Tuesday, 9 January 2018

UK Royal Birthday Bells, Flag, Gun Salutes

UK Flag Day & 21 Gun Salutes for 2020 has been confirmed. Westminister Abbey only updates it's bell-ringing schedule 6 months in advance, so the schedule for all of 2020 is not confirmed. But, so far it is the same as past years (except for the canceled events due to the Coronavirus).

List as of April 18th
DateRoyalBells at Westminister AbbeyUK Flag day21 gun salute
April 21stThe Queenyes (Canceled)yesyes (Canceled)
April 23rdPrince Louisyes (Canceled)
May 2ndPrincess Charlotteyes (Canceled)
June 10thPrince Philipyesyesyes
June 17thThe Queen (Official)yesyesyes
June 21stPrince William yesyes
July 17thDuchess Camillayesyes
July 22ndPrince Georgeyes
August 15thPrincess Anneyesyes

Royal Bells at Westminster Abbey UK Flag day 21 gun saluteMonth
Queen yes yes yes April/June
Philip yes yes yes June
Charles yes yes yes November
Camilla yes yes
William yes yes
Kate yes yes January 
Cambridge Kids yes Apr/May/July
Meghan August
Andrew yes yes February 
Edward yes yes March
Sophie yes January 
Anne yes yes August
Queen's Cousins Various

In 2020, due to the Coronavirus, the 21 Gun Salute was canceled on the Queen's birthday in April & all bell ringing at Westminister Abbey was canceled for April & May birthdays. 


  1. Why Prince Harry doesn't have any type of royal birthday bells, gun salute, etc...?

    1. The only grandchildren of the Monarch included are Will & Kate as the future King & Queen.

  2. I'm surprised that Charlotte's gets Bells when Harry doesn't. As Harry is the second child of the heir where Charlotte is second child of the heir to the heir.

    While she is ahead of him in the line of succession she is not a future monarch like George is.

    1. Yeah. It is interesting. I think part of it is just them trying to keep the list short. They can't do everyone. But it will be intresting to see what happens as the Cambridges have their 3rd Kid and Harry gets married and becomes a full-time royal.

    2. Update...15 September is Battle of Britain Day so the bells are rung for that...probably why there is/will never be mention of Harry getting bells. He's kind of getting them but not.

    3. No, you can't kind of get them. When there are two bell-ringing events on the same day, the bells are rung once, but both events get a acknowledged. For example: August 15th is Princess Anne's birthday & Assumption of the Virgin Mary, both get mentioned on the Westminster Abbey calendar.

      Harry not getting bell rung on his birthday have nothing to do with it also being Battle of Britain Day.

    4. In fact, I think it kind of says a lot that they choose not to make Prince Harry's birthday a bell ringing day. It wouldn't have required any extra cost or energy to have the bells on that day be for two events.

  3. Don't George & Charlotte get 21 Gun Salutes?. I know I remember them getting some

    1. Royal Babies get 21 Gun Salutes when they are born.