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From time to time Gert's Royals hosts Royal Wedding Reviews to help celebrate milestone anniversaries. It's a chance to look back at your favorite moments, or watch it for the first time. 

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To celebrate King Jigme Khesar & Queen Jetsun of Bhutan's 5th Wedding Anniversary this month, we will be hosting a Royal Wedding Review.

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Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Prince Harry - Birthday & Princess Anne - Thank You Note (2016)

Two pieces of Royal Mail arrived today. Both from the British Royals. And by coincidence I had actually wrote the both the original letters on the same day as well.

Given the two royals have their mail handled by different offices in different buildings, and the general varying response times, it's pretty amazing both replies came on the same day.

The first response is from Clarence House. Yes, the envelope and stationary says Kensington Palace, & the Cambridges + Harry Office is at Kensington Palace. But they still have some stuff, including mail, handled by Prince Charles's office at Clarence House.

Claudia Spens works for Clarence House, as head of their Correspondence Section.

I had written to Prince Harry earlier this month for his 32nd Birthday. The reply arrived 2.5 weeks after I sent my letter, which is a quicker response time than Harry's birthday reply in 2015 & 2014.

Typically, Clarence House sends out a postcard size photo with typed message on the back for birthdays. This year I got a letter instead. I have seen many people get the typical postcard sized photo with message this year. It features the same photo as last year's reply with a similar message.

The letter thanks me sending my birthday well-wishes, and thanks me for my "thoughtful and generous words of support for all [Prince Harry] does to help the many charities and causes he so passionately cares about."

The second response I got today was from Princess Anne. I had written to Princess Anne after it was announced earlier this month that she was sick with a chest infection, had been at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary in Scotland for tests, and had to cancel a week of engagements. (She latter canceled more engagements, and overseas visits.)

In my letter I wished her a speedy recovery and hoped she would be well enough to resume royal duties shortly. I had also mention her trip to Africa this week, as I thought her trip to Botswana for their 50th independence anniversary was an important celebration, she surely wouldn't want to miss.  She did end up canceling the trip, and Prince Andrew has gone in her place.

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Monday, 26 September 2016

Prince Félix and Princess Clair of Luxembourg - 2nd Baby Announcement Thank You Note

I love getting Royal Mail, and it's especially nice during the long wait of a royal tour.

I had written to Princess Claire and Prince Félix of Luxembourg in July when they announced they were expecting their 2nd child, this Autumn. We haven't been given any more specifics about the baby or the due date (October or late November seems likely).

The reply came 2.5 months latter.

The Envelope is typical for Luxembourg. The lovely stamp was created by Mariepol Goetzinger, and  released in September 2015 as part of set to celebrate Luxembourg's bio-diversity.

The postmark celebrates the anniversaries of two Museums: the Grand Duke Jean Museum of Modern Art's 10th Anniversary (MUDAM) & Casino Luxembourg's 20th Anniversary.

Inside is a very simple card, typical of what you see from the Luxembourg Royals.

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Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Middle East Tour - Charles and Camilla (2016)

Friday 4th -  Muscat, Oman
  • Charles - Received a traditional welcome by His Highness Sayyid Haitham bin Tariq bin Taimur Al Said (Minister of Heritage and Culture)

Saturday 5th -  Muscat, Oman
  • Both - Attended a Cultural Arrival at the Palace Boulevard,
    • Received by His Highness Sayyid Haitham bin Tariq bin Taimur Al Said (Minister of Heritage and Culture)
  • Both - Attended a Service of Holy Communion at the Protestant Church to mark the 125th Anniversary of the Final Visit to Oman 
  •  Both - Attended Dinner hosted by The Sultan of Oman
  • Charles - Visit the new National Museum where they will receive a ceremonial welcome
    •  Meet communities from the different regions of Oman showing traditional clothing and crafts
  • Charles - Visited at the Christian Cemetery at Bait Al Noor Church Compound
  • Charles - Visit Ras Al Shajar wildlife reserve
    • hear more about their conservation programme in the wadi (valley) and on the coastal plain, focussing on endangered species. 
  • Charles - Attend an event for young leaders in Oman
    • Including John Smith Fellows, Outward Bound graduates, young people from The Prince's Trust International, members of the Anglo-Omani Society Next Generation Group, and the British Council Next Generation initiative. 
  • Camilla - Visit  Dar Al Hanan Hospice with Oman Cancer Association, which runs an outreach program dedicated to meeting the needs of children with cancer.  
  • Camilla -  Attended a reception for "Women in Business", at the Residence of Her Majesty's Ambassador to the Sultanate of Oman. 

