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Prince Harry 

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Prince William
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(Center - Right: Anne in cream, Timothy, Peter, Autumn, Zara, Mike)

Princess Anne
Vice Admiral Timothy Lawrence
  • Bio (Coming Soon)
Peter Phillips
Zara Tindall (née Phillips)
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Prince Edward
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Queen Elizabeth II
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Prince Andrew
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Queen's Grandchildren "Official" Engagements (Sept 2015 - Dec 2015)

The Queen's Grandchildren PeterZaraBeatriceEugenieLouise& James don't regularly undertake "official" engagements like William or Harry. They are not regularly listed on the CC and do not receive any funding for their charitable work.

They do however attend the occasional official engagement and do work for various charities and organizations. They also hold a number of patronages.

This is a list of the Official Engagements PeterZaraBeatriceEugenieLouise& James attend (e.g. Service of Thanksgiving at St. Paul's Cathedral). This list also includes events they attend as a member of the Royal Family or as Patron of the organization.


Saturday 5th 
  • Peter Phillips, along with wife Autumn Phillips, attended the Breamar Highland games with The Queen, Philip, and Charles.
Friday 11th
  •  Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie attended BGC Annual Charity Day in New York City.
    • with mother Sarah, Duchess of York
    • to raise funds for Sarah's charity Children in Crisis.
Tuesday 29th 
  • Princess Eugenie hosted a Reception for One Young World at St. James Palace.

Saturday 3rd
  • Princess Eugenie attended England vs. Australia Rugby World match
    • along with Prince Harry
    Friday 9th
    • Princess Eugenie visited Primary Inspiration through Enterprise Project at Tyne View Primary School.
      • Meet with students in the programs along with students from 4 other schools in Newcastle.
    Monday 12th
    Friday 16th
    • Princess Eugenie visited Newcastle University's John Walton Muscular Dystrophy Research Centre to learn about their pioneering medical research.
      • Met staff, researchers and patients 
    Wednesday 21st 
    • Princess Eugenie officially opened Newcastle University's London campus. 
      • Meet staff and students
      • Unveil statue
    Monday 26th
    • Princess Eugenie attended reception hosted by the Queen for Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering at Buckingham Palace.
    Monday 2nd 
    • Princess Beatrice attends Pitch at Palace 4.0 at St. James Palace.
    Saturday 7th 
    • Princess Eugenie attend annual Poppy Ball 
    Friday 13th 
    • Peter Zara Phillipsalong with their spouses, attended the official opening of The Princess Anne Stand by Princess Anne at Cheltenham Racecourse. 
    • Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie will take part in 500km (Approx: 310 Miles) Charity rickshaws race in India. 
      • The race will to raise money for the Quintessentially Foundation and Elephant Family.
    Monday 7th
    •  Princess Eugenie attended the Saqqara Jewels lunch for Duchess Sarah's charity Children in Crisis.
    Tuesday 17th
    (Viscount James's 8th Birthday)
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    HSH Hereditary Prince Alois of Liechtenstein - Bio

    I'm working on filling in all of the bios, very very slowly.  Updates to Come.  
    Full Name: Alois Philipp Maria

    Title: Prince Regent

    Birth:  Born 11 June 1968 in Zürich, Switzerland

    Country: Liechtenstein

    Monarchs during life: 
    • Franz Joseph II (1938 - 1989)
    • Hans-Adam II (1989 - Present)
      • Prince Alois is Regent (2004-Present)
    Relationship to current monarch: Currently Regent for his Father.

    Place in line of succession:
    • At Birth: Not in Line of Succession 
    • Current: Regent/Heir
    Religion: Roman Catholic
    • Christening: ?
      • God Parents: ?
    • God Children: ?
    • Parents: Prince Hans Adam II and Princess Marie
    • Marriage: Married Hereditary Princess Sofia (Then Princess Sophie of Bavaria) on 3 July 1993 at St. Florin's in Vaduz, Liechtenstein.
    • Children:
      • Prince Joseph Wenzel (1995)
      • Princess Marie Caroline (1996)
      • Prince Georg (1999)
      • Prince Nikolaus (2000)
    •  Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst (UK)
    •  University of Salzburg (Austria)

    Job: Full-Time Royal

    • Coldstream Guards (UK)
    • Accounting Firm (UK)
    Residence: -

    Causes: -

    Video of Alois speaking: 


