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April 2015 Q&A

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Question 1: Can I address my letter to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to their apartment number instead of the general Kensington Palace address?

Answer:  The Official Address to send letters to William and Catherine (Harry, Charles and Camilla) is:

Clarence House
London SW1A 1BA

If you send William and Catherine a letter at Kensington Palace or address it to Apartment 1A at Kensington Palace, or to Buckingham Palace for that matter, it will still be answered. Their correspondences with the public are handled by Clarence House and addressing a letter elsewhere will not change who answers the letter or the type of response you will receive. Your letter will just be collected and taken to Clarence House and answered there. For the quickest response address your letter to Clarence House.

Kensington Palace's Address is:
Kensington Palace
London W8 4PU

This is NOT where you would want to write to William and Catherine, However if you wished to contact a member of their staff this is the Correct Address to write to them.  

More information on Writing to the Royals

Addresses for writing to Different Royals 

Question 2: Why do people say Prince Charles is not the father of Prince Harry? 

Answer: As we all know Prince Charles cheated on Princess Diana with Camilla, who he latter married. Princess Diana had her own extra material affairs with a man named James Hewitt. She admitted this in her famous Panorama interview. Rumors have since swirled that Hewitt could be Prince Harry's Father, but Hewitt states the affair started after Prince Harry was born.

There isn't anything to suggest that Prince Harry isn't Prince Charles' Son. Red Hair runs in the Spencer side of the family.

Question 3: I thought Prince Harry was leaving for Australia on Monday? But I have seen some tweets that say he was leaving tomorrow.

Answer: Prince Harry will Arrive in Australia on Monday. The flight is about 20+ hours depending on your connection, so he will be leaving Sunday. He will be there for 4 weeks, ending May 9th ish.

More information on Harry's Upcoming Engagements

Question 4: I think Autumn Phillips is expecting... She has the same full face of when she was pregnant with Savannah and Isla... What do you think? Have you noticed that too? 

Answer: I've had a few people point out that Autumn Phillips (Princess Anne's Daughter in Law) looked like she might be expecting yesterday at the Easter service.

I'm thinking she does look a little fuller in the face than at Christmas. But we won't know for sure till an official announcement is made, which would happen after she is 12 weeks along.

If she is pregnant, this will be the 3rd child for Peter and Autumn Phillips, and will be 16th in line to the throne. This would break with recent royal tradition of only having two children. The Couple already have two Girls, Savannah (b. 2010) and Isla (b. 2012).

Question 5: Does Prince Harry still smoke?

Answer: Although we don't regularly have photos of Prince Harry smoking, we have seen a number over the years, as recently as smoking a Hookah in November of 2014. But the most recent photo I found of him smoking a cigarette was in 2012. I'm unsure if he has kicked the habit since then.

A number of other British and Foreign Royals are/have been smokers

Question 6: Who made the officialroyalwedding2011.org website? 

Answer: officialroyalwedding2011.org, which is no longer available online, was run by Clarence House, Prince Charles's Office. This was the Official Website for the William and Catherine's Wedding.

Question 7: Are the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Tara Palmer-Tomkinson still friends?  

Answer: Tara Palmer-Tomkinson is a British socialite and Author. She went to rehab for Cocaine in 1999 and was reported to have sold stories of the Princes to New of the World. She has know William and Catherine for years. Her parents are quite close to Prince Charles and Camilla.

Here she is on a ski Lift with Prince Charles and Prince Harry in 1997 (Dressed in Black).

Here Tara is chatting with Catherine in 2007 at a launch party.

Tara has attended events like Prince William's 21st birthday party (Africa Themed Party).

And William and Catherine's Wedding in 2014. (She also attended Charles and Camilla's wedding)

I can't speak to her personal relationship with the Cambridges, while we don't see Tara hanging out with the Cambridges at the pub or going shopping with Catherine, They do certainly still run in the same circles and have attended the same events as recently as a Christmas Carol Service in December 2014.

Question 8: I was reading some tweets recently that said that when Harry marries his family won't be considered royals, Is that true? 

Answer: Prince Harry will not lose his HRH status when he marries. He will most likely be given a Dukedom by the Queen, just like William got. If so, he will be the HRH Duke of ____ and his wife will be HRH Duchess of ____.

Traditionally, the status HRH is granted to the children on the sovereign, the children of the male children of the sovereign and all children of the Prince of Wales (Currently Charles)'s eldest son, as well as all of their spouses. 

That being said Harry's children are not entitled to HRH status as they will be the children of the Prince of Wales 2nd son. They will however be entitled to HRH status when Prince Charles becomes King as the Children of the male children of the sovereign. It may be the case that the Queen will grant HRH status to Harry's children when they are born instead of having them wait for Charles to be king.