Sunday 6th -  Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
  • Both - Attending an event at the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque to promote religious tolerance
    • hosted by the United Arab Emirates Minister of State for Tolerance, Her Excellency Sheikha Lubna Al Qasimi. 
  • Both - Visited the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque to attended a Celebration of Tolerance Reception.
  • Both - Paid their respects at the tomb of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan (Founder and First President of the United Arab Emirates)
  • Charles -  attended a Reception for Young Leaders at the Al Bustan Palace Hotel
  • Charles -  received members of the Empty Quarter Expedition at the Al Bustan Palace Hotel. 
  • Charles -  Held an Investiture at the Residence of Her Majesty's Ambassador. 
  • Charles -  Attended a Meeting for The Prince's Foundation for Building Community, at the Residence of Her Majesty's Ambassador
  • Charles -  Received a briefing on the British Loan Service Team, Oman, in Muscat
    •  Met Loan Service personnel and their families.
  • Camilla - Visited Dar Al Atta Let's Read Charity Bookshop and mobile library bus in Muscat.
  • Camilla - Visited the Children's Library in Muscat

Monday 7th - Abu Dhabi, Bu Tinah and Al Ain
  • Charles - visit Bu Tinah archipelago, a UNESCO recognised site that is a protected sanctuary home to endangered species such as the dugong and hawksbill turtle. 
  • Charles - Visited Masdar City, Abu Dhabi, and attended a Youth Circle. 
  • Charles -  Attended an Accounting for Sustainability Circle of Practice Meeting at the Emirates Palace Hotel. 
  • Both - Attended a Cultural Celebration at Al Jahili Fort for UK-UAE 2017 
  • Both - Attended a Dinner given by The Crown Prince at Al Jahili Fort. 
  • Camilla - Met with Sheikha Fatima bint Al Ketbi at the Sea Palace
  • Camilla - Visited Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital
  • Camilla - Attended a Women's Empowerment Lunch at the Anantara Hotel
  • Camilla - Visited the Imperial College London Diabetes Centre

Tuesday 8th -  Dubai, Sharjah and Manama
  • Both - visited International Humanitarian City, Dubai, and were received by Princess Haya bint Al Hussein Al Maktoum. 
  • Charles - visited the site of Expo 2020.
  • Charles - Meet with the Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates (Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum). 
  • Charles - Meet with the Ruler of Sharjah (Sheikh Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qasimi). 
  • Charles - Visited the International Centre for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property-Architectural and Archaeological Tangible Heritage to the Arab Region. 
  • Camilla - Visited the Al Jalila Childrens' Speciality Hospital.
  • Camilla - visited the Dubai Foundation for Women and Children, which is the first licensed non-profit shelter in the U.A.E. for victims of domestic violence, child abuse and human trafficking.
  • Both - Meet with The King of Bahrain at Bustan Palace. 
  • Both - Attended a Dinner given by The King of Bahrain and Princess Sabika bint Ibrahim Al Khalifa at Al Roudha Palace. 

Wednesday 9th  
No Public Engagements

Thursday 10th - Manama
  • Both -Attend celebration at the British Ambassador's Residence to markthe 200th anniversary of the first agreement between the Kingdom of Bahrain and the United Kingdom
  • Both -Visit the Post Office Museum to launch a new stamp commemorating the 200th anniversary of U.K.-Bahrain relations
  • Both -Visit the Bahrain National Museum to view the Spitfire exhibition and participate in a Young Leaders' reception. The display at the Bahrain National Museum illustrates the shared aviation heritage of Bahrain and the U.K. and includes an iconic World War II Spitfire, painted in Bahrain livery, provided by the R.A.F Museum.
  • Both -Visited the Old Souq and were received by The Crown Prince of the Kingdom of Bahrain, Deputy Supreme Commander and First Deputy Prime Minister (Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa).
  • Both -Visited the Krishna Temple, Manama. 
  • Charles - Visit the Royal Navy's base in Bahrain, H.M.S. Jufair. As the first major British base east of the Gulf of Suez since 1971, H.M.S. Jufair makes a major contribution to security in the region. 
    • Open the Welfare Block that will service personnel stationed at the base. 
    • Visite HMS Middleton
  • Charles - Met with  Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa (Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Bahrain) at the Residence on Jiddah Island.
  • Charles - Attended an Empowering Communities for Positive Change Meeting at Bin Matar House. 
  • Charles -Visited Al-Fateh Grand Mosque and subsequently joined University of Bahrain students attending a workshop on Traditional Geometry in Islamic Art, at Isa Cultural Centre.  
  • Charles - Attended a Dinner given by The Crown Prince of the Kingdom of Bahrain at Majalis al Khial. 
  • Camilla - Visited St. Christopher's School, Manama. 
  • Camilla - Visit Bahrain's Supreme Council for Women. The Supreme Council for Women was established in 2001 and exists to empower Bahraini women in society at large. 
    • Meet with successful women entrepreneurs who have been supported by the Council.

