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2018 British Garden Parties

Each year, the Queen hosts 3 Garden parties at Buckingham Palace and 1 at the Palace of Holyroodhouse. Each year, there are also a few Garden parties at Buckingham Palace, hosted by different royals for their Patronages.

We usually see each working royal attend one of the Queen's 3 Buckingham Palace garden parties each year. Plus, they may host one of their own. 

Tuesday 15
  • Queen's Garden Party at Buckingham Palace
    • Attending: Queen, Andrew, Edward, Sophie
Thursday 17th
  • Morning Reception for the Duke of Edinburgh Awards
    • Attending: Edward (Trustee), Sophie, Andrew
  • Afternoon Reception for the Duke of Edinburgh Awards
    • Attending: Edward (Trustee), Sophie, Anne
Tuesday 22nd 
  • Garden Party for Prince Charles' patronages in honor of the Prince's 70th birthday 
    • Attending: Charles, Camilla, Harry & Meghan
Thursday 24th 
  • Morning Reception for the Duke of Edinburgh Awards
    • Attending: Edward (Trustee), Sophie, & Beatrice
  • Afternoon Reception for the Duke of Edinburgh Awards
    • Attending: Edward (Trustee), William, & Eugenie
      • Beatrice was originally scheduled to attend this reception, but I guess she switched with her sister.  
Thursday 31st
  • Queen's Garden Party at Buckingham Palace
    • Attending: Queen, William, Eugenie, Duke & Duchess of Gloucester, Duke of Kent, Princess Alexandra. 
Tuesday 5th
  • Queen's Garden Party at Buckingham Palace
    • Attending: Queen (Not sure why she had to cancel), Charles, Camilla, Anne, Duke & Duchess of Gloucester, Duke of Kent, Prince & Princess Micheal of Kent
Thursday 7th 
  • Not Forgotten Association Garden Party
    • Attending: Anne (Patron)
Wednesday 4 
  • Queen's Garden Party at Palace of Holyroodhouse
    • Attending: Queen, Andrew, Edward

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British Garden Parties - Main Page

Each year, the Queen hosts 3 Garden parties at Buckingham Palace and 1 at the Palace of Holyroodhouse. And, often there are a few Garden parties at Buckingham Palace, hosted by different royals for their Patronage.

Royals Attending:
Queen's Garden Parties:

The Queen's annual garden parties are a way of recognizing and rewarding people from across the UK for their public service. Guests are nominated by local Lord-Lieutenants, Societies and Associations, Government Departments, Local Government, etc. Over 30,000 guests are invited each year to one of the four garden parties.

Three of the Garden Parties are held at Buckingham Palace in London, England. And the Last is held at the Palace of Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh, Scotland during the Queen's annual Holyrood Week.

Guests are let into the garden at 3 PM, at the Garden Party officially starts at 4 PM when members of the Royal Family arrive.

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Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Duchess Kate birthday (2018)

Duchess of Cambridge

The 2nd reply is from the UK. I had written in January for Duchess Kate's Birthday. This is the 2nd time I've received my reply for Kate's Birthday before the Cambridge Christmas reply. The correspondence section at Clarence House is always very busy over the holidays, and especially this year with Prince Harry & Meghan Markle's engagement. 

The reply is the usual photo card. On the front is a photo of Duchess Kate taken during the Cambridge's 2016 Tour of Canada. It is the same photo used for last year's reply. It is very common for them to reuse a photo for a number of years or events. 

This year's photo is a little different as they have added a white border. Below, you can see the 2017 & 2018 replies side by side. They used to not do a white border on these photo cards, just Camilla's larger ones. But in the last year or so, I've seen it on almost all the replies from Clarence House. Personally, I'm not a fan of the white border, it makes the photo so much smaller and doesn't seem as elegant. But it seems like they have made the decision to switch.

Kate's 2017 & 2018 Birthday Reply
The back of the card features a new thank you message. All the past birthday replies from Kate, I've gotten, had the same message on the back. It is nice to see them change it up this year. I especially like that they've added her age. It is nice to have something that dates the card, given that they don't have a date on it.

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Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Prince Henrik of Denmark's Funeral

Prince Henrik of Denmark passed away on February 13th, just before midnight, at age 83. He died at Fredensborg Palace, surrounded by his wife and sons.

