Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Prince Harry - Official Engagements 2017

Harry's current count is 29 engagements for 2017. 

(Unconfirmed) - Not Officially Confirmed/ Announced, Yet, but Expected
(Possible) -  Not Confirmed or 100% Expected, but Possible due to past appearances or reports of their attendance

(Past Months at bottom of Page)

Thursday 9th 
  • Attend Service of Dedication at Horse Guards Parade for the Iraq-Afghanistan Memorial
    • with Queen & Royal family
    • Reception afterwards
Saturday 11th 
  • Attend England v Scotland Six Nations rugby match (England Rugby)
Monday 13th 
  • Attend Commonwealth Day observance service at Westminster Abbey 
    • With Queen and Royal Family
Tuesday 14th 
  • Host reception at Buckingham Palace for 2nd Battalion Royal Gurkha Rifles
    • With Charles 
    • Present operational service medals 
Wednesday 15th 
  •  Visit the Queen's Canopy Wood Pasture Restoration Project at Epping Forest
Thursday 16th 
  • Attend Veterans' Mental Health Conference at King’s Centre for Military Health Research,  at King's College London (Head's Together)
  • Attended a Board Meeting for Sentebale
Monday 20th 
  • Attend a ceremony at the Embassy of Nepal to celebrate the bicentenary of UK-Nepal relations 
  • Attend a briefing on Veterans’ Gateway project from Mark Collins (Project Manager, Royal British Legion).
Tuesday 21st - Leicestershire
  • Visit Yes You Can project at Hamilton Community College
    • Meet mentors and children
  • Visit Leicestershire Aids Support Service (LASS) an HIV charity for Leicester, Leicestershire, and Rutland to celebrate it's 30th Birthday
    • Meet service users and volunteers
    • Unveil plaque 
  • Visit the Pink Lizard, a youth and community organization at the Saffron Lane estate
Upcoming Events:
Sunday 9th 
  • Attend ceremony for 100th anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge in France 
    • With Charles and Harry
Sunday 24th
Saturday 13th 
  • "Party at the Palace" tea party at Buckingham Palace for children of those who have died serving in the Armed Forces 
    • With William and Kate
Thursday 18th (Unconfirmed)
  • Diana Award's Legacy Awards Ceremony at St. James Palace
Monday 23rd  (Unconfirmed)
  • Attend RHS Chelsea Flower Show
    • With Royal Family
Early spring:  
(The Charities Forum's Bi-Annual Meeting & The Chairman's dinner at Kensington for The Royal Foundation)  

Saturday 17th 
  • Trooping the Colours - Queen's Official Birthday 
    • The 1st. Battalion Irish Guards will be trooping
Tuesday 20th - Saturday 24th - (Unconfirmed)
  •  Attend Royal Ascot
Friday 7th -  Sunday 9th  - (Possible)

(15th: Prince Harry's 33rd Birthday)

Autumn: (Unconfirmed) 
Late October (Unconfirmed)  
    • Field of Remembrance (Possible)  
    Sunday 11th (Unconfirmed)  
    • Remembrance Sunday at Cenotaph in Whitehall, London 
    The Charities Forum's Bi-Annual Meeting  (Unconfirmed) 
    Attended the Autumn Dinner of the Royal Foundation (Unconfirmed) 


    Annual Christmas Carol Service for Henry Van Straubenzee Memorial Fund - (Unconfirmed) 

    ******* Past Months *******
    January (7)
    Monday 9th 
    • Attend the Endeavour Fund Awards Ceremony Judging Panel at Kensington Palace
    Monday 16th 
    • Received Mr. Michel Sidibé (Executive Director of the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS).