Friday 11th - Manama
  • Charles - Attended a Service of Remembrance at the British Embassy in Manama. 
  • Charles - Visited Ras Sanad Mangroves, Tubli Bay, and was briefed on the work of the Supreme Council for the Environment. 
  • Charles - Visited the Southern New Town development and was received by The Crown Prince of the Kingdom of Bahrain, Deputy Supreme Commander and First Deputy Prime Minister (Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa). 
  • Both - Visited King Hamad's Stable Majalis at Safriya Palace and were received by The King of Bahrain, The Crown Prince and Sheikh Isa bin Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa. 
  • Camilla - Visited Dar Al Aman Women's Refuge. 
  • Camilla - Meet with Princess Sabeeka bint Ibrahim Al Khalifa at Al Roudha Palace. 
  • Camilla -Visited the National Theatre and viewed a rehearsal by the Bolshoi Ballet. 

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Monday, 19 September 2016

Duke of Gloucester - Birthday Reply (2016)

Another piece of Royal Mail arrived today.

I had written to the Duke of Gloucester for his birthday last month, and received this in reply. It's a pretty basic letter, written by Lieutenant Colonel Alastair Todd. Alastair has been the Duke and Duchess's Private Secretary since 2012.

The letter arrived about a month after I wrote. This is the 2nd time I have written to the Duke of Gloucester. Last year, I also wrote for his birthday, but did not get a reply.

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State Opening of Parliament - Main Page

Embed from Getty Images
Each year most of the European monarchs give a speech to Parliament (or Senate, etc.) to mark the official opening of the new Parliament year. This ceremony is often called the State Opening of Parliament or Speech from the Throne.

We will list each speech in its original language, as well as any other languages the speech was provided in. Speeches Gert's Royals has translated into English are marked "English Translation."

Past Years:
Liechtenstein (January 17th)
United Kingdom (?)
  • English
Netherlands (September 17th)
(Called Prinsjesdag (Prince's Day)
  • Dutch
    • Given in
  • English
  • German
  • French
Sweden (September)
  • Swedish
    • Give in
  • English
Denmark (October)
(Queen Margrethe & Royal Family does attend, but Margrethe does not give a speech)
    Norway (October)
    • Norwegian
      • Given in
    • English 
    Spain ?

    Thursday, 15 September 2016

    Canada - Bio (Cambridge Tour 2016)

    Current Monarch:
    • Queen Elizabeth II (1952-present)
    Type of Government:  

    Parliamentary Democracy/ Constitutional Monarchy

    "Every act of government is carried out in the name of the Crown (Queen Elizabeth II), but the authority for those acts flows from the Canadian people." - House of Commons Procedure and Practice

    Head of State: 
    • Queen Elizabeth (1942- Present)
     Represented by the Governor General of Canada
    • David Johnston (2010 - Present) (Pictured with wife, and Cambridges)
    • Michaëlle Jean (2005-2010)
    • Adrienne Clarkson (1999-2005)

    Head of Government:
    Prime Minister
    • Justin Trudeau (November 2015 - Present) (Pictured with Wife)
    • Stephen Harper (2006-2015)
    • Paul Martin (2003-2006)

    British Colombia (Providence)
    Lieutenant Governor (Queen's representative for the Providence)
    • Judith Guichon (2012 - Present) (Pictured Centre, shaking hands with Queen)
    • Steven Point (2007 - 2012)
    • Iona Campagnolo (2001- 2007)

    Premier  (Head of Government for the Providence)
    • Christy Clark (2011- Present) (Pictured)
    • Gordon Muir Campbell (2001-2011)
    • Ujjal Dosanjh (2000-2001)

    Yukon (Territory)
    Commissioner (Appointed by the government for the Providence, is not a representative of Monarch)
    • Doug Phillips (2010-present)
    • Geraldine Van Bibber (2005-2010)
    • Jack Cable (2000-2005)
    Premier  (Head of Government for the Providence)
    • Darrell Pasloski (2011- Present)
    • Dennis Fentie (2002-2011)
    • Pat Duncan (2000-2002)
    Member of the British Commonwealth? 