Question 9: Who is your Favorite Royal Couple. 

Answer: I have a lot of Favorite Royals. I particularly like the younger european generation of royals. My favorite Royal Couple is hands down The Crown Prince Couple of Denmark, Prince Fredrick and Princess Mary.

Question 9A: Why do you like them so much?

Answer: They are a incredibly romantic couple and have a great love story. You can tell they are very much in love and are very happy together. They are very approachable, modern and down to earth. They also have a beautiful family, inside and out. Princess Mary has a wonderful, modest, conservative, yet modern, and beautiful style that I like.

The couple is also incredibly passionate about the work that they do and support causes that are important to me.

Question 10: Who are the senior members of the British Royal Family? 

Answer: There is NO Official Classification of who is a Senior Royal, and different people will draw the line at different places.

Besides the Queen, there are 14 "Working Royals", who undertake official duties on behalf of the Queen: Prince Philip, Charles Prince of Wales, Camilla Duchess of Cornwall, Anne Princess Royal, Andrew Duke of York, Edward Earl of Wessex, Sophie Countess of Wessex, William Duke of Cambridge, Catherine Duchess of Cambridge, Harry Prince of Wales, Richard Duke of Gloucester, Birgitte Duchess of Gloucester, Edward Duke of Kent, & Alexandra The Honorable Lady Ogilvy.

Question 11: Where is Prince Henry right now? Perth, Darwin or Sydney? 

Answer: Last I heard, he was in Western Australia with Norforce unit, but he will also be stationed at Sydney and Perth sometime during his secondment.

We are not given a lot of details about this time in Australia as it is not part of his Official Duties, but his job in the military.

Question 11a: Perth is in Western Australia, just an FYI 

Answer: Yes, I know that. His sighting in Western Australia was with Norforce which mainly works in Northern Australia. Wuggubun, where he was, is in Western Australia, but in the region covered by Norforce. After his time with Norforce, he will be stationed at both Perth and Sydney.

Question 12: Why won't you answer my Diana question? :(

Answer: To be honest, I didn't really know how to respond to the question: "Do You Think Prince Charles Ever Loved Diana?"

I think on one hand the Answer is obvious, Charles and Diana got married and had two children together. There are so many definitions of what Love is and there are different kinds of love. I think or would hope that he loved her, even though he was in love with someone else.

Question 13: Does Camilla curtsy to Catherine?

Answer: No. Camilla is higher in the order of precedence than Catherine. Catherine is required to curtsy to the Queen, Prince Phillip, Prince Charles and Camilla at all times. When she is not with William, she must curtsy to Princess Anne, Princess Alexandra, Princesses Beatrice and Princess Eugenie. However when she is with him, they must curtsy to her.

Question 13a: But what about the picture I commented with? It looked like Camilla was curtsying to Catherine

Answer: I didn't get the picture. There aren't any circumstances in which Camilla has to curtsy to Catherine. Not unless William becomes King and Camilla is still alive. Not sure what Picture you could be referring to unless it is the photoshopped one in the Daily Mail Article from 2010 explaining who Catherine has to curtsy to.


Question 14: Why do only some of the royals go by Mountbatten-Windsor? Why does Prince Harry go by Harry Wales instead of Mountbatten-Windsor? 

Answer: Royals, who hold Royal Status (HRH), don't have last names. Mountbatten-Windsor is used by decedents of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip who don't hold royal status. It also is occasional used by Royals who do have Royal Status, but it is not legally apart of their name.  

Commonly however, Royals will often, instead of using Mountbatten-Windsor as a last name, use the territorial suffix of their Title.

I.E. Prince Harry of Wales uses Wales in lieu of a last name. He is called Captain Wales in the Military.

Prince William still uses Wales as a last name in the Military, but we have heard of Catherine using Cambridge as a last name while shopping.

The Yorks and Wessexes use their territorial name, as well, in place of a last name.

Question 15: Does the Duchess of Cambridge use/wear hair fillers/extensions?

Answer: No

Question 16: Do you know the press officers periscopes?

Answer: No, The Cambridge/Harry communication secretaries do not have one that we know of.

- But it's been said that the POs watch/ been following some of the periscopes.

Yes, KP Press officers revealed they have been watching Journalists Videos when visiting the media at Lindo Wing the other day. But they do not have an Official Periscope. Nor would I ever expect them to have one.

Question 16a: Then how can they watch if they don't have one?

Answer: Two ways, either they have a secret private account that we don't know about, or they clicked on the link on the reports tweet, if they tweeted it, and watched it online without an account.

Question 17: Have you written to Camilla? 

