Saturday, 7 May 2016

2016 British Garden Parties

There will be a total of 9 Garden Parties this year. Which include the 3 Normal Buckingham Palace Garden Parties, 1 at Palace of Holyrood, and 5 held by various royals for their patronages.

**Attendance for Garden Parties is often not announced ahead of time, for many Royals, so do expect the usually people, even if they aren't currently listed.**


Sunday 7th 
  • Royal Yeomanry Garden Party 
    • Hosted by Princess Alexandra (Royal Honorary Colonel)
    • Attending: Alexandra
Tuesday 10th 
  • Queen's Garden Party
    • Hosted by Queen
    • Attending: Queen, Philip, Sophie, Andrew, Alexandra, Duke and Duchess of Gloucester 
Thursday 12th 
  • Barnardo's 150th anniversary Garden Party
    • Hosted by Camilla (Patron)
    • Attending: Camilla, Alexandra, Duchess of Gloucester
Monday 16th 
  • Duke of Edinburgh Award's 60th Anniversary Garden Party 
    • Hosted by Philip,
    • Attending: Edward, Sophie
Tuesday 17th
  • The Prince's Trust 40th anniversary Garden Party
    • Hosted by Charles (Founder/ President)
    • Attending: Charles
Thursday 19th 
  • Queen's Garden Party
    • Attending: Queen, Philip, Charles, Camilla, Anne, Alexandra, Duke of Kent
Tuesday 24th 
  • Queen's Garden Party
    • Hosted by Queen
    • Attending: Queen, Philip, William, Catherine, Beatrice, Eugenie, Duke of Gloucester, Duchess of Gloucester,  Duke of Kent
Tuesday 26th: 
    • The Not Forgotten Association Garden Party
      • Hosted by Prince Andrew
      • Attending: Andrew, Beatrice, Eugenie

    Tuesday 5th 
    • Queen's Holyrood Week Garden Party
      • Hosted by Queen
      • Attending: Queen, Philip, Edward, Anne

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