    Yes, since 1931 (original member)

    Member of United Nations?

    Yes, since 1945 (original member)

    • Roman Catholic (39%)
    • Other Christian (29%)
    • No Religious Affiliation (24%)
    • Muslim (3%)
    • Hindu (1.5%)
    • Sikh (1.4%)
    • Buddhist (1.1%)
    • Jewish (1.0%)

    35 Million people

    English and French are the two official languages in Canada and are given equal status by the government. 85% of the population speaks English, & 30% of the population speak French ( with 17% who speak both English and French). 1.8% of the country does not speak either French or English.

    Also spoken in Canada are many Immigrant languages & 11 Aboriginal language.


    Notable Royal Residences:
    • Rideau Hall (Ottawa)
      • The official residence of the Monarch and and their representative, the Governor General of Canada.
      • (1867- Present)
    • Citadelle of Quebec (Quebec City)
      • The official residence of the Monarch and and their representative, the Governor General of Canada.
      • (1872-Presnt)
    • Government House (Various places across Canada)
      • The various Government Houses through out Canada (& other commonwealth countries) are the official residence the Monarch and their Representatives the Governors-General, Governors or Lieutenant-Governors. 
    • Government House in Victoria
      • Offical residence of the Monarch and Lieutenant-Governor of British Columbia 
      • (1959- Present)
      • The Cambridges will be based here. 
    • Princess Margaret Marine Park (Portland Island) in British Columbia
      • Princess Margaret was gifted the island in 1958 to commemorate her visit to the providence. In 1966 she gifted it to Canada. It is now apart of the Gulf Islands National Park Reserve.
    Recent Royal Visits to Canada:
    • Prince Harry (May)
      • To launch Toronto Invictus Games
    • Princess Anne (June/July)
    • Duke of Kent  (23-25th September)
    • Princess Anne (February)
    • King Willem-Alexander & Queen Máxima of Netherlands (May)
      • State Visit
    • Princess Astrid of Belgium (October)
    • Prince Edward (October/November)
    • Countess Sophie (November)
    • Prince Charles & Duchess Camila (May)
    • Prince Andrew  (June)
    • Prince Edward & Countess Sophie (September)
    • Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary of Denmark (September)
    • Princess Anne & Timothy Laurence (November)
    • Prince Philip (April)
    • Prince Andrew  (May)
    • Princess Anne (October)
    • Prince Edward & Countess Sophie (November)
    • Prince Charles & Duchess Camila (May)
      • Diamond Jubilee Tour
    • Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume (May)
    • Prince Edward & Countess Sophie (September)
    • Princess Alexandra (October)
    • Prince William & Duchess Catherine (June-July)
    • Prince Andrew, Princess Beatrice & Princess Eugenie (July)
    • Prince Edward (July)
      • D of E Award
    • Countess Sophie (November)

    Sunday, 11 September 2016

    Princess Beatrice - Birthday Reply (2016)

    Quite excited to receive this reply over the weekend.

    I wrote to Princess Beatrice early last month for her 28th Birthday. This reply came about a month latter, which makes it a few weeks earlier than last year's birthday reply.

    It is the typical reply you see from Prince Andrew's Office. The letter was written by Andrew's Private Secretary, Amanda Thirsk and hand-signed.

    The Envelope is the usual you see from the British Royals as well, with Prince Andrew's Cypher on the back. What is a bit unusual is the Royal Mail's postmark (in Black). Usually letters from the British Royals just feature's their red postmark (w/ EIIR and Buckingham Palace). This red postmark is used regardless of which royal's office it is sent from, Buckingham Palace or not. 

    The first part of the black Royal Mail postmark reads the ‘Royal Mail proud to support Stroke Association’. Stroke Association is the Royal Mail's Charity Partner and is their "Charity of the Year" for September 2014-Septemebr 2016. This postmark is used on Occasion over that two year period to raise awareness for the cause. 

    The Queen is Patron of Stroke Association and the Duke of Kent is President. 

    The second part of the postmark reads "Royal Mail, Mount Pleasant Mail Centre." The Mont Pleasant Mail Centre is in London and use to be one of the world's largest sorting offices.

