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Prince William's Official Patronages - Sports

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In an effort to kept things organized this section features only Prince William's  Sports patronages.  You can find links to all of his patronages here.

Football Association
President (May 2006)

William's role as President is to support the FA (the governing body of English football), the sport, and the organization's initiatives and programs.

Previous Presidents: Prince Philip (1955–1957), Duke of Gloucester (1957–1963), Duke of Kent (1971–2000), Prince Andrew (2000-2006)

Welsh Rugby Union
Vice Royal Patron (February 2007 - December 2016)
Royal Patron (December 2016)

The Welsh Rugby Union is head of all levels of Rugby in Wales, from community clubs to the national team. In 2007 William took on the role as Vice Royal Patron to support the Queen's work with the Welsh Rugby Union and the 2007 Six Nations Championship.

The Queen was Royal Patron (?-2016)

English Schools’ Swimming Association (ESSA)
Patron (May 2007)

William competed in ESSA water polo competitions while in school at Eton. When studying at St. Andrews University, William played water polo with Scottish Universities. ESSA plans swimming, diving, water polo and synchronized swimming competitions, as well as set the competition rules.

The charity also promotes teaching swimming in schools.

Welsh Rugby Charitable Trust
Patron (June 2012)

Welsh Rugby Charitable Trust is the official charity of the Welsh Rugby Union. The trust supports injured players at any level throughout Wales & prevents future injuries through research and education.

British Sub-Aqua Club
President (May 2014)

Prince William became President of the British Sub-Aqua Club in 2014 after his father Prince Charles step down. Prince Phillip, William's Grandfather, previously held the position as well.  The British Sub-Aqua Club promotes the continued development, safety and enjoyment of scuba diving for all ages.

Amateur Swimming Association
Patron (December 2016)

The Amateur Swimming Association is the English national governing body for swimming, diving, water polo, open water and synchronized swimming.

The Queen was Patron (1953-2016).

Royal Household Football Sports and Social Club
President (?)

A sport and social club for Royal Household Staff. Queen is Patron.

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