Prince Henrik's funeral will take place at the Chapel at Christiansborg Palace in Copenhagen on February 20th at 11 AM. The funeral will be a fairly small, private and personal event.

According to Prince Henrik's wishes, his body will be cremated. Half of his ashes will be spread over the Danish seas and the other half buried in the royal private garden at the Fredensborg Castle.

Royals Attending: (No Foreign Royals Attending)
  • Denmark Royal Family
    • Queen Anne-Marie of Greece 

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Monday, 12 February 2018

Wedding Service/ Carriage Procession Schedule - Prince Harry & Meghan Markle (May 19th, 2018)

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's Wedding Service will take place on May 19th at St George's Chapel at Windsor Castle. All times London/Windsor. You can find Time Zone conversions here.

Sometime in the Morning
  • The Order of Service (Program) is released
  • Prince Harry is officially given a new title by the Queen, and it is announced to the public
May 19th, 9:30 AM
  • Guests start to arrive at the Round Tower at Windsor Castle by bus and make the super short walk to St George's Chapel and enter by the South Door
10:35 AM 
  • Pre-service music begins
11:00 AM
  • Wedding guests have all arrived at St. George's Chapel
  • About now, Meghan and her mother, Doria Ragland, leave their hotel, Cliveden House, and travel to Windsor Castle
    • At Windsor Castle, Meghan will meet up with her flower girls (officially referred to as bridesmaids) and page boys 
11:25 AM
  • Members of the Royal Family start to arrive by car, or by foot, and enter via the Galilee Porch
11:40 AM
  • Prince Harry & Prince William arrive via the west door. 
11:42 AM
  • Prince Charles & Duchess Camilla arrive via the Galilee Porch
11:45 AM
  • Doria Ragland (Meghan's mum) arrive via the Galilee Porch
11:52 AM
  • The Queen (& Prince Philip?) arrive via the Galilee Porch
Just before Noon
  • Meghan Markle, along with her flower girls and page boys, arrive at St. George's Chapel and enter via the West Steps
  • Service begins: (See Order of Service for full details)
    • Meghan walks halfway down the aisle with her flower girls and page boys, before being met by Prince Charles at the end of the Nave. Prince Charles will walk her to down the Chapel Aisle. 
    • Bishop David Conner (Dean of Windsor) conducts the service
    • Archbishop Justin Welby (Archbishop of Canterbury) officiates the service
    • Lady Jane Fellowes (Princess Diana's sister) will give a reading
    • Bishop Michael Curry (Presiding Bishop of the USA Episcopal Church) gives the Address
    • Various musical performances
1 PM
  • Service Ends
  • The couple leaves via the West Steps and "acknowledge" the 200 representatives of Prince Harry's charities gathered there 
    • Harry & Meghan have their 1st kiss (Hopefully!!!! Not confirmed)
    • Family members will come out on the West Steps to watch the couple depart
    • Royal wedding guest exit via the South Door to see the start of the Carriage Procession before walking to the reception at St George's Hall at Windsor Castle
1:05 PMish
  • Carriage Procession Begins 
1:30 PMish
  • Carriage Procession Ends

Thursday, 8 February 2018

Royals Attending CHOGM (2018)

The Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) is a bi-annual meeting of the heads of government from the various countries in the British Commonwealth. The meeting takes place every 2 years, rotating between the different Commonwealth countries.  

This years meeting is set to be extra special as it will take place in the UK with events at Buckingham Palace, Kensington Palace, St. James Palace and Windsor Castle. The theme for the meeting is "Towards a Common Future.”

