Wednesday, 30 December 2015

King Harald's Silver Jubilee - 25 years on the Throne

On 17 January, 2016, King Harald of Norway celebrated 25 years on the throne, his Silver Jubilee. To celebrate this milestone there was be three days of celebration, January 15-17th.

Friday 15th 
  • Deputations at the Palace
  • "Gratulasjonsprotokoll/ Greeting Protocol" public can sign book of congratulations at Palace 
Saturday 16th 
  • Private dinner for Royal Family and foreign Guests at Skagum (Crown Prince Couple's residence). 
Sunday 17th
  • Service at Royal Chapel 
    • With Foreign Royals
  • Winter Festival at Palace Square
    • With Foreign Royals
  • Private Lunch at Palace 
    • With Foreign Royals
  • Gala at University Aula
    • With Foreign Royals
  • Private Dinner at Palace  

Along with the other members of the Norwegian Royal Family, Queen Margrethe of Denmark and King Carl Gustaf & Queen Silvia of Sweden attended the celebrations. Sweden and Denmark are the two neighboring Monarchies.

As part of the Silver Jubilee celebrations King Harald and Queen Sonja will take a jubilee tour along with Norwegian coast this summer, 17 to 28 June.

Silver Jubilees
King Harald is by no means the 1st monarch to celebrate his Silver Jubilee.  We have a number of monarchs, both currently reigning and abdicated, who have celebrates Silver Jubilees.

The most recent Silver Jubilee was Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands. She celebrated her Silver Jubilee in 2005. She Abdicated in 2013.

King Juan Carlos I of Spain celebrated his Silver Jubilee in 2000. He abdicated in 2014.

King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden celebrated his Silver Jubilee in 1998. (18 years ago)

Queen Margrethe II of Denmark celebrated her silver jubilee in 1997. (19 years ago)

Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her silver jubilee in 1977. (39 years ago)

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