    “I want to thank you dearly that with such a convincing ‘yes’ you have agreed to continue the 300-year-old partnership between the people and the royal house, which been so successful up to now,”  - On Voters rejecting proposal to abolish the ruling prince’s right to veto (2012)


    Today, Liechtenstein is a proud, active and well-established member of the United Nations.
    Since the very beginning, we have sought to prove that a very small member is able to make a positive contribution to multilateralism. In joining the UN, we were looking for a platform to work productively within the family of nations and to create a firm foundation for our national sovereignty. Today, I can say that our hopes have been met beyond our expectations." - On Liechtenstein's 25th anniversary of UN membership  (2015)

    Lady Louise Windsor (Wessex) - Bio

    I'm working on filling in all of the bios, very very slowly.  Updates to Come.  
    Full Name: Louise Alice Elizabeth Mary

    Birth:  Born 8 November 2003 at Frimley Park Hospital, in Surrey, England

    Country: United Kingdom

    Monarchs during life: Queen Elizabeth (1952 - Present)

    Relationship to current monarch: Grand Daughter

    Place in line of succession:
    • At Birth: 8th in Line of Succession, father Edward, cousin Eugenie, etc. 
    • Current: 11th in Line of Succession, behind brother James, father Edward, cousin Eugenie, etc. 
    • Christening:  24 April 2004 at Windsor Castle
      • God Parents: 
        • Lady Alexandra Etherington
        • Lady Sarah Chatto
        • Lord Ivar Mountbatten
        • Rupert Elliott
        • Francesca Schwarzenbach
    • Parents: Prince Edward and Countess Sophie of Wessex
      • Siblings: James (2007) 
    Job: Full-Time Royal

    Residence: Bagshot Park

    HRH Princess Eugenie of York - Bio

    Full Name: Eugenie Victoria Helena

    Birth: Born on 23 March 1990 at Portland Hospital in London, England

    Royal Family: British

    Monarchs during life: Queen Elizabeth II (1952 - Present)

    Relationship to current monarch: Grand Daughter

    Place in line of succession:

    At Birth: 6th in Line of Succession, behind sister Beatrice, father Andrew, cousin Harry, etc.

    Current: 8th Line of Succession, behind sister Beatrice, father Andrew, cousin Harry, etc.

    Church of England

    Christening: 23 December 1990 at the Church of St Mary Magdalene in Sandringham
    • God Parents: 
      • James Ogilvy 
      • Captain Alastair Ross
      • Susan Ferguson (Step-Grandmother) 
      • Julia Dodd-Noble
      • Miss Louise Bla
    God Children:
    • Maud Windsor (2013)

    Parents: Prince Andrew and Duchess Sarah (née Ferguson)
    • Siblings: Princess Beatrice
    Engaged to: Jack Brooksbank (To be married October 12th, 2018)

    • Newcastle University
    • Hauser & Wirth Art Gallery  (London, UK)
      • Director (2017 - Present)
      • Associate Director (2015-2017)
    • Paddle 8 (New York, USA)
      •  Benefit Auctions Manager (2013- 2015)
    • Christie's Art Auction (London, UK)
      • Intern (2010)
    Kensington Palace
    Royal Lodge in Windsor

    Children's Health, Scoliosis, Art

    Video of Eugenie speaking:

    • "I am so amazed by the amount of love, support, and gratitude everyone has for granny." - on Queen's Diamond Jubilee (2012)
    • "Doing art at Marlborough, where I went to school, was really quite tough, and I knew that it wasn't the direction I wanted to go. I'd rather show art and give people the joy of seeing it. I remember when I was still at school I went to New York for two days and went to see the gallerist Tony Shafrazi. I was doing a Jean-Michel Basquiat project for my A-levels and I walked into his gallery and it was all Basquiat. And you know what Shafrazi's like, he's amazingly charismatic and he had this booming voice and he took me around the show and ever since then, I just thought: 'Oh, I want to do that.' I want to see this art, I want to put it on the walls, I want to give people the feeling that he gave me when I saw it. Helping someone build up their collection is just so exciting. I know that when I'm building mine up, it's so much fun to see all the little bits you've got." - During Interview for Harper's Bazaar (2014)

    Wednesday, 7 June 2000

    HRH Prince Nicolas of Sweden - Bio

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    Full Name: Nicolas Paul Gustaf

    Title: Duke of Ångermanland

    Birth: Born on 15 June 2015 at Danderyd Hospital in Danderyd, Sweden.