    Note: We are in the very slow process of re-doing the "Writing to the Royals" tab. We kind of hate it right now. But everything you need is still there. We are just going to make it better and easier to use.

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    Tuesday, 6 September 2016

    Prince Harry - Official Engagements (2017)

    Prince Harry's count of engagements for 2017 is 169
    (162 + Tour of Denmark 7)

    (Unconfirmed) - Not Officially Confirmed/ Announced, Yet, but Expected
    (Possible) -  Not Confirmed or 100% Expected, but Possible due to past appearances or reports of their attendance

    (Past Months at bottom of Page)
    January (7)
    Monday 9th 
    • Attend the Endeavour Fund Awards  Judging Panel at Kensington Palace
    Monday 16th 
    • Received Mr. Michel Sidibé (Executive Director of the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS).
    Tuesday 17th 
    • Attend briefing to outline the next phase of Heads Together
    • Attend Endeavor Fund 1st annual awards ceremony (The Royal Foundation)
      • Present the Henry Worsley Award and other Endeavor Fund awards
      • Give Speech 
    Monday 23rd 
    •  Visit Help for Heroes Recovery Centre in Wiltshire 
    Wednesday 25th 
    • Attended an Armed Forces mental health roundtable Dinner at the Royal College of Psychiatrists
    Thursday 26th 
    • Visit young person's hostel in London, to see how Running Charity is helping boost life skills
    February (10)
    Wednesday 1st 
    • Visited Nottingham Academy with Full Effects
    • Attended the Coach Core Graduation Ceremony at Nottingham City Council
    Thursday 2nd 
    • Visit London Ambulance service to launch Time to Talk Day (Head's Together)
    Sunday 5th
    • Attend training day for runners taking part in the 2017 London Marathon (Head's Together) at  Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park
      • With William and Harry
    Thursday 9th 
    •  Held a meeting for the United Nations Aids Programme 
    Monday 13th 
    Friday 17th
    • Attend the England Rugby team training session at Twickenham 
    Tuesday 21st 
    • Attend Head's Together training day in Newcastle & Gateshead for 2017 London Marathon
      • Give speech
      • Attend reception at Virgin Money headquarters
    • Meeting ex-servicemen who have received specialist support from Walking with the Wounded, Gateshead Council and the police
    Monday 27th
    • Visit the digital mental health service Big White Wall's London office
    March (13)
    Thursday 9th 
    • Attend Service of Dedication at Horse Guards Parade for the Iraq-Afghanistan Memorial
      • with Queen & Royal family
      • Reception afterwards
    Saturday 11th 
    • Attend England v Scotland Six Nations rugby match (England Rugby)
    Monday 13th 
    • Attend Commonwealth Day Observance service at Westminster Abbey 
      • With Queen and Royal Family
    Tuesday 14th 
    • Host reception at Buckingham Palace for 2nd Battalion Royal Gurkha Rifles
      • With Charles 
      • Present operational service medals 
    Wednesday 15th 
    •  Visit the Queen's Canopy Wood Pasture Restoration Project at Epping Forest
    Thursday 16th 
    • Attend Veterans' Mental Health Conference at King’s Centre for Military Health Research,  at King's College London (Head's Together)
    • Attended a Board Meeting for Sentebale
      Monday 20th 
      • Attend a ceremony at the Embassy of Nepal to celebrate the bicentenary of UK-Nepal relations 
      • Attend a briefing on Veterans’ Gateway project from Mark Collins (Project Manager, Royal British Legion).
      Tuesday 21st - Leicestershire
      • Visit Yes You Can project at Hamilton Community College
        • Meet mentors and children
      • Visit Leicestershire Aids Support Service (LASS) an HIV charity for Leicester, Leicestershire, and Rutland to celebrate it's 30th Birthday
        • Meet service users and volunteers
        • Unveil plaque 
      • Visit the Pink Lizard, a youth and community organization at the Saffron Lane estate
      Friday 24th 
      • Attend a meeting at Buckingham Palace for Heads Together Campaign.
      April (12)
      Monday 3rd 
      • Meet Duncan Slater during an acclimatisation session at the Institute for Naval Medicine in Gosport. 
        • Slater is training for Marathon des Sables in aid of Walking With the Wounded
      Tuesday 4th 
      • Attend the Landmine Free World 2025 reception at Kensington Palace 
      Wednesday 5th 
      •  Attend Service of Hope for Westminster Attack at Westminster Abbey
        • With William and Kate
      Friday 7th 
      • Attend the UK team trials for the Invictus Games Toronto 2017 at the University of Bath Sports Training Village
      • Visit the University of Bath program with RFU Injured Players Foundation
      Sunday 9th 
      • Attend ceremony for 100th anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge in France 
        • With Charles and William
      Wednesday 19th 
      •  Attend Virgin Money London Marathon Expo with Head's Together
        • Interviews with media
      Thursday 20th 
      • Officially open The Global Academy in support of Head's Together
        • With William & Kate

