Monday, 31 October 2016

Christmas 2016 - Main Page

Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year! And of course it is a very exciting time for Royal Watchers. There is plenty going on with Speeches, Concerts, Holiday Events, Christmas Cards, Official Photos, etc. 
Writing to the Royals for Christmas
2016 Christmas Royal Replies
2016 Christmas/New Years Speeches
Most of European Monarchs give a speech sometime during the holiday season. We will link them here when they get posted, with English Translations, if they are not in English or subtitled. 

(All times are Local/London.) 

Christmas Eve Speeches
Christmas Day Speeches 
New Years Eve Speeches


  1. How many cards will you be sending out this year and to who?

    1. I will get to how ever many I get to. My basic Idea is to cover all the current European monarchs. And then with the UK I tend to work down the family, starting with Wales, Cambridges, Harry, Yorks, etc. But basically I just write one letter at a time, to who ever I feel particularly inspired to write to at the moment. There maybe some people I never get around to, and some people I decided to write who I wasn't planning on.

  2. Have you received a reply from Queen Elizabeth yet. I got a reply from William and kate but not the queen yet

    1. I haven't got a reply from either Queen Elizabeth or the Cambridges..... It takes time for them to send out their replies. I know last year I didn't get a reply from the Queen till February.