Monday, 23 April 2018

Congratulating the Cambridges on the birth of their 2nd Son!

If you would like to congratulate the Cambridges on the birth of their new born son, you can write to them at:

TRH Duke & Duchess of Cambridge
Clarence House 
London SW1A 1BA

Why Clarence House, not Kensington Palace?

For more info on Writing to the Royals check out our helpful guide. It has everything you need to know. 

They should reply with their usual postcard sized photo with typed message on the back. Expect longer response times, as they will be getting a lot more mail than usual! (With Charlotte I know it took them at least 4 months to send out all the replies, and could very well be longer with all the mail for Harry's wedding!)

Their response from Charlotte's birth:

Sunday, 22 April 2018

Royal Wedding Book Giveaway!!

Dover Publications is releasing two new books in honour of Prince Harry & Meghan Markle's wedding on May 19th! And is giving away 2 copies to Gert's Royal readers! (Details on how to enter & a 25% off code at bottom of page.)

Here is a cute little video of the two books:

Harry and Meghan: A Love Story Coloring Book

The coloring book is a mix of a few iconic scenes of the couple and a lot of Royal Wedding day-dreaming. (Some of the scenes are reminiscent of William & Kate's Engagement & Wedding Photos). Each of the 30 pages is beautifully drawn. You can daydream about Harry & Meghan on a romantic horseback ride, in a rowboat on a picturesque lake, or driving away from their wedding reception in Prince Charles' Aston Martin.

(Did you know Duchess Kate is a fan of Coloring books? William spilled the beans to a famous illustrator at an investiture in 2016.)

Harry and Meghan Paper Dolls

Ever wanted to act out your favourite Royal Moments? Now you can with the Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Paper Dolls. The Paper Dolls feature outfits from Harry & Meghan's iconic moments together. I especially enjoy that they included the coat-on & coat-off versions of their outfits. (Including, some dresses we never got a good look at on Meghan, because they were hidden under her coat.)


Win a free copy of either Harry and Meghan: A Love Story Coloring Book or Harry and Meghan Paper Dolls! Contest ends April 28th at 11:59 PM (London), and the winners will be chosen at random. (Open to USA & International)

Three Ways to Enter: (& Yes, you can enter on all 3 platforms)

Retweet this tweet & Reply with 3 Words or Phrases that best describe the couple.

Like this post & Comment with 3 Words or Phrases that best describe the couple.

Share this post & Comment with 3 Words or Phrases that best describe the couple.

(Inappropriate responses will be disqualified.)

Didn't win and still want the book?

Dover Publishing is giving Gert's Royals Readers 25% off both books through May 31st! Just use the code WDBB!

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Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Royal Baby #3 Timeline

Embed from Getty Images

April 9th: 
  • Parking Restrictions go up outside Lindo Wing (For April 9th - 30th).
  • Press Pen is set up. (Media is not allowed in the Press Pen yet, but can make short visit to Lindo Wing.)

April 16th - 20th:
April 21st: 
  • Queen's 92nd Birthday
  • "Queen Birthday Party" Concert at Royal Albert Hall
April 23rd at 6ish AM: 
  • Duchess Kate Goes into Labour and is admitted to the hospital
8:22 AM:
  • Kensington Palace issues a Press Releases & posts on Social Media saying Duchess Kate has been admitted to the Hospital
  • Press is allowed into Press Pen
  • Social Media starts to freak out! 
  • (If the middle of the night, the news may be delayed until morning.)
April 23rd at 11:01 AM
  • Royal Baby is Born
Shortly after:
  • Close Family is informed of the Baby's Brith
1 PM:
  • Offical Announcement about Baby's Birth is made via Press Release and Social Media (Time of Birth, Sex, Weight is announced) 
  • (If baby is born during the night, the announcement will be delayed until morning [Approx 8 AM] so that the Queen & close family can be told about the Birth before the announcement.)
Shortly after:
  • Easel is set up in the forecourt of Buckingham Palace, with framed official birth announcement
  • (After 24 hours, the Easel is taken down and the Birth Announcement is sent to the Privy Council Office for their records.)
4 PM
  • William leaves the hospital to return Kensington Palace.
  • William returns to the hospital with George & Charlotte.
  • Goerge & Charlotte look adorable, but a little overwhelmed by the crowds.
  • George & Charlotte visit Baby.
  • Geroge & Charlotte leave hospital via a side entrance and return home with their nanny.
5 PM 
  • Kensington Palace tells media the Cambridges will be leaving the hospital shortly.
    • Media tells us.
  • We wait.
  • Cambridges say thank you to Hospital staff.
  • We wait.
  • Cambridges make an appearance on the Lindo Wing step with their new little baby.
    • They say a few words to the press.
    • We go crazy! Super fans go wild!
  • Cambridges go back inside and put the little baby in its car seat.
  • Cambridges come back out
    • Car pulls up
    • William & Kate put baby in car
    • William drives them back to Kensington Palace
Later that Day/Day after: 
  • Extended Family visits Kensington Palace 
In the days after: 
  • Baby's name is released
    • HRH Prince/ss (First, Middle, Middle) of Cambridge
  • Birth Certificate is filled out by Prince William at Kensington Palace
May 2nd: 
  • Birthday Photo is released for Princess Charlotte's Birthday 
    • (Maybe, 1st photo of the Royal Siblings together?) 
May 19th: 
  • Cambridges minus the little baby attend Prince Harry & Meghan Markle's Wedding. 
Approx two months after birth: 
  • Royal Baby is Christened
A day or two after:
  • Offical Christening Photos Released 

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Princess Marie of Liechtenstein - Birthday reply (2018)

I reply arrived today from Liechtenstein. I had written to Princess Marie for her 78th Birthday.

It's the ususal Birthday reply from the Liechtenstein Royal Family: pre-made message, lovely embossed coat of arms at the top, textured edge and signature.

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Monday, 9 April 2018

Prince Albert of Monaco - Birthday Reply (2018)

A reply arrived today from Monaco for the letter I sent Prince Albert for his 60th Birthday. The reply is similar to his past birthday replies.

The envelope features a postmark celebrating the 50th Annivesary of the P.E.N. Club of Monaco. The P.E.N. Club is an international organization of Poets, Playwrights, Editors, Essayists, and Novelists. The envelope also features a stamp commemtating the 2017 Monte-Carlos International Circus Festival, which Princess Stephanie is president of, and a stamp of an Anthias Anthias fish (commonly known as the swallowtail seaperch) which is native to the Mediterranean Sea, where Monaco is located.

The reply is the usual flat card, with Prince Albert's Monogram embossed. As always, the card is dated with Prince Albert's Birthday. They have changed up the message slightly year to year. Unlike Princess Charlene's birthday replies, Prince Albert's are not always bi-lingual. But of course, there is a french version of the reply they can send out. The signature is printed on.

You will probably notice the lines on the paper. It is called Laid. It is from the paper manfacturing process. Laid Paper is an older paper making technique that was orignially done by hand with wire screens, that created the distintive line. I really like it becuse it give the paper a really nice teature and feel. And, as it is a more expensive process, it's usually higher quality paper.

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