Answer: I've written to Charles and Camilla before you can see one of my responses here http://gertsroyals.blogspot.com/2015/01/what-to-expect-when-writing-to-royals.html

I just started writing to the Royals in July for George's 1st Birthday, so I don't have years of responses like some people. I recently written to just Camilla and will post the response when it comes in the mail.

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Birthday Note From Crown Princess Mary of Denmark

Yesterday, I received a letter from Denmark. Inside was a note from one of Crown Princess Mary's Lady-in-Waiting thanking me for writing to Crown Princess Mary on the occasion of her 43rd Birthday.  It is a generic thank you they send to everyone who wrote for that occasion.

I sent the letter on Feb 4th, they sent their reply on Feb 10th, and 42 days latter I received it in the mail. The Denmark Royals are the only Royals I have encountered, so far, who send their letters Economy. Other Royals send their letters Priority or First Class. Those usually arrive in the US a week after their reply is sent.

I was however surprised by how quickly they responded to my letter, that was the quickest response yet by any Royal. Usually it can take 14 to 67 days, from when I sent the letter for them to send a reply (Based off of the Postmark).

This note was very similar to the one I received for writing to the Crown Prince Couple (Prince Frederik and Princess Mary) for Christmas.

Monday, 16 March 2015

Royal Baby 2 Q&A


This page was started late in Catherine's 2nd pregnancy and was closed after Princess Charlotte's Christening. Any Question about Prince George or Princess Charlotte should be directed to this months Q&A page.

Question 1: When is Catherine Due?

Answer: Mid/Late April

Question 2: Where will I be able to watch "the door" when the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge walk out of the Hospital with the new baby after She or He is born? 

Answer: Everywhere? Pretty much everyone who regularly covers the Royals, will have a live feed of the doors at St. Mary's Lindo Wing, where Catherine will give birth to #RoyalBaby2.

I will update you all on our Royal Baby 2 Page on everything you need to know and where to get the latest news, as it comes in.

Question 3: Will Kate use a Maternity Nurse?

Answer: No, William and Catherine do not plan on hiring a Nurse, or another Nanny, for #RoyalBaby2. With George, The couple chose not to hire a Nanny right away. They stayed at the Middleton's house in Bucklebury and were helped out by Catherine's parents, Michael and Carole. When they did hire a Nanny, they hired William's old Nanny Jesse Webb to work Temporary Part Time. (Seen here with Michael Middleton at Prince George's Christening)

The Cambridge's now have a full time Nanny Maria Borrallo. (Seen here at Plunket Playdate in New Zealand)

Question 4: When Princess Anne passes, and if the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have a daughter, will the title of Princess Royal be given to her? 

Answer: Princess Royal is a title given by the King or Queen to their eldest daughter. Meaning, the Cambridge's Daughter could not receive this title until Prince William became King and Princess Anne has passed away. (There can only be one Princess Royal and She holds the title for life). So Yes, but only when William becomes King.

But I would prefer to see their daughter be made Duchess of York. I don't know if they are going to change things now that they have gotten rid of male preference. Normally, only the sons are given a title, with the eldest daughter being the one exception.

Question 5: How Many Godparents does Prince George have?

Answer: 7: Oliver Baker, Emilia Jardine-Paterson, Earl Grosvenor, Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton, Julia Samuel, William van Cutsem and Zara Tindall.

Traditionally Royals have six god parents, made up of foreign royals and aristocrats. But William and Catherine chose instead close personal friends.

Question 6: What if Kate goes into labour at night?

Answer: If Kate goes into labour at night the same thing will happen as if she goes into labour during the day. KP will send out a Press Release and the Media will start camping out.

Once the Baby is Born, before an announcement of the birth can happen The Queen along with other family members (Both Royal and Middleton) will be told first. With George, If the baby was born at night, The Queen would not be worn up and would be told in the morning. So there may be some an additional delay in the announcement.

With George, he was born at 4:24 PM (London) and the announcement was made to the Press, four hours later, at 8:30 PM

Question 7: Who signed Prince George's birth announcement?

Answer: Prince George's Birth announcement, that was placed on an easel outside Buckingham Palace, was signed by the Doctors who helped deliver him: Marcus Setchell, Guy Thorpe-Beeston, Sunit Godambe and John Cunningham.

Question 8: Why are William and Catherine staying at Anmer Hall, like 3 hours away from the hospital, when Catherine is close to giving birth?

Answer: 1st, William's Job, as an Ambulance Helicopter Pilot, is near Anmer Hall, so it makes sense for them to stay there.

