Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Charles and Camilla - Tour of Europe (2017)

Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla will tour Europe 29th March and 6th April 2017. The Charles will visit Romania solo, before being joined by Duchess Camilla for a visit to Italy, the Vatican and Austria. The Tour is to highlight the UK's relationship with European partners in areas including social cohesion, military ties and combatting human trafficking.


Wednesday 29th - Friday 31st - Romania (Bucharest)
  • Charles - Meet President of Romania 
  • Charles - Lay wreath at the national war memorial
  • Charles - Visit the National Theatre
  • Charles - Learn about their work with the UK on Human Trafficking. 
  • Charles - Visit an orphanage run by the FARA Foundation which transforms the lives of vulnerable and traumatized children and young people.
  • Charles - Visit projects preserving traditional skills and vernacular architecture

Saturday 1st  - Wednesday 5th Italy (Rome, Florence, Naples)
  • Joint - Attend a reception and a dinner hosted by the Palazzo Strozzi Foundation recognizing the 100th anniversary of the British Institute 
    • Charles received the 'Renaissance Man of the Year' by the Palazzo Strozzi Foundation.
  • Joint -  Meet President of Italy
  • Joint -  Sample some of the best 'Slow Food' that the region has to offer.
  • Joint -  Attend an event to recognise the work of The Prince's 'Campaign for Wool', which raises awareness amongst consumers about the unique, natural, renewable and biodegradable benefits offered by the fibre.
  • Charles - A trip to Amatrice in central Italy where the Prince will meet some of those affected by the earthquake which hit the region in August 2016. His Royal Highness will talk to local families, emergency service personnel and some of those co-ordinating the reconstruction effort. 
  • Charles - Lay wreath at the national war memorial 
  • Charles - Visit the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation to hear about their work to address the developing famine in the Horn of Africa and the contribution which has been made by UK aid
  • Camilla - Visit 'La Gloriette', a villa in Naples which has been confiscated from the mafia and now houses a project to help young people socialize and integrate into their community. 
  • Camilla - Visit Associazione Progetto Arcobaleno, a project which helps immigrants and the impoverished, as well as the female victims of human trafficking, by providing language classes and career advice.
  • Camilla - Visit Herculaneum, where she will hear how international partnerships and Italian expertise are transforming the archaeological site and surrounding communities.
Tuesday 4th - The Vatican
  • Joint - Meet with Pope Francis 
    • Exchange gifts
  • Joint - Tour the Vatican 
Wednesday 5th - Thursday 6th - Austria (Vienna)
  • Joint - Meet President of Austria
  • Joint - Visit to the Musikverein 
  • Joint - Visit Spanish Riding School.
  • Joint - Tour the world famous Wiener Musikverein, where they will see the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra rehearse and will view a number of original manuscripts by composers such as Mozart and Brahms from the Musikverein's archives.
  • Joint - Visit an organic Heuriger and learn about the production of Austrian wine
  • Charles - Mark the centenary of the deployment of British Forces to the Austrian Front.
  • Charles - Learn about their work with the UK on Human Trafficking. 
  • Charles - Visit the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe and will join discussions which are taking place on modern slavery and freedom of religion and belief

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  1. The capital of Romania is Bucharest. Budapest is the city capital of Hungary.