Sunday 1 September 2019

Sussex 2019 Autumn Tour - South Africa, Malawi, Angola & Botswana

Prince Harry & Duchess Meghan will go on an official tour, September 23rd-October 2nd, with their son Archie. The family will visit South Africa together. Then, Prince Harry will travel solo to Malawi, Angola, &  Botswana, while Meghan & Archie stay in South Africa.

Joint Engagements (13)
Harry Solo (18)
Meghan Solo (6)

Harry (31)
Meghan (19)

Sept 23rd - Cape Town, South Africa
  • (Arrive Privately)
  • Both - Meet with the British High Commissioner to the Republic of South Africa at his official Residence in Cape Town 
  • Both - Visit a workshop that teaches children about their rights, self-awareness and safety
  • Both -Visit the District Six Museum to learn about their work reuniting people relocated during the apartheid
  • Both - Cooking Class at Homecoming Centre
Sept 24th- Cape Town, South Africa
  • Both - Visit Waves for Change at Monwabisi beach
    • Meet with the Lunchbox Fund
    • Meet with Dr. Thomas Maes, who is leading the Commonwealth litter program
  • H - Visit Seal Island with Capetown marine unit to learn about their work to combat poaching
  • Both - Visit the Bo Kaap Area to mark Heritage Day
  • Both - Visit Auwal Mosque to meet with representatives of different faith groups
    • Visit local residents in their home for tea
  • Both - Reception at British High Commissioner's residence
    • Give Speech
Sept 25th- Capetown, South Africa
  • Both -  Meet with Archbishop Desmond Tutu & his wife at their legacy foundation
    • With Archie
  • M - Visit Woodstock Exchange to meet with female entrepreneurs and investors working in technology
  • M - Visit Mothers2Mothers
  • (H - Travel to Botswana)
Sept 26th - H in Botswana & Angola/ M in South Africa
  • H - Visit Chobe Forest Tree Reserve
    • Dedicate an area to the Queen's Commonwealth Canopy
  • H - Visit Sentebale Project focusing on improving the mental health of children affected by HIV
  • H - Received a briefing on human and wildlife conflict from Botswana Defence Force Patrol
  • (H - Travel to Angola)
  • H - Receive briefing from Halo Trust 
  • H - Attended a screening of the National Geographic film, Into the Okavango
  • M - Private "Women in Public Service" Breakfast at High Commission
Sept 27th - Dirico, & Huambo Angola
  • H - Visit a working Halo Trust de-mining field outside Dirico
  • H - Visit Queen's Commonwealth Canopy Project
  • H - Meet with Governor Joana Lina, who was the official host for Princess Diana's 1997 visit
    • Visit the location where Princess visited
    • Meet with de-mining representatives
  • H - Visit Huambo Orthopeadic Centre
    • Re-name the facility in honor of Princess Diana, who visited in 1997
    • Give Speech
  • H- Attend Reception at British Ambassador's residence
    • Give Speech
Sept 28th - Luanda, Angola
  • H - Audience with President Lourenço and First Lady Lourenço at the Presidential Palace
  • H - Visit Maternity Hospital Lucrécia Paim to see "Born Free to Shine" Project with First Lady Lourenço 
  • (Travel to Malawi)
Sept 29th - Lilongwe, Malawi
  • H - Visit Nalikule College of Education working with the Campain for Female Education
    • Duchess Meghan skyped in
  • H - Audience with President Peter Mutharika
  • H - Respection hosted British High Commissioners 
    • Give Speech
Sept 30th - Malawi
  • H - Visit Liwonde National Park
    • Pay tribute to Guardsman Mathew Talbot
    • Receive briefing
    • Dedicate park and adjoining Mangochi forest to Queen Commonwealth Canopy
    • Attended Africa Parks Dinner
  • M - Visit Victoria Yards
Oct 1st - H in Malawi/ H & M  in South Africa
  • H - Visit Mauwa Health Centre to see their Pharmacy in a box and Youth Reproductive Health Outreach Program. 
  • (H - Travel to South Africa)
  • M - Attend Roundtable discussion with the Association of Commonwealth Universities in Johannesburg
  • M - Visit a gender-based violence education club at a local school and met representatives from ActionAid South Africa and the Teddybear's Clinic.
Oct 2nd - South Africa
  • Both - Meet with youth entrepreneurs and view skills initiatives addressing the rise in unemployment 
  • Both - Meet Graça Machel, widow of the late President Mandela
  • Both - Attend UK-South Africa Business Reception 
  • Both - Audience with President Cyril Ramaphosa and his wife
  • (Depart privately for the UK)
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  1. If you read Scobie's article about the SussexRoyalTour of Africa there were some embargoed engagements that would be announced closer to time. So, Meghan visiting was the place where woman was killed or her family was not secret. It was PRIVATE! Even Scobie sad in his post! And no Scobie is not Sussexes pr reporter. SussexRoyal did a post to draw attention to the cause of GBV and the fact that the Sussexes support them. But whatever the Sussexes do some people will always criticize, especially Meghan! It's so tiring.

    1. The visit was a secret & private. The media was not told about it in advance. But the Sussexs choose to share info about the visit after. Also, it was not listed on the Court Circular, so it's not an engagement.

      The embargoed engagements you are referring to are something else.