Monday, 13 January 2020

Queen Margrethe of Denmark's 80th Birthday Celebrations (2020)

The Palace has stated that "Foreign guests" have been invited to the dinners on April 15th & 16th. That very likely means we will see foreign royals attend. I would expect a similar/larger foreign royal attendance at Crown Prince Frederik's 50th birthday in 2018.  

Thursday 2nd
  • Open of "The Faces of the Queen" exhibit at the Museum of National History at Frederiksborg Castle. 
Friday 3rd 
  • Press Conference in Garden Hall at Fredensborg Castle
Tuesday 14th
  • Gala performance at Royal Danish Theatre
    • Carriage ride
Wednesday 15th
  • Children's event at Christiansborg Palace
  • Gala Dinner 
Thursday 16th - Queen's Birthday
  • Wake-up call at Fredensborg Castle
  • Balcony appearance at Christian IX Palace
  • Carriage Procession through Copenhagen 
  • Event at City Hall
    • Appearance on Balcony 
  • Private Dinner
Saturday 25th 
  • Ballet Gala at  Tivoli Concert Hall
  • Dinner at Restaurant Nimb
  • Fireworks
  • Visit to Aarhus on Royal Yacht Danneborg 
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Sunday, 12 January 2020

Royals attending the Mourning of Sultan Qaboos of Oman

Sultan Qaboos of Oman passed away on Friday, January 10th, with the official announcement of his death and funeral the next day. There are 3 days of official mourning. Most Royals will attend only day.

  • King Hamad (Day 1)
    • Crown Prince Salman (Day 2)
  • King Abdullah (Day 1)
    • Crown Prince Hussein (Day 1)
  • Emir Sabah (Day 1)
  • King Willem-Alexander (Day 1)
  • Emir Sheikh Tamim (Day 1)
  • Father Emir Sheikh Hamad (Day 2)
  • King Felipe (Day 3)
  • Crown Prince Muhammad bin Zayed of Abu Dhabi (Day 1)
  • Sheikh Mohammed of Dubai (Day 2)
    • Sheikh Hamdan of Dubai (Day 2)
  • Sheikh Humaid of Ajman (Day 2)
  • Sheikh Saud of Ruler of Ras Al Khaimah (Day 2)
  • Sheikh Saud of Umm Al Quwain (Day 2)
  • King Oyo of Tooro (Day 1)
  • Prince Charles (Day 1)

Friday, 10 January 2020

Duchess Kate - Official Engagements 2020

Kate's current count is 5 engagements for 2020.

Wednesday 8th
  • Held an Early Years Meeting
(9th: Kate's 38th birthday)
Friday 10th 
  • Received Jason Knauf, Chief Executive of the Royal Foundation
Wednesday 15th - Bradford
  • Visited Bradford City Hall
    • Walkabout
  • Visited MyLahore British Asian Kitchen
  • Visited  the Khidmat Centre and met with representatives from Near Neighbours and Better Start Bradford 
Upcoming Engagements: 
Monday 20th 
  •  Host a reception at Buckingham Palace to mark the UK-Africa Investment Summit
    • With William, Edward, Sophie & Anne
Monday 9th - (Unconfirmed)
  • Attend Commonwealth Day Service at Westminister Abbey
Tuesday 17th  - (Unconfirmed)
  • Attend Irish Guard's St. Patricks Day Parade
    • Hand out shamrocks

Thursday 25th - (Unconfirmed)
  • Attend Anzac Day Service at Westminister Abbey

Monday 18th - (Unconfirmed)
  • Attend RHS Chelsea Flower Show Preview Day 
  • Attend the Queen's Garden Party at Buckingham Palace
Saturday 13th - (Unconfirmed)
  • Attend Trooping the Colours
    Monday 15th - (Unconfirmed)
    • Attend Order of the Garter Service
    16th-20th - (Unconfirmed)
    • Attend Royal Ascot
    Jun 29th - July 12th - (Unconfirmed)
    Thursday 8th - (Possible)
    • Host The King’s Cup regatta
    ??? - (Unconfirmed)
    • Hold a Reception for the finalists of BBC Radio One’s Teen Hero Awards
      • With William
    Saturday 10th - (Unconfirmed)
    • Attend Festival of Remembrance at Royal Albert Hall
    Sunday 11th - (Unconfirmed)
    • Attend Remembrance Day Service at the Cenotaph
    ?? - (Unconfirmed)
    • Attend Diplomatic Reception at Buckingham Palace 

    Thursday, 9 January 2020

    Royals in Hospital in 2019

    This list only includes those who are admitted to the hospital and spend the night. It does not include outpatient procedures.

    • None
    • Grand Duke Jean of Luxembourg (98)
      • Hospital (April 13- April 23rd)
      • Lung Infection
      • Passed away in hospital 
    • Duchess of Sussex (37)
      • Portland Hospital (5th-6th)
      • Birth of Son
    June -July
    • None
    • King Juan Carlos of Spain (81)
      • QuirĂ³n Hospital (23rd-31st)
      • Triple Bypass Heart Surgery 
    September - November
    • None 
    • Prince Philip (98)
      • Hospital (Dec 20th-24th)
      • King Edward VII Hospital 
      • Pre-existing condition
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    Monday, 6 January 2020

    Duchess Meghan - Official Engagements 2020

    As the Sussexes are stepping down from being senior royals, we are going to have to reassess how we handle things, and if we will even continue with this list (especially if things are not announced in advance or reported on the Court Circular). 

    For now, we have decided to continue what we have done in the past, listing things as they are announced/happen. But our count of official engagements will only include things listed on the Court Circular. Things on the Court Circular will be marked (CC)

    Meghan's current count is 0 Official Engagements for 2020.

    (Possible) -  Past annual events. Obviously, with the Sussexes announcement in January, there is a lot of uncertainty about what the rest of 2020 will look like. 

    Tuesday 7th
    • Visit The Hubb Community Kitchen
    • Visit Canada House in London 
      • With Harry
    Wednesday 8th
    • Visit the National Theather
    (Wednesday 8th: Announcement about stepping down from being Senior Royals.)

    Tuesday 14th 
    • Visit The Downtown Eastsife Women’s Centre
    • Visit Justice for Girls
    ?? (Possible)
      • Attend the Endeavour Fund Awards Judging Panel
        • With Harry
      ?? - (Possible)
      • Attend the annual Endeavour Fund Awards
        • With Harry
      Monday 9th (Possible)
      • Attend Commonwealth Day Observance Service at Westminster Abbey 
        • With Queen and Royal Family
      Wednesday 25th (Possible)
      • Attend Anzac Day Service of Commemoration at Westminster Abbey 



      ?  -  (Possible)
      • Attend Queen's Garden Party
      Saturday 13th - (Possible)
      • Trooping the Colours - Queen's Official Birthday 
        • Welsh Guards will be trooping
      16th-20th  - (Possible)
      • Attend Royal Ascot
        ?? (Possible)
          (4th: 39th Birthday)

          ? - (Possible)
          • Attend Wellchild Awards 
            • With Harry
          Thursday 5th - (Possible)
          • Attend Field of Remembrance 
            • With Harry
          Saturday 7th - (Possible)
          • Attend Festival of Remembrance at Royal Albert Hall
            • With Royal Family 
          Sunday 8th -(Possible)
          • Attend Remembrance Sunday at Cenotaph in Whitehall, London 
            • With Royal Family 

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