Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Day 12 - Royal Wedding Review

1. Did you enjoy our Royal Wedding Review?
Anything we can do to improve the Royal Wedding Review, either this one, or in future?

2. Do you want to do this again, this year? 
For another milestone anniversary.

3. If Yes, Whose Wedding?

Possibilities include: 
Albert and Charlene of Monaco (5th Anniversary)
Jigme and Jetsun of Bhutan (5th)
Hakkon and Mette-Maritt of Norway (15th)
Charles and Diana (35th)
Carl Gustaf and Silvia of Sweden (40th)

My vote is Monaco or Bhutan!  They will have the most video available, since their weddings actually happened during a time when Youtube existed. Plus a lot of the coverage is in English!  

Bhutan will likely be a short review, only a few days.

4. And if We did Monaco, would you all be interested in a "Day one" and "Jour un," with Bi-lingual coverage? (I.e. Do you Speak French? and are you interested in French Coverage?)

They would be on separate pages. And would likely have slightly different videos.  

5. Thoughts on our Bonus Day? 
You have checked it out right? It's one of my favorite days!

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Day 11 - Cambridge Royal Wedding Review

Sadly today is the last day of our Royal Wedding Review. Day 11 looks at the Cambridges 2-5th year of marriage. It was very hard to pair 4 years down to our normal 25-30 mins aday, so this is a little longer. (Only about a hour longer!) Obviously this is not everything, but we tried to collect the iconic, important and forgotten moments of these years.

Media reception ahead of Queen's Diamond Jubilee (3 mins)

Visit to Fortnum and Mason with the Queen & Camilla (1 min)

Catherine visits Great Britian Olympic team (2 mins)

William becomes Knight of the Thistle 
(3 mins)

Royals Sue Over Topless Photos (3 mins)

Catherine's 1st Overseas Speech (3 mins)

Catherine in Hospital with Hyperemesis Gravidarum (2 mins)

Nurse Commits Suicide after Prank Call (3 mins)


William and Harry open Help for Heroes Recovery Centre (3 mins)

Catherine Video for Children's Hospice Week (2 min)

Catherine Godmother to Cruise Ship (1 min)

Birth of Prince George (1 min)

William Retires from Military (2 mins)

William's 1st Investiture (3 mins)

United for Wildlife Launched (3 mins)

Prince George NZ Play Date (3 mins)

100th Anniversary of the Outbreak of WWI (3 mins)

Visit to Bletchley Park (2 mins)

Poppy Display at the Tower of London (2 mins)

William's Tour of Malta (2 mins)

Trip to NYC (4 mins)

William Tour of Japan (2 mins)

William Tour of China (1 min)

William finishes training and starts as Ambulance Helicopter Pilot (5 mins)

Princess Charlotte's Christening (2 mins)

America's Cup  (1 min)

Catherine at Place2Be conference (4 mins)

1st State Banquet (4 mins)

George 1st Day of School (2 Mins)

Tour of India (2 Mins)

Tour of Bhutan  (1 Min)

Heads Together (2 Mins)

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Day 10 - Cambridge Royal Wedding Review

Today we will be looking at William and Catherine's first year of Marriage!

Tour of Canada (2 mins)

Canada Day + Speech (4 mins)

UNICEF Denmark (4 mins)

Royal Baby Rumors (2 mins)

Catherine takes on her 1st Patronages (4 mins)

William in the Falklands for RAF (4 mins)

Catherine's 1st solo Engagement (2 mins)

Valentines Day (1 min)

St. Patricks Day Parade (2 mins)

Catherine's 1st Speech (8 mins)

Attend Premiere of "African Cats"(1 min)

1st Anniversary (2 mins)

Sneak Peak of Day 11: Tomorrow we will look at The Cambridge's 2nd-5th year of marriage. Which will be the end of our Royal Wedding Review.

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Monday, 25 April 2016

Day 9 - Cambridge Royal Wedding Review

Day we will be looking at what happened after all the royal wedding celebrations.

