the Baptism of Baby Louis of Cambridge? And what means the little paper in the Royal letters? It is to say sorry because they can't answer fast.

                        Answer: I haven't gotten my reply yet for The Sussex wedding, Louis's Christening or Prince Louis' birth. But I have seen other people's reply and some have included a little note, saying sorry for the delay. 

                        Question 4: I have already sent my congratulations card to the Princess of York. I sent it to the Buckingham Palace Office. But I addressed the card to the princess. Will I still get an answer? 

                        Answer: You will get an answer.

                        Question 5: A few Q&A's ago I asked you if you thought Eugenie's wedding would be mentioned in the CC and you said you didn't think so. If you don't mind me asking why didn't you think so and why do you think they put it in in the end? 

                        Answer: Way back then when you asked, I didn't think Eugenie's wedding was going to be the official public event it turned out to be. I did not expect it to be televised or to get so much much info from the Palace. I thought it was going to be a more private family event like Zara Tindall or Mike Philips's weddings, which were not mentioned in the CC.

                        Question 6: Would it be appropriate to write to the Duchess of York about Eugenie's wedding? I have already written to Eugenie, but I really love Sarah and I was thinking about writing to her too.

                        Answer: Yes, it would be appropriate. 

                        Question 7: Do the royals mind if I write my letter in one of the country's official languages and perhaps make some minor mistakes because it is not my mother tongue (native language)? 

                        Answer: The Royals aren't going to care about minor writing mistakes. What is most important is that they can understand what you are saying. 

                        It is perfectly fine to write to a royal in one of the countries official languages, English, or the Royal's mother tongue/native language. I think all of those choices are perfectly fine and equal, so I would write in whatever you are most comfortable in and will be clear and understandable. 

                        Don't feel like you need to write in the official language instead of English. For me, as an American, my English is great. There is no reason for me to write something messed up in another language when I can write in English. Although sometimes, I will include the phrase "Happy Birthday" or "Congratulations" in the official language.

                        Question 8: Can the address on the envelope be written in all capital letters? 

                        Answer: Yes, that is perfectly fine. And some places recommend it. At a minimum, you want to have the country name in all capital letters.