Thursday 30 April 2015

May Q&A (2015)

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Question 1: Why didn't Michael and Carole Middleton Arrive at KP together to see Princess Cambridge? They look tired. 

Answer: I can't tell you the specific reason, but we do know that Carole Middleton was at Kensington Palace yesterday, helping out with George while William and Catherine were at Lindo Wing. It is believed that Carole then stayed in London at Pippa's apartment. Michael Middleton probably was driving in from Bucklebury.

Question 2: Did that girl kiss Prince Harry on the lips?!

Answer: It would appear so.  21 year old, Victoria McRae had asked Prince Harry for a kiss on the cheek, but last second turned her head to kiss him on the lips. You can read about it and see the video here.

Question 3: Do you think Harry's wife would ever wear a tiara? 

Answer: I can tell you most definitely YES! We will see her wearing a Tiara on her wedding day and any event requiring a Tiara.

Question 4: When did William and Kate meet at St. Andrews? The month 

Answer: We know that they met at St. Andrews University when they were both students. We don't really know what exactly happened the first time that they met, there are some different stories floating about. We know they were friends first before dating, both in the same year and had some classes together. I would presume that they met during that first semester at Uni. William was not there for Freshers week, but they probably met soon after. Some reports suggest they had actually met through mutual friends the Summer before St. Andrews, but didn't become friends till they met again at Uni.

I just came across the Royal Central's (William and Kate’s Britain by Claudia Joseph) Book Giveaway and assume this question is in relation to that. 

The question they ask for the giveaway is "When did Prince William and the former Kate Middleton meet at St Andrews University?" with the multiple choices: September 2002, August 2001, August 2010, & September 2001. Answering this question doesn't require any special knowledge of William and Catherine's first meeting, you just have to know they met during their first year and the years they attended.

Prince William and Catherine were in the same year at St. Andrew and started in 2001. We can immediately rule out September 2002 as that was their 2nd year as well as August 2010 which was 2 months before their engagement.

That leaves us with August 2001 and September 2001. School didn't start until September in 2001, so that eliminates August 2001 as a possibility. Even if they had met earlier, the question asks When did they meet at St. Andrews, so September 2001 is the only possibility.

It's also quite possible that they didn't meet until October that year, but for the purposes of the Book Giveaway the answer should be September 2001.

Question 5: What are the bracelets Prince Harry always wears? 

Answer: Harry wears a quite a few different bracelets. The rubber ones are mostly for the charities he supports, eg. Walking with the Wounded (white w/ red), Help for Heros (Light Blue) (Light blue, Dark Blue, Red) or for things like the Invictus Games (Black w/ Yellow) or the Household Calvary (Red and Blue w/ Yellow). I'm not quite sure what the significance of the other ones are, a think a bunch of them are ones he collected on his travels, esp. to Africa, or have some connection to his charities.

The necklace is reportedly a gift from Ex girlfriend, Chelsy Davy. He wears it a lot, but it often tucked underneath his shirt and out of view.

Question 6: Is Chelsy Davy the one that recently got engaged?

Answer: Chelsy Davy is not engaged. There were reports last year that she was soon to be engaged to Charles Good, her boyfriend of about a year, but the pair broke up in January.  She is currently single, but I highly doubt she and Harry will get back together.

Question 7: When does Prince William return back to his air ambulance job?

Answer: We have been told that Prince William will return to work June 1st and that he will have a series of engagements at the end of May. I would expect him to have some next week as well, although none have currently been announced. William has been on leave since April 21st after finishing his training, two weeks of that was paid Paternity Leave.

Question 8:Does the Duchess of Cambridge ever wear a scrunchie? 

Answer: No, I've never seen her in a scrunchy. Catherine will use a hair tie then often wrap her hair around it or sometimes a ribbon.

Question 9: Do you think the Queen is going to gift Harry and his future wife a country home on her Sandringham property? And if so, which place do you think it will be?

Answer: Right now, Prince Harry primary (and only) residence is an apartment at Kensington Palace, where the Cambridges and other royals also live. Like most of the BRF, Harry will likely get a private residence some where in the country after he gets married. Although nothing has been announced yet.

The Royal Family owns and leases a lot of properties all over the UK, which could be given to Harry. I couldn't really narrow it down anymore than that.  But my guess is it will be close to where ever Harry's future job is.