Tuesday, 17 October 2000

Resolved Wild Predictions (2015-2017)

This started as my predictions for #RoyalBaby2 in 2015, but have now expanded beyond that. 

For the list of Current Predictions

I am currently 53 for 65 or 82% correct. 

Pre-Royal Baby2:
  • Catherine will undertake at another engagement, sometime in March, before the baby is born. (Quite Correct)
  • Catherine or at least William will attend this year's Irish Guards's St. Patricks Day Parade (Correct)
    • This will be Kate's Last Public Official Engagement Till the Birth of #RoyalBaby2 (Wrong)
  • The Cambridges will not release a photo this year (2015) for Mothering Sunday.  (Correct)
Royal Baby 2:
  • The Birth will take place at the Lindo Wing at St. Mary's Hospital. (Correct)
  • William will be present at the birth. (Correct)
  • #RoyalBaby2 will be a girl. (Correct)
  • Brown Hair (Correct)
  • Brown Eyes  (Wrong)
  • #RoyalBaby2 will be born on a Tuesday, (Wrong)
  • #RoyalBaby2 will be named Charlotte. (Correct)
  • If the Baby is not Born By Wednesday April 22nd, William will not attend his engagement on April 25th. (Wrong)
  • William and Catherine will return to Anmer Hall shortly after the birth (Correct)
  • They will not hire a 2nd nanny (Correct)
  • The Royal Baby 3 will not be born till sometime after one of the following "Royal" wedding  (Correct)
      • Pippa Middleton & James Matthew
        • (I made this way back in 2015, before they got anywhere near serious)
      • James Middleton & Donna Air
      • Princess Eugenie & Jack Brooksbank
      • Catherine will be pregnant at the same time some other Royal/Pippa is  (Correct, Princess Madeleine of Sweden)
      Official Photos:
      • Someone close to the couple will take the first official photo of #RoyalBaby2 (Correct)
        • This photo or some photo released in the 1st 6 months will be taken by Catherine.  (Correct)
      • The first official photograph of Princess Charlotte will be taken at Anmer Hall (Correct)
        • Taken in May (Correct)
      • The Cambridge's will either not release a "new" photo for Prince George's birthday or will release one from Princess Charlotte's Christening (Correct)
      • The Cambridge's will releases an Official Photo(s) for Christmas in 2015. (Correct)
        • Prince William will be holding Princess Charlotte.  (Wrong)
      • If George and Charlotte accompany William and Catherine on the Canada tour, they will release an official photo ahead of time.  (Wrong)
      Princess Charlotte's Christening:
      • Princess Charlotte's Christening will take place before the Queen goes on Summer Holiday (Correct)
        • Christening will take place at St. James Palace (Wrong)
        • Neither Harry, Pippa, Beatrice or Eugenie will be Godparents (Correct)
        • A member of Diana's Family will be a Godparent. (Correct)
      • Another Christening Photo (not the original 4) will be released (or spotted) by the end of the year (Correct)
      • British Monarchy's new twitter handle @RoyalFamily isn't going to last a year. (Very Correct)
        • They changed it some 20 minutes later
        • (This was in Reference to the first time @British Monarchy changed their Twitter Handle)
      • Harry will return from his 3 months in Africa, by his Birthday, September 15th  (Correct)
      • Prince Harry will become Patron of a Charity or Organization that assists Wounded Veterans.  (Correct)
      • Either William or Catherine will attend the annual 100 Women in Hedgefund Gala in October in support of Art Room (Correct)
      • Princes William and Harry will attend the England vs. Wales match on September 26th. (Correct)
      • Prince Harry will attend Rugby World Cup Final  (Correct)
      • By end of 2017, Catherine will take one of the Queen's old Patronages (Correct. Queen passed on a few, announced in Dec 2016)
      Catherine will return from Royal Baby 2 Maternity Leave: 
      • In September  (Correct)
      • 1 of her first 5 engagements 
        • Will be attended with Prince William.  (Correct)
        • Another will be in support of either Action on Addiction, Sport Aid or the National History Museum. (Correct)
      • Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden will give birth to have boy (Correct)
        • Born in March (Correct)
      • Princess Sofia of Sweden will give birth to have girl (Wrong)
      • Prince George and Princess Charlotte will both appear on the Balcony of Trooping the Colours  (Correct)
      • Catherine will become Patron of another Charity or Organization (Correct)
      • Duchess Catherine will not become Patron of All England Club (AKA Wimbledon) this summer. (Correct)
        • (The Queen did pass down the patronages in December 2016)
      • Princess Anne will attend the Rio 2016 Olympics (Correct)
        • The Cambridges will not attend the Rio 2016 Olympics (Correct)
        • Prince Edward will attend the Rio 2016 Paralympics (Correct)
      • Catherine will undertake her first solo trip abroad (Correct)
      • Cambridge will take Prince George and Princess Charlotte on tour of Canada (Correct)
      • Prince William will officially open the new National Memorial Arboretum Visitor Centre in Staffordshire. (Correct)
      • Princess Eugenie will not announce her engagement in 2016 (Correct)
      Pippa Middleton's Wedding:
      • People to Attend:
        • Prince Harry (Correct)
        • Zara & Mike Tindall  (Wrong)
        • Princess Eugenie & Beatrice (Half correct, just Eugenie)
        • A few of Pippa's Exs (Correct) 
        • At least one of William's Exs (Correct)
      • Sometime before 
        • Pippa's wedding she will give an interview to the press (Not about the Wedding)
        • The Middleton's will make some complaint about the press (Correct)
        • One of James's family members will let something slip to the press (Wrong)
      • Duchess Catherine, & Prince George will participate in the wedding in some way (Correct)
      • Pippa will wear white (Correct)
        • The dress will be designed by a British designer (Correct)
        • One of the "Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue" will come from Kate (Sort of..... Earrings were from Kate's wedding. Half point)
      • Someone important is going to show up not wearing a hat  (Wrong)
      Prince Gabriel's Christening:
      • Godparents
        • Princess Madeliene (Aunt) (Correct)
        • Sara Hellqvist (Aunt) (Correct)