Walking to Helicopter (1 min)

Middleton's leave Goring Hotel (2 mins)

Hair (2 Mins)

Twitter  (4 Mins)

Royal Wedding Fund  (7 Mins)

Duchess of York Not Invited (2 Mins)

 On Beatrices and Eugenie's Hats (3 Mins)

Pippa and Harry Dating? (2 Mins)

Queen and Catherine View Wedding Exhibit (4 Mins)

Meet Obamas after honeymoon (1 Min)

    William and Catherine's Life in Anglesey (2 mins)

    First Official Engagement: ARK GALA (1 Min)

    Sneak Peak of Day 10: Tomorrow we will look at The Cambridge's 1st year of marriage.

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    Sunday, 24 April 2016


    So I may have deleted all the photos (the ones I uploaded, not Gettys) off my blog, when I was setting up a Google Plus Account!

    And I don't think I'm going to be able to get them back!


    I will be trying to out the photos back as I can, but that will take a long while! Sorry!!!

    If you have any page you particular want updated, comment on it, and I will try to update those pages first.

    Day 8 - Cambridge Royal Wedding Review

    This weekend we looked back at the actual ceremony. Today we focus on what happens after the ceremony. 

    Cartwheel (1 min) 

    Royal Wedding Route (4 mins)

    William and Catherine (8 mins)

    Royal Family (2 mins)

    Balcony (6 mins)

    Earl of Spencer comments on wedding (1 min)
    See 0:48

    Bouquet on Toumb of Unknown Solider  (1 min)

    Drive to Clarence House (3 mins)

    Leave Clarence House for Reception (1 Min)
    Can you spot a certain then Press Secretary, now Private Secretary in background?

    Wedding Reception + Baby Photos of William (5 mins)

    Pippa Middleton heading back to Goring Hotel  (1 min)

    Sneak Peek at  9: Tomorrow we will continues on with aftermath of the Royal Wedding.

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    The Royal Foundation of The Duke & Duchess of Cambridge and The Duke & Duchess of Cambridge

    The Royal Foundation of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and The Duke and Duchess of Sussex (Charity #: 1132048) was founded in 2009 by Prince William & Prince Harry. Duchess Kate was added as a Patron in 2011. But the official name change wasn't until the following year. Duchess Meghan was added in 2018.

    Later this year, Prince Harry & Duchess Meghan will split off and form their own foundation. 


    • The Royal Foundation of Prince William and Prince Harry 
      • (2009-2012)
    • The Royal Foundation of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry
      • (2012-2018)
    • The Royal Foundation of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and The Duke and Duchess of Sussex
      • (2018-2019 Expected)
    • The Royal Foundation of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge 
      • (Expected 2019)
    The Royal Foundation gives grants, mentoring, support and partnerships to programs and projects it chooses, with 6 areas of focus: 

    • Young People
    • Service
      • Previously called "Armed Forces"
    • Conservation
    • Mental Health
      • (Added 2016)
    • Early Years 
      • (Added 2018)
    • Community Empowerment 
      • (Added 2018)
      • Previously called "Women & Girls"
    The foundation is funded mainly through private donation. William, Kate, Harry & Meghan host a number of private events each year for donors, from receptions at Kensington Palaces' Orangery to charity cricket matches. These events are often private and not always mentioned in the Court Circular.

    Some notable programs the Royal Foundation has helped fund are:

    Endeavor Fund (2012)

    The Endeavor Fund was created in 2012 by the Royal Foundation to support the recovery of wounded, injured and sick Servicemen and women. The Endeavor Fund offers funding for projects that use physical challenges as part of recovery. They have supported projects with:
    • Walking With The Wounded
    • Row2Recovery
    • Help for Heroes
    • etc. 
    Core Coach (April 2013)

    Core Coach was created in 2013 by the Royal Foundation. Coach Core is a training program for young people, in disadvantaged areas, to teach them how to be Sports coaches. This gives these young people an employable skill, as well as provides these disadvantaged areas with more quality coaches for youth sports programs.  Core Coach works with a variety of sports. 

    M-Pact Plus (2013)

    M-Pact (Moving Parents and Children Together) was created by Action on Addiction. The program works with parents with substance abuse and their children to provide family support. Children, who parent abuse substances, are 7 times more likely to develop problems of their own (Social, Mental, Substance, etc).

