Wednesday, 20 March 2019

Sussex Royal Baby Watch - Timeline

We have not gotten a lot of info on the Birthing Plan. But this what we know/expect:
April 11th: 
Within a few days?:
  • Press Pen is set up on the Long Walk. (Media is not allowed in the Press Pen yet)
    • Parking Restrictions go up if necessary around Long Walk
April 21st: 
  • Queen's 93rd Birthday
  • Easter!
April 28th 
  • London Marathon
    • Prince Harry present medals????? (As Patron of the London Marathon Trust, he does this annually. But, would obviously skip it if needed.)
April 30th 
  •  SuperFan Terry Hutt's 84th birthday 
?? (Due Date: Late April/Early May)
  • Duchess Meghan goes into labor and is admitted to the hospital
Within a few hours:
  • Palace issues a press releases & posts on social media saying Duchess Meghan has gone into labor.
  • Press is allowed into press pen at the Long Walk.
  • Social Media starts to freak out! 
  • (If the middle of the night, the news may be delayed until morning.)
Sometime later:
  • The Royal Baby is born
  • Close family is informed of the baby's birth.
    • Queen first
Shortly after:
  • Official Announcement about the baby's birth is made via Press Release and Social Media 
    • (Time of Birth, Sex, Weight is announced) 
  • (If baby is born during the night, the announcement will be delayed until morning [Approx 8 AM] so that the Queen & close family can be told about the Birth before the announcement.)
The Next Day or Day after: 
  • Photocall with parents & baby
In the days after: 
  • Baby's name is released
  • The birth certificate is filled out by Prince Harry
About 2 weeks later:
  • First official photo of the baby is released (possibly)
May 12th
  • Mother's Day (USA)
June 8th
  • Trooping the Colours
    • Likely Duchess Meghan's 1st official engagement post-birth 
Approx 2 months after birth: 
  • Royal Baby is christened
A day or two after:
  • Official christening photos are released 

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