(The Queen's audiences, Royal Family's bilateral meetings, etc. are not announced in advance, so expect a much fuller schedule. Updates to come.)
Monday 16th - Commonwealth Forums Day 1
  • "Welcome to the UK" Evening Reception 
  • Youth Forum
    • Opening session of the Commonwealth Youth Forum 
      • Prince Harry (Commonwealth Youth Ambassador)
    • Youth Cabinet Roundtable
      • Prince Harry
  • Audiences
    • Prince Harry received
      • Prime Minister of Fiji
  • Inaugural Meeting of Commonwealth Scientific Advisers and Equivalents
    •  Prince Andrew (Royal Fellow)
  • Commonwealth Pitch at Palace at St. James Palace
    • Prince Andrew (Founder), Princess Beatrice, Duchess Sarah
  • Pitch at Palace Roundtable Discussion for executives of Facebook
    • Prince Andrew
  • Queen's Commonwealth Canopy Event
    • Countess Sophie
      • Plant Tree
  • Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Trust Reception at Tower Bridge
    • Countess Sophie (Vice-Patron)
  • Business Forum - (The Future of Trade)
    • Developing the Digital Economy: Disruption, Big Data and A.I. Roundtable
      • Princess Beatrice (Panel Member)
    • Other Events
      • Princess Beatrice 
Tuesday 17th - Commonwealth Forums Day 2
  • People's Forum - (Politics of Hope: Taking on Injustice in the Commonwealth)
    • Prince Charles
  • Youth Forum
    • Prince Charles
  • Commonwealth Big Lunch
    • Prince Charles, Duchess Camilla (Patron of Big Lunch)
  • Business Forum - (Joint Forums Day)
    • Joint Session with the Youth Forum
  • Audiences
    • The Queen received
      • President of the Republic of South Africa 
    • Prince Charles received
      • Prime Minister of Jamaica
      • Prime Minister of the Solomon Islands
    • Prince William received
      • Vice-President of the United Republic of Tanzania
        • (The President of the United Republic of Tanzania is not attending CHOGM)
      • President of the Republic of Kenya
    • Prince Harry received
      • Prime Minister of Dominica
      • President of the Republic of Malawi
      • President of the Republic of Rwanda 
      • President of the Republic of Botswana 
Wednesday 18th - Commonwealth Forums Day 3
  • Unveil Commonwealth Walkway panel
    • The Queen
  • Business Forum - (Leading the Future)
    • Closing Session 
      • Prince Charles
  • Prince's Trust International CHOGM Reception
    • Prince Charles (President)
  • Visited the Science Museum
    • Prince Charles
    • Malaria No More
      • Luncheon
        • Prince Andrew (Patron of Malaria No More)
      • Summit
    • Women's Forum - (Empowerment in the Community)
      • Round Table Meeting
        • Duchess Camilla
      • Closing Session
      • Human Trafficking Panel
        • Princess Eugenie
    • Youth Forum
      • Reception & Closing Session
        • Prince Harry, Meghan Markle
    • Audiences
      • The Queen received
        • Prime Minster of India 
        • Prime Minister of Canada
      • Prince Charles received
        • President of Cyprus
      • Prince Charles & Duchess Camilla received
        • Prime Minister of New Zealand
      • Prince William received
        • Prime Minister of Tuvalu
        • President of the Republic of Namibia
        • Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda
        • President of the Republic of Ghana
        • President of the Republic of Uganda
      • Prince Andrew received
        • Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago
        • Prime Minister of Vanuatu
        • Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea
        • President of Mozambique
        • Prime Minister of Singapore
        • Prime Minister of Cameroon
      • Prince Anne received
        • Prime Minister of Tonga
        • Prime Minister of Saint Christopher and Nevis (AKA Saint Kitts and Nevis)
        • Prime Minister of Swaziland 
        • Prime Minister of Nauru 
    Thursday 19th  - Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting 
    • CHOGM Formal Opening at Buckingham Palace
      • Queen, 
      • Prince Charles & Duchess Camilla
        • Prince William & Prince Harry
      • Prince Andrew
      • Princess Anne
      • Countess Sophie
      • Duke of Kent
      • Prince & Princess Michael of Kent 
      • Princess Alexandra
      • Speeches
    • CHOGM Women's Empowerment reception at the Royal Aeronautical Society
      • Prince Harry & Meghan Markle
    • Reception for new Heads of Government at Buckingham Palace
      • Queen, Prince Charles
    • Afternoon tea for Heads of Government Spouses at Clarence House
      • Duchess Camilla
    • Audiences
      • The Queen received
        • Prime Minister of New Zealand
      • Prince Charles received
        • Prime Minister of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan
      • Prince Andrew received
        • Prime Minister of Samoa
    • CHOGM Queen's Banquet at Buckingham Palace
      • Reception for Heads of State & Spouses
        • Queen, Prince Charles
      • Attend Banquet
        • Queen
        • Prince Charles & Duchess Camilla 
          • Prince William & Prince Harry 
        • Prince Andrew
          • Princess