2nd, Anmer Hall is their home, where they can enjoy the most privacy. With George, William and Catherine stayed in Anglesey, where they lived at the time (when William worked for the RAF). They stayed there for a good portion of the lead up before returning to Kensington Palace. Back then, of course, Apartment 1A was not finished renovated and they lived in a small cottage on the grounds that wasn't air conditioned.  Not the best for a Pregnant mum, during the hot summer.

Catherine is still one and a half or two or three weeks from giving birth. I'm sure they are consulting with her doctors and will make the move back to Kensington Palace when they feel it is appropriate. With all the hype and excitement, there are probably a lot more Paparazzi than usual with lens on the look out for a Pregnant Catherine or soon to be big Brother George in London. Anmer Hall really provides them with the most privacy.

And it's only a 2 and half hour drive, shorter with Helicopter. But I'm sure they will be head back to Kensington with plenty of time for the birth.

*Update: Catherine now at Kensington Palace, and will stay there until the Baby is born.* 

Question 9: Are there any videos of Prince George talking?

Answer: No, we don't have any video's of Prince George. Last time we have actually officially saw him was over one year ago on AUS/NZ tour. Since then we have just had official photographs released.

The only video we have of George is: Leaving the hospital (a day old), At Christening (3 months), On and Off planes at AUS/NZ, Plunket Play Date in NZ & Zoo at Aus (8 months).

--(The Question above are Pre-Birth of Princess Cambridge.... The Once Below are Post-Birth) --

Question 10: When George was born the secretary handed the official paper to a car driver that then headed to the palace, for the announcement to be displayed .. Why didn't he do it this time? Who brought there the document? 

Answer: With George, the official formal announcement was how we were going to be told that the baby was born, and its sex and weight. At the last minute, they changed their plans and announced it via press release ahead of time. It was walked out by the Former Senior Communications Secretary Ed Perkins and given a police escort to BP.

This time they decided there would be a little less pomp and circumstance... They took it out one of the back doors and drove it quietly to BP. I don't know who by.

Question 11: Are you going to write to the Cambridge's for Princess Charlotte's christening? What would you write in that case?

Answer: I am most definitely going to write for Princess Charlotte's christening. Who would pass up the chance to get a post card sized photo of Princess Charlotte? My assumption is that they might use one of the photos just released of Prince George and Princess Charlotte taken at Anmer Hall by Catherine or one of William and Catherine leaving St. Mary's Hospital with Princess Charlotte on the day of her birth. There is usually a delay in changing the photos they mail out. So you might see the Christening photos used for Christmas, or if you write for some other reason later on this year.

As far as what I'm going to write for Princess Charlotte's Christening:

 I will address the envelope to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. 

I will probably address the letter, Dear William and Catherine, although you can go more formal by addressing it to Their Royal Highnesses, or extremely formal and archaic by writing the letter to their Private Secretary instead.  (Which is something you only do in modern times if you are writing to them for something or if you are some official of some Government, Cooperation, Organization, Charity, etc.) How formal you get depend on the nature of your letter. 

I will then start by stating why I am writing. "I am writing to send you my sincerest congratulations following the christening of your daughter Princess Charlotte Today." I will then probably go on and talk about how lovely it looked or how important it is for children to have God Parents to guide them or talk about How big George has gotten.

Then comes the middle part of the letter where it is a good place to make some sort of personal connection. Say something about Babies, Christenings, the Importance of Religion, etc. May be give some tips on handling two young children or important life lessons you hope they will pass on to Princess Charlotte and Prince George. Or bring up past Christening like Prince William or Harry's. Or talk about how proud Princess Diana would have been. 

In the closing, I would write something about how I hope that they have a wonderful summer. Or wish William good luck on his job. Or wish George a happy early birthday, etc. (Although I will probably write a separate letter for that)

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Response to Birthday Letter for Prince Andrew

I wrote to Prince Andrew for his birthday and I got this as a reply. It's pretty generic, but similar to my other letter from him. This letter was written on a half sheet, by his Private Secretary Amanda Thirsk, who has written all the letter I've received so far from the Duke of York

I sent my letter to the Duke on the 4th of February. The reply is dated Feb 18th, the day before Prince Andrew's birthday, but was mailed on the 23rd, 5 days later. It arrived on the 28th. (24 days is a pretty great response time for the royals.) 

What is surprising about this letter is that it doesn't mentions why I wrote. It is obviously NOT a form letter in that my name is printed at the bottom and it mentions of the date of my letter.

My 2 other from the Duke of York's office, all written by Amanda Thirsk, were also vague, but worded differently than this. Even a generic last line sending best wishes was worded differently in each letter.

The reply I got for my Christmas letter to the Yorks, also didn't mention that I had written for Christmas or that I had addressed the letter to both Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie as well, not just Prince Andrew. 

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