      Saturday, 14 October 2000

      Addresses for Former Monarchies (Europe + Rest of World)

      This is just Former Monarchies. If you are looking for an address for a current monarchy, look here

      This in no way a complete list. This is mostly just addresses for Royals I've been asked to find, so I haven't written to most of these. If you are trying to find an address for a Royal Family not on this list, just ask. I will try to find it for you. 

      Addressed for Former Monarchies can often be hard to find, and I'm not always sure if they will work when I do find something. So, to denote how up-to-date these addresses are, I've listed the year someone wrote using this address and got a reply. So if you write to one of these royal families at the address listed here and get a reply, let me know and I will mark it.

      Be Aware Not Everyone on this List Replies to Letters. 


      P.O. Box Nr. 8170,
      Tirana, ALBANIA


      Vrana Palace 
      "Tsarigradsko Shosse" Blvd.
      9th kilometer, 1184 Sofia


      There are two branches of the Brazilian royal family, who claim to be the rightful Heirs:

      Vassouras Branch (Head: Prince Luiz of Orléans-Braganza)

      R. Itápolis, 873 - Pacaembu 
      01245-000 São Paulo/SP 

      Petrópolis Branch (Head: Prince Pedro Carlos of Orléans-Braganza)

      No address found

      Bourbon-Two Sicilies

      There are two branches of the Bourbon-Two Sicilies royal family, who claim to be the rightful Heirs:

      Castro Branch (Head: Prince Carlo, Duke of Castro)

      Royal Secretariat
       Via Carducci, 4
      00187 Rome (RM)

      Calabria Branch (Head: Prince Pedro, Duke of Calabria)

      No address found


      P.O.Box 51577, 
      145 03, Athens, 


      Karl von Habsburg and Family

      Casa Austria 
      A-5081 Anif 

      Hanover (2018)

      Marienberg 1
      30982 Pattensen


      Princely Swabian Branch

      Sigmaringen Castle-Schloss Sigmaringen 
      Karl Anton Platz 8
      72488 Sigmaringen

      Royal Prussian Branch
      (See Prussia)


      Address for Prince Jean, Duke of Vendôme

      Association Gens de France
      2 square d’Aumale
      F-28100 Dreux


      Fundação Dom Manuel II
      Rua dos Duques de Bragança 10
      1200-162 Lisboa


      Burg Hohenzollern
      Burg Hohenzollern
      D-72379 Burg Hohenzollern

      (Yeah, Burg Hohenzollern gets repeated a few times. It's the name of the castle, and the mountain and the area. Write the address as is.)

      Romania (2018)

      Palatul Elisabeta
      Sos. Kiseleff 28
      011347, Bucuresti 1

      There are two decent of the Savoy royal family, who claim to be the rightful Heirs:

      Vittorio Emanuele, Prince of Naples Branch

      I don't have an address for the Family has a whole. But Vittorio's son, Emmanuelle Filiberto's address is:

      Segreteria privata
      50a, Chemin du Vieux-Vésenazz 
      1222 Vésenaz Geneva

      Prince Amedeo, Duke of Aosta Branch

      Tenuta San Rocco
      via di Meliciano 14
      52029 – Castiglion Fibocchi AR

      The family has both a Germany and Switzerland address:

      Neumarkt 12
      D-01067 Dresden

      Av. de Sully 102
      CH-1814 La Tour de Peilz


      Schloss, Goetheplatz 8
      57319 Bad Berleburg


      Office of HRH Crown Prince Alexander
      The Royal Palace 11040 Belgrade


      Schloss Friedrichshafen
      Schlossstraße 1 – 6
      88045 Friedrichshafen