    M-Pact Plus is a collaboration with Action on Addiction and Place2Be. It is a school-based project, which runs 8 weeks group sessions for the family to tackle substance misuse's effect on the family.  M-Pact Plus is funded by the Royal Foundation and Comic Relief. 

    United for Wildlife (September 2013)

    United for Wildlife is an umbrella organization created by the Foundation in 2013. United for Wildlife consists of the Foundation & seven influential international conservation organizations:
    • Conservation International
    • Fauna & Flora International
    • International Union for Conservation of Nature
    • The Nature Conservancy
    • Wildlife Conservation Society
    • World Wildlife Fund
    • Zoological Society of London
    United for Wildlife is committed to reducing the demand for illegal wildlife products. The organization works with law enforcement and the private sector to reduce trafficking. Also well as engaging with young people on the topic of conservation. United for Wildlife also strives for better on-site protection for wildlife.

    Heads Together (April 2016)

    Heads Together is a Mental Health campaign started by the Royal Foundation in 2016. It brings together 7 mental health organizations in the UK:
    • Best Beginnings
    • CALM
    • Contact
    • Mind
    • Place 2 Be
    • The Mix
    • Young Minds
    Heads Together works to reduce stigma and change the conversation about mental health.

    The Royal Foundation Taskforce on the Prevention of Cyberbullying (2016) 

    This task force brings together various people in the industry to look at online bullying of young people, focusing on 12-14 year olds.

    Hubb Community Kitchen (2018)

    The Hubb Community Kitchen is a communal kitchen at the Al Manaar Centre in West London. In 2018, a charity cookbook, Together: Our Community Kitchen, was published to raise funds to renovate the kitchen and allow it to stay open 7-day a week. 

    The Royal Foundation should not be confused with The Charities Forum. The Charities Forum is made up of William, Kate, Harry & Meghan's different charities, to foster collaboration and support between them. The Charities Forum does not provide financial support to these charities. 

    Saturday, 23 April 2016

    Princess Eugenie's Birthday Reply (2016)

    Not much to say here. Birthday Reply from Princess Eugenie of York.
    It's the usual reply from the Duke of York's office and look almost exactly like Princess Eugenie's birthday reply from last year. That was written on a half sheet, while this was written on a full sheet of paper.

    The letter is dated a week before the letter was post marked. This is quite usual for Andrew's office.  But a month response time is really good.

    Also Check Out:
    Other Replies
    British Royal Replies

    Friday, 22 April 2016

    King Philippe of Belgium's Birthday Reply (2016)

    So I must admit I was utterly puzzled when I arrived home today and found two envelopes from the Belgium Royal Palace waiting for me. I could remember one recent letter I had written, but I could not for the life of me remember the 2nd letter.

    Sheepishly, I opened the two envelopes to see what I had forgotten and found that it wasn't my mistake, it was the Palace's. For some reason, they sent me 2 copies of the same letter. They are exactly the same, except for the small differences of two hand-signatures.

    I had written for King Philippe's 56th birthday, on April 15th.

    This is the first time I have ever received a letter from the Belgium Royals, previously just cards and pictures. The main reason I had written was King Philippe's birthday, which they don't mention in the letter. 

    Obviously, I had also expressed my sympathies about the recent attack in Brussels, and it had taken up a good portion of my letter. So, it is understandable that I was sent this reply. My guess is this is a sort of form letter everyone who wrote to express their sympathies and support for Belgium following the attacks received. 

    This is not the first time I've received two replies for the same letter.

    One thing I found very interesting was the letters and number on the top of the page (CC /MF /P 612.935). I have no idea what they mean. I assume they are some sort of way of documenting this letter. I had similar random letters and numbers on a letter from Netherlands last year.  

    The letter was written by Frans Van Daele, the Head of the King's Cabinet. The reply came super fast, it was written about the same day it was received. 

    As I said, I had received two identical letters. But what is interesting is one of the letters was accompanied by two pictures. (The other letter had no pictures.) 

    Also Check out: 
    Belgium Replies 
    King Philippe's Speech following Brussels Bombing
    Other Replies

    Day 6 & 7 - Cambridge Royal Wedding Review

    This weekend we look at the Wedding Ceremony. We thought the best way to experience it was to watch the full thing, unbroken. We have also included a clip from Green Park of Londoners watching the ceremony live. 