      Sunday 23th
      Wednesday 26th 
      • Received recipients of the Endeavour Fund prior to their cycling challenge from John o’Groats to Lands End.
      • Held a Meeting at Kensington Palace with the Contact Group on Military Mental Health. 
      Saturday 29th 
      • Attend the Army vs. Navy rugby match at Twickenham Stadium
      May (10)
      Saturday 6th 
      Sunday 7th 
      • Play in Audi Polo Challenge Match, in support of the Royal Marsden and Tusk Trust
        • With William 
      Thursday 11th 
      • Visited the women's England rugby team training at the Army Rugby Stadium
      Saturday 13th 
      • "Party at the Palace" tea party at Buckingham Palace for children of those who have died serving in the Armed Forces 
        • With William and Kate
      Thursday 18th
      • Attend Diana Award's Legacy Awards Ceremony at St. James Palace
        • With William 
      • Attend the Endeavour Fund Board Meeting at 5 St. Mary Abbots Place
      (Saturday 20th: Attend Pippa Middleton & James Matthew's Wedding)

      Wednesday 24th - Botswana 
      • Attend a board meeting for Rhino Conservation Botswana in Maun
      Saturday 27th 
      • Meet with Barack Obama, Former President of the USA
        Tuesday 30th 
        • Host Not Forgotten Association Garden Party at Buckingham Palace
        • Attend launch of the UK team for Invictus Games Toronto 2017
        June (14)
        Sunday 4th - Singapore 
        • Attend Action for Aids Reception given by the British High Commissioner to the Republic of Singapore (His Excellency Mr. Scott Wightman) at the British High Commissioner to the Republic of Singapore's Residence 
        • Attended a Meeting with mental health youth mentors, at the Residence.
        • Visit Jamiyah Children's Home 
          • Take part in iftar, the breaking of the fast of Ramadan
        Monday 5th - Singapore 
        • Play in Sentebale Royal Salute Charity Polo match
          • Attend dinner
        Wednesday 7th - Sydney, Australia 
        • Officially launch the Sydney Invictus 2018 Games
          • Meet members of 2017 Invictus
          • See demonstrations of the sports
          • Gave Speech
        • Held an Investiture at Admiralty House
        Thursday 8th - Sydney, Australia 
        • Officially launch the Sydney Invictus 2018 Games
          • Meet members of 2017 Invictus
          • See demonstrations of the sports
        Monday 12th 
        • Attended WellChild's 40th Anniversary Reception at Buckingham Palace
          Thursday 15th  
          • Visit Borough Market in London as it reopens after London Attack
          • Visit the Royal Institute of International Affairs' Chatham House in London
          • Attend Beating Retreat at Horse Guards Parade  
            • Take salute
          Saturday 17th 
          • Trooping the Colours - Queen's Official Birthday 
            • The 1st. Battalion Irish Guards will be trooping
          Monday 26th 
          • Meet with President of the Republic of Malawi at Sanjika Palace
          Thursday 29th 
          • Attend Queen's Young Leader's Award Ceremony at Buckingham Palace
            • with Queen & Andrew
            • Attend reception 
            • Dinner at Australia House
            • Give Speech
          July (18)
          (Saturday 1st: Private re-dedication of Princess Diana's Grave at Althorp)
          Thursday 6th - Leeds
          • Attend Leeds Leads: Encouraging Happy Young Minds event
          • Visit Headingley Carnegie Stadium to attend the Sky Try Rugby League Festival (Rugby Football League)