    Country: Sweden

    Monarchs during life: Carl XVI Gustaf (1973 - Present)

    Relationship to current Monarch: Grandson

    Place in line of succession:
    • At Birth: 6th in Line of Succession, behind sister Leonore, mother Madeleine, uncle Carl Philip, etc. 
    • Current: 9th in Line of Succession, behind sister Leonore, mother Madeleine, etc.
    Religion: Church of Sweden
    • Christening: 11 October 2015 at the Royal Chapel of Drottningholm Palace.
      • God Parents: 
        • Prince Carl Philip (Uncle) 
        • Natascha Abensberg und Traun (Aunt) 
        • Henry d'Abo (Uncle)
        • Gustaf Magnuson
        • Katarina von Horn
        • Marco Wajselfisz
    • Grandparents: King Carl Gustaf & Queen Silvia, and Paul O'Neill (d. 2014) & Eva Maria
    • Parents: Princess Madeleine and Chris O'Neil
      • Siblings: 
        • Princess Leonore (b. 2014)
        • Princess Adrienne (b. 2018)
    • Pre-school in Stockholm
    Job: Being adorable!

    Residence: London, England, United Kingdom (& Part-time Sweden)

    Chris O'Neill (Sweden) - Bio

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    I'm working on filling in all of the bios, very very slowly.  Updates to Come.  
    Full Name: Christopher Paul O'Neill

    Title: None

    Birth: Born 27 June 1974 in London, England

    Country: British & America (Duel-citizenship), Swedish

    Monarchs during life: 
    • Sweden: King Carl Gustaf (1973 - Present)
    • United Kingdom:  Queen Elizabeth II (1952- Present)

    Relationship to current monarch: 
    • Sweden: Son-in-Law
    • United Kingdom: None
    Place in line of succession:
    • Sweden
      • At Birth: Not in Line of Succession 
      • Current: Not in Line of Succession
    • United Kingdom
      • At Birth: Not in Line of Succession 
      • Current: Not in Line of Succession
    Religion: Catholic? Church of Sweden?
    • Christening: ?
      • God Parents:?
    • God Children: None
    • Parents: Paul O'Neill (d. 2014) & Eva Maria
      • Half Siblings: Tatjana, Natascha, Stephanie, Annalisa and Karen
    • Marriage: Married Princess Madeleine of Sweden on 8 June 2013 at the Royal Chapel at Stockholm Palace. Reception at Drottningholm Palace.
    • Children:
      • Princess Leonore (b. 2014)
      • Prince Nicholas (b. 2015)
      • Princess Adrienne (b. 2018)
    • Boston University (USA)
    • Columbia Business School (USA)
    Job: Finance

    Residence: London, England, United Kingdom

    Causes: Sport

    Video of them speaking:


    "I know the Swedish Royal Family very well. They have been extremely welcoming to me and I felt part of the family right from the very beginning. Madeleine's family is very warm and we have a very good time when we all see each other." - Engagement Interview (2012)


    "I have my business and I work hard for it, and sometimes a client meeting conflicts with a royal engagement. These clients don't know who I am, they don't always plan in advance." - (2015)

    Saturday, 3 June 2000

    HRH Princess Leonore of Sweden - Bio

    Full Name: Leonore Lilian Maria

    Title: Princess, Duchess of Gotland

    Birth: Born on 20 February 2014 at New York's Weill Cornell Medical Center in the United States.

    Country: Sweden

    Monarchs during life: King Carl XVI Gustaf ( 1973- Present)

    Relationship to current Monarch: Granddaughter

    Place in line of succession:
    • At Birth: 5th in line, behind mother Madeleine, and uncle Carl Philip
    • Current: 8th in line, behind mother Madeleine, cousin Alexander & Gabriel, and uncle Carl Philip
    Religion: Church of Sweden
    • Christening: On 8 June 2014 (her parents' first wedding anniversary) at the Royal Chapel of Drottningholm Palace
      • God Parents:
        • Crown Princess Victoria (Aunt)
        • Tatjana d'Abo (Aunt)
        • Count Ernst Abensperg und Traun (Uncle) 
        • Patrick Sommerlath
        • Alice Bamford
        • Louise Gottlieb 
    • Parents: Princess Madeleine and Chris O'Neil
      • Siblings: 
        • Prince Nicolas (b. 2015)
        • Princess Adrienne (b. 2018)
    • Pre-School in London
    • Pre-School in Stockholm
    Job: Being adorable!

    Residence: London, England, United Kingdom (& Sweden Part-time)