    Full Ceremony (1 Hour 10 mins)

    Green Park (2 mins)

    Sneak Peek at Day 8: Monday we will look at the carriage procession after the wedding to Buckingham Palace, along with the Balcony and Reception.

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    Thursday, 21 April 2016

    Day 5 - Cambridge Royal Wedding Review

    Today we are looking at the Royal Wedding guest, who was invited, who was not, and or course watching them arrive. 

    Who was snubbed (4 mins)

    Bucklebury (2 mins)

    Royal Wedding Controversy (4mins)

    Guests (2 mins)

    Hats (1 min)

    William & Harry (7 mins)

    Royal Family (1  min)

    Bridesmaids and Pageboys  (1 min)

    William and Harry chat with Spencer Family (1 min)

    Catherine (8 mins)

    Discussion: Did you have a favorite Royal Wedding Guest? Who were some of the best dressed, and who could have used a little friendly guidance?
    (Post your thoughts in the comment section below).

    Sneak Peak at Day 6: This weekend we finally get to the Actual Wedding Ceremony!

    Wednesday, 20 April 2016

    Day 4 - Cambridge Royal Wedding Review

    I know your excited about re-watching the Royal Wedding. Don't worry! We will get to the ceremony this weekend in a combined Day 6 & 7. But Today, we are looking at the Day before (April 28th, 2011). 

    Last Minute Rehearsal at Westminster Abbey  (3 mins)

    Middleton's Arrive at Goring Hotel (2 mins)

    Prince William Royal Walkabout Before Wedding (2 mins)

    Royal Fans (2 mins)

    T-Mobile Ad (2 mins)

    Celebration Song (2 mins)

    Pre-Royal Wedding Reception at Mandarin Oriental  (5 mins)

    Royal Wedding Parties Around the World (2 mins)

    Interview with Crown Prince Alexander of Serbia  (8 mins)

    Discussion: Happy 90th Birthday Queen Elizabeth!!  What impact did this marriage have on the Monarchy? Do you think the Queen was relieved to finally see Prince William marry?
    (Post your thoughts in the comment section below).

    Sneak Peak at Day 5: Tomorrow, We look at Morning of, Guests, and Arrivals at Westminster Abbey. 

    Tuesday, 19 April 2016

    Day 3 - Cambridge Royal Wedding Review

    Day 2 looked at the various reactions to the engagement news. Today we will focus on Wedding Preparations. 

    Royal Mew (3 mins)

    Royal Wedding Cake (3 mins)

    Groom's Cake (1 min)

    Buckingham Palace Staff (4 mins)

    Chapel Royal Choir (2 mins)

    Duchess Catherine's Dress (5 mins)

    Prince of Wales's Harpist (3 mins)

    Flowers (3 mins)

    Royal Stamp (2 mins)

    Catherine and Camila Do Lunch (1 min)

    Discussion: How did you prepare for the Royal Wedding?
    Did you do anything special to celebrate?
    (Post your thoughts in the comment section below).

    Sneak Peak at Day 4: Tomorrow, we move a little closer to the actual ceremony and look at the day before the Wedding!

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    Also Congratulations to Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia on the birth of their first child today, a healthy baby boy!

    Congratulations to Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia on the birth of their 1st child.

    A New Little Prince was born today in Sweden!!!

    HRH Prince Alexander was born Tuesday, April 19th at 6:25 PM. Weighing 3595 gram (Approx. 8 pounds) and 49 cm long. (Approx. 19 inches) The Prince is 5th in line to the Swedish Throne. Both mother and baby are doing well.