          Friday 7th - Leeds
          • Learn about Wellchild's working Leeds
            • Visit the family home of a five-year-old boy in Leeds, who will receive a garden makeover from WellChild's Helping Hands programme.
            • Visit Leeds Children’s Hospital, where he will meet WellChild Helen Tooby
          • Visit HARIBO’s new facility in Castleford
          Monday 10th 
          • will attend HIV Round Table at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine  (Sentebale)
          Tuesday 11th 
          Wednesday 12th 
          • Attend Spain State Visit Banquet
          Thursday 13th 
          • Visit Westminster Abbey with King Felipe & Queen Letizia of Spain
            • Lay a wreath at the Grave of the Unknown Warrior 
          • Attend Word Premiere of new film Dunkirk
            • Host reception at Kensington Palace
            Saturday 15th
            • Play in Jerudong Trophy Polo Match in aid of Centrepoint, Household Division Foundation, & Walking with the Wounded
            Sunday 16th 
            • Play in Tiffany & Co. Royal Charity Polo Cup in aid of  Henry van Straubenzee Memorial Fund and MapAction
            Thursday 18th 
            • Attended the Five-Eyes Veterans Conference at No 10 Downing Street
            Wednesday 19th 
            • Attend reception for Project Vernon, the campaign to install a monument dedicated to HMS Vernon
            Thursday 20th 
            • Present a new colour to RAF Honington Regiment on behalf of The Queen
            • Visit Headway UK in Ipswich to launch a new initiative to help brain injury survivors.
            Thursday 27th 
            • Attended a Board Meeting for Sentebale
            • Visit volunteers involved in the Red Cross response to the Grenfell Tower fire
            Friday  28th 
            • Visit a summer holiday activity session run by Active Newham
            August (1)
            (August 9th: Video Good luck to England Rugby)
            Wednesday 30th  
            • Visit the White Garden at Kensington Palace, which was inspired by Princess Diana
              • Meet head gardener
              • Meet with representatives from Princess Diana's charities
              • With William & Kate
            September (32)
            Monday 4th - Manchester
            • Visit Walking With The Wounded training house on Canada Street
            • Visit NHS Manchester Resilience Hub, which was recently launched as a dedicated mental health service to help those affected by the Manchester Arena attack on 22nd May 2017
            • Visit Coach Core training session at Manchester City Football Club
            • Host reception for Rugby Football League (RFL) at Manchester City Football Club
            Tuesday 5th 
            • Attended a briefing session at Twickenham Stadium
            • Visited the Support4Grenfell Hub at the Phoenix Brewery & Al-Manaar, the Muslim Cultural Heritage Centre to hear about their work with those affected by Grenfell Tower Fire
            Wednesday 6th
            Thursday 7th 
            • Visit Ballymena Ambulance Station, at Braid Valley Hospital
            • Visit Co-Operation Ireland and met participants in the Amazing Space project and the National Citizen Service program
            • Attended a Garden Party at Hillsborough Castle.
            Wednesday 13th 
            • Received Tobias Ellwood MP
            Thursday 14th 
            • Visit the Chatham Green Project, a conservation, education and sustainability initiative Wilderness UK 
            (15th: Prince Harry's 33rd Birthday)