    Tuesday 17th 
    • Attend briefing to outline the next phase of Heads Together
    • Attend Endeavor Fund 1st annual awards ceremony (The Royal Foundation)
      • Present the Henry Worsley Award and other Endeavor Fund awards
      • Give Speech 
    Monday 23rd 
    •  Visit Help for Heroes Recovery Centre in Wiltshire 
    Wednesday 25th 
    • Attended an Armed Forces mental health roundtable Dinner at the Royal College of Psychiatrists
    Thursday 26th 
    • Visit young person's hostel in London, to see how Running Charity is helping boost life skills
    February (10)
    Wednesday 1st 
    • Visited Nottingham Academy with Full Effects
    • Attended the Coach Core Graduation Ceremony at Nottingham City Council
    Thursday 2nd 
    • Visit London Ambulance service to launch Time to Talk Day (Head's Together)
    Sunday 5th
    • Attend training day for runners taking part in the 2017 London Marathon (Head's Together) at  Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park
      • With William and Harry
    Thursday 9th 
    •  Held a meeting for the United Nations Aids Programme 
    Monday 13th 
    Friday 17th
    • Attend the England Rugby team training session at Twickenham 
    Tuesday 21st 
    • Attend Head's Together training day in Newcastle & Gateshead for 2017 London Marathon
    • Meeting ex-servicemen who have received specialist support from Walking with the Wounded, Gateshead Council and the police
    Monday 27th
    • Visit the digital mental health service Big White Wall's London office

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    1. Didn't he also complete a day of engagements in Nottingham on February 1st?

      1. Yes, Thanks. Not sure how that got left off.

    2. On February 21st Prince Harry attended three engagements. WWTW at Gateshead Council, a Heads Together training day at Quayside and the Virgin Money HQ for a charity day.

      1. We counted the Heads Together training day and visit to Virgin Money HQ as one engagement. For more on "How We Keep Count of Engagements" check out the link at the bottom of the article.

      2. It was in two different places, with different people, it's in the CC as three engagements so I don't understand...

      3. First off, this isn't a copy of the CC. This is my count. Obviously it's a lot like the CC, but I think the CC has some faults.

        2nd the CC doesn't count anything. It just lists info. It's still up to the person reading it, to decide how to count things.

        For us, two different places or different people doesn't automatically mean separate engagements.

        For example the unveiling of the Iraq & Afghanistan Memorial:

        For Harry, he attended the service, then the reception afterwards. I wouldn't count something like that as 2 engagements. I counted that as 1. It really was the same event, just in two different places. But if you were looking at the CC, and counting everything little thing as a separate engagement you might get 2.

        You might even get 4 engagements for the Queen:
        1) Service at Horse Guard
        2) Drove to Richmond Terrace and were received by the Marshal of the Royal Air Force the Lord Stirrup KG
        3) Walked to Victoria Embankment Gardens and met Memorial Trustees
        4) Unveiled memorial.

        Or you might count it as 1 engagement. Or 2 seeing as how the Queen and Philip were the only Royals at the actual unveiling of the memorial. That was sort of a separate thing that was shown on the screen at Horse Guard Parade for people who had attended the service.

        I saw the Feb 21st Heads Together stuff as kind of like the service and reception. First they did some training, then they headed to an reception. So the fact that it was 2 places here didn’t mean 2 engagements.

        As for the different people, I don't really see 2+ organization working together on a project as "different people,” such that they should be separate engagements. We very often see engagements and events with multiple organizations.

        At the training day you had the Head's Together Runners, who are training for the London Marathon. Head’s Together is the official charity of the London Marathon which is run by Virign Money.

        Head's Together is an organization made up of a number of mental health charities. And Virgin Money is one of the official partners of Heads Together.
        So these runners often represent both an individual charity (Mind, Place2BE, etc.) as well as the umbrella org Heads Together. And since Heads Together is the Marathon’s official charity and Virgin Money is one of the official partners of Heads Together, the runners sort of represents Virign Money as well.

        At Virgin Money HQ, they were holding an event for staff, runners, and representatives from Heads Together's charity partners. So it actually had a lot of people from the training day.

        Given that Virgin Money is part of Head’s Together, and Head’s together is part of the Marathon that Virgin Money is running, I don't really see them as “different people.” So I wouldn’t count that as two engagements.