    Tuesday 19th
    • Birth of Prince at Danderyd hospital in Stockholm
      • 6:25PM
    •  Prince Carl Philip press conference at hospital 
      • 9:38 PM 
    Wednesday 20th
    • Cannon Fire to mark the Birth 
      • Noon
      • 21 gun salute from Skeppsholmen saluting station as well as from Boden, Härnösand, Karlskrona and Göteborg.
    Thursday 21st
    •  King Carl Gustaf hold Cabinet meeting, with Princess Victoria
      • 11:15 AM
      • Announce the name and baby's title
        • Prince Alexander Erik Hubertus Bertil, Duke of Södermanland
    Friday 22nd
    • Te Deum Service at at Royal Palace Chapel
      • 12:00 PM
      • Attended by Royal Family
        • King, Queen, Victoria, Daniel and Carl Philip confirmed. 
    • Congratulatory lists at the Royal Palace
      • 1-4 PM 
      • Well-wisher can sign list to send their congratulations to the couple
    Monday 25th

    If you are as excited about the news as us, you probably want to send Carl Philip and Sofia a letter or card to congratulate them on their baby. The address is:

    TRH Prince Couple
    Kungl. Slottet
    SE-107 70  Stockholm

    What to expect in reply? Will they reply?

    Who really knows when it comes to the Swedish Royal Family. Sometimes they send out replies, sometimes they don't. They do always release a statement online saying how deeply touched they were for all the well-wishes.

    You can find the two replies I have gotten from the Swedish Royal Family here.

    Monday, 18 April 2016

    Day 2 - Cambridge Royal Wedding Review

    On 16th November 2010, Clarence House announced Prince William's engagement to Catherine Middleton! Day One focused on the Engagement announcement. Today, we will look at the various reactions to the news.

    Michael and Carole Middleton  (2 mins) (Pardon the video title)

    PM David Cameron  (2 min)

    Prince Charles  (1 min)

      Princess Anne  (1 min)

      Afghanistan Troops (2 mins)

      India (1 min)

      Canada (1 min)

      Australian Prime Minister (Julia Gillard) & Leader of the Opposition (Tony Abbott) (3 min)

      First Official Engagement  (1 min)

      Royal Mint (2 mins)

      Lunch with the Queen (2 mins)

      Last Engagement Before Wedding (1 min)

      Royal Parks  (3 mins)

      International Space Station Expedition 27 crew (1 min)

      Discussion:  Do you think Catherine (& William) was prepared for all the global interest surrounding their engagement and wedding? Do you think the world is more interesting in the Cambridges today, or when they got engaged? (Post your thoughts in the comment section below).

      Sneak Peak at Day 3: Tomorrow, we move a little closer to the actual ceremony and look at Wedding Preparations.

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      Saturday, 16 April 2016

      Bonus Day - Cambridge Royal Wedding Review

      As you may well know the Cambridges are beloved all over the world! Gert's Royals wants to celebrate that fact. For our extra special bonus day we have included about 10 mins of Royal Wedding videos in over a dozen languages.

      If you don't see your native language on this list, let us know and we can TRY to track one down.  
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      Day 1 - Cambridge Royal Wedding Review

      On 16th November 2010, Clarence House announced Prince William's engagement to Catherine Middleton!

      Engagement Speculation (2 mins)

      Engagement Photocall at St. James Palace (4 mins)

      Engagement Interview (17 mins)

      Opening of Documentary: "William & Kate: In their own words"  (5 mins)

      Discussion: What was your reaction to first hearing about William and Catherine's engagement? Were you expecting it? Did you even follow the Royals back then? (Post your thoughts in the comment section below).

      Sneak Peak at Day 2: Tomorrow (or Tuesday if you're watching this early), we will look at the response to the engagement, by the public and Royal Family. Day 2 will also feature a bit on William and Catherine post-engagement.

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      Thursday, 14 April 2016

      Prince Philip - Bio

      Full Name: Philip

      Title: Duke of Edinburgh, Earl of Merioneth, Baron Greenwich (Formerly, Prince of Greece and Denmark)

      Birth: 10 June 1921 at Mon Repos in Corfu, Greece

      Monarchs during life:
      • Greece
        • Constantine I, George II, Paul I, Constantine II, (Monarchy Abolished)
      • UK
        • George V, Edward VIII, George VI, & Queen Elizabeth II