            Friday 22nd
            • Attend Invictus Games training sessions 
            • Attended the True Patriot Love Symposium at Scotia Plaza
            Saturday 23rd 
            • Visit the world-leading Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH)
            • Met with Melania Trump, First Lady of USA, at the Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel
            • Met with Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada at the Fairmont Royal York Hotel
            • Met with David Johnston, Governor-General of Canada at the Fairmont Royal York Hotel
            • Attend Invictus Games Toronto 2017 
            Sunday 24th 
            • Attended a Reception at the Fairmont Royal York Hotel for Royal Foundation
            • Present The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Gold Awards of achievement to young Canadians
            • Attend Invictus Games Toronto 2017
            Monday 25th 
            • Attend the Canadian Institute for Military and Veteran Health Research (CIMVHR) conference
            • Attend Invictus Games Toronto 2017 
            Tuesday 26th 
            • Attend Invictus Games Toronto 2017 
              • Attend reception for the Invictus Games Foundation
            Wednesday 27th 
            Thursday 28th 
            • Attended WE Day at Air Canada Centre
            • Attended the Barrick Career Summit at Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel
            • Attend Invictus Games Toronto 2017 
            Friday 29th 
            Sunday 30th 
            October (19+ Tour)
            Monday 9th 
            • Attended the launch of a partnership between the Ministry of Defence and the Royal Foundation to promote good mental health and wellbeing across Defence
            • Present the Awards to organizations that have support members of the Armed Forces and their families at the Imperial War Museum
            Tuesday 10th 
            • Host Reception at St. James Palace for World Mental Health Day 
            • Host Reception at Buckingham Palace for World Mental Health Day 
            Wednesday 11th 
            Thursday 12th 
            • Attitude Awards and collect a posthumous Attitude Legacy Award for Princess Diana 
            Monday 16th 
            Thursday 17th 
            • Visited the Community Recording Studio, St. Anns, Nottingham.
            • Visited Nottingham Academy, in Nottingham.
            • Attend Reception at Buckingham Palace for Queen's Commonwealth Trust
            Wednesday 18th 
            • Host reception for the finalists of BBC Radio One's Teen Hero Awards at Kensington Palace.
              • With William 
            • Attend the graduation ceremony for Coach Core apprentices (Royal Foundation)
            Thursday 19th 
            Monday 23rd - Lancashire 
            • Visit Veterans UK in Norcross, to mark the 25th anniversary of the Veterans UK Helpline Service
              • Unveil plaque
            • Visit St Michael's on Wyre, in follow up to his visit to the flood-affected village in February 2016
              • Re-open village hall
            • Visit Myplace at Brockholes Nature Reserve, a project which aims to empower young people to take action in environmental activity to improve areas for wildlife, communities and their own wellbeing
            • Visit UCLan Sports Arena to see the Sir Tom Finney Soccer Development Centre and the Lancashire Bombers Wheelchair Basketball Club
            25th - 26th 
            Tuesday 31st - USA
            • Attend the inaugural Obama Foundation summit in Chicago
              • Visit  Hyde Park Academy with Former First Lady Michelle Obama
              • Attend Dinner
            November (12)
            Monday 6th 
            • Received Stephen Doughty MP (Chairman of the All Party Parliamentary Group on HIV and AIDS) and Michael Freer MP (former Chairman)
            • Host dinner for Sentebale at Kensington Palace
            Thursday 9th 
            • Field of Remembrance
            Saturday 11th 
            •  Attend the England vs Argentina rugby match at Twickenham Stadium in London. (England Rugby)
            Sunday 12th 
            • Remembrance Sunday at Cenotaph in Whitehall, London 
            Monday 13th 
            • Attend the Virgin Money Giving Mind Media Awards and present the Speaking Out Award
            Wednesday 15th 
            • Attend the opening of the Terrence Higgins Trust HIV testing pop-up shop in Hackney
            • Held a Dinner for the Gurkha Welfare Trust at Kensington Palace.
            Thursday 16th 
            • Held a Meeting on knife and gun crime within the United Kingdom, at Kensington Palace.
            • Attended a Dinner at Sunbeam Studios for Royal Foundation
            Monday 21st 
            • Received Mr Christopher Parker, the Chairman of Oak Foundation
            (Monday 27th: Announce engagement, Photocall, Interview)
            Thursday 30th
            • Attended a Board Meeting for Sentebale in London 
            December (14)
            Friday 1st
            • Civic welcome at National Justice Museum
              • Walkabout
              • With Meghan
            • Visit Nottingham Contemporary which will be hosting a Terrence Higgins Trust World AIDS Day charity fair.
              • With Meghan
            • Visit Nottingham Academy where they will meet head teachers from the Academy and local primary schools as well Full Effect staff and mentors. (Royal Foundation)
              • With Meghan
            Monday 4th 
            • Attend the London Fire Brigade Carol Service at Westminster Cathedral.
            Tuesday 5th 
            • Annual Christmas Carol Service for Henry Van Straubenzee Memorial Fund
            Wednesday 6th
            •  Received Mr Robert-Jan van Ogtrop (Chairman, African Parks).
            Tuesday 12th 
            • Invictus Games Foundation, this morning attended a Trustees’ Meeting at the Honourable Artillery Company
            • Attend the European Premiere of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, at the Royal Albert Hall. 
              •  In aid of The Royal Foundation of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry
              • With William  
            Wednesday 13th 
            • Held a Meeting at Kensington Palace with the contact group on Military Mental Health
            Thursday 14th 
            •  Attend the Grenfell Tower National Memorial Service at St Paul's Cathedral
              • With Charles, Camilla, William & Kate
            Friday 15th 
            • Represent The Queen as the Reviewing Officer at the Sovereign's Parade at the Sandhurst Royal Military Academy
            Tuesday 19th 
            • Received Major-General Robert Magowan & Major-General Charles Stickland of Royal Marines with Prince Philip
              • Prince Philip & Magowan relinquishing their appointments as Captain-General & Commandant-General.
              • Prince Harry & Stickland assumed the appointments
            • Received Sergeant L Spencer ahead of his unsupported solo row across the Atlantic in aid of the Endeavour Fund (Royal Foundation)
            Wednesday 27th 
            • Guest edit BBC Radio 4's Today programme
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