      Relationship to current monarch:
      • Greece
        • King Constantine II's first cousin-once-removed
      • UK
        • Queen Elizabeth II's Husband
      Place in line of succession:
      • Greece
        • At Birth: ?
        • Current: Renounced 
      • UK
        • At Birth: Not in Line of Succession
        • Current: Not in Line of Succession
      Religion: Church of England (Formerly Greek Orthodox)
      • Christening: at St. George's Church in the Old Fortress (Palaio Frourio) in Corfu town, Greece
        • God-parents: 
          • Queen Olga of Greece (Grandmother)
          • The Mayor of Corfu
      • God Children: 20+ godchildren in total
        • Crown Princess Margareta of Romania (1949)
        • Annabel Margaret Rhodes (1952)
        • George Windsor (1965)
        • Prince Philippos of Greece and Denmark (1986)

      • Parents:  Prince Andrew (d. 1944) and Princess Alice (d. 1969)
        • Siblings: Margarita, Theodora, Cecilie, and Sophie
      • Marriage: Married then Princess Elizabeth on 20 November 1947 at Westminster Abbey
      • Children:
        • Prince Charles (1948)
        • Princess Anne (1950)
        • Prince Andrew (1960)
        • Prince Edward (1964)

      • Britannia Royal Naval College (UK)

      Job: Full-time Royal

      • British Royal Navy

      Books Written:
      • Birds from Britannia (1962) 
        • Also called: Seabirds from Southern Waters
      • Wildlife Crisis (1970)
        • with James Fisher 
      • The Environmental Revolution: Speeches on Conservation (1978)
      • Competition Carriage Driving (1982) 
      • A Question of Balance (1982)
      • Men, Machines and Sacred Cows (1984)
      • A Windsor Correspondence (1984)
        • with Michael Mann
      • Down to Earth: Speeches and Writings of His Royal Highness Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, on the Relationship of Man With His Environment (1988)
      • Survival or Extinction: A Christian Attitude to the Environment (1989)
        • with Michael Mann 
      • Driving and Judging Dressage (1996)
      • Thirty Years On, and Off, the Box Seat (2004)

      • Buckingham Palace
        • In London, England 
        • Main: Work Week
      • Windsor Castle
        • In Windsor, England
        • Main: Weekends, Easter Holiday, Royal Ascot Week
      • Sandringham House 
        • On Sandringham Estate in England
        • Christmas Holiday
      • Balmoral Castle 
        • Aberdeenshire, Scotland
        • Summer Holiday
      • Palace of Holyroodhouse 
        • In Edinburgh, Scotland
        • Mainly used during Holyrood week
      • Hillsborough Castle
        • Ireland
      Causes: Science, Engineering, Sport, Environment

      Video of them speaking: 


      "Oh, I didn't. It's very simple. The Editor came along and said can we, you know, put a book together. And I said help yourself. I gave them the accumulated rubbish of 30 years and you can see how much he thought of it, he reduced it to that. (Points to book)"- In Interview on his book, A Windsor Correspondence (1984)

      "Any sport, if you got a common interest, no one cares a damn where you come from or who you are. [...] I gave up polo when I was 50. And then this started and I thought we got horses and carriages so why don't I have a go. So I started in 1973 and it has been going on since then." On Carriage Ridding (2009?)

      "If you look around you, everything you see that isn’t part of the natural world was the vision of an engineer or an architect. Every power station, every road, every railway, every bridge, every mobile phone, every airliner, every piece of equipment and every sewage works owes its existence to an engineer.

      "Great engineers have a passion to improve life; a burning conviction that they can make life better for everyone. Engineers need to have a talent for invention and innovation, but what drives them is the conviction that they can find a better way to do things; a cheaper and more efficient solution to the problems of human existence on this planet of limited resources that we call Earth." - Article "Make Things Better" in New Scientist (2015)

      Duchess Camilla - Bio

      I'm working on filling in all of the bios, very very slowly.  Updates to Come.  

      Full Name: Camilla Rosemary
      Title: Princess of Wales, Duchess of Cornwall, Duchess of Rothesay, Countess of Chester
      Birth: 17 July 1947 at King's College Hospital in London, England
      Monarchs during life: King George VI & Queen Elizabeth II
      Relationship to current monarch: Daughter-in-Law
      Religion: Church of England
      • Christening: 
      • God-parents:

      Family: -
      • Marriage:
      • Children:
      • Divorce
      • Marriage

      Schooling: -
      Job: Full-time Royal
      Residence: -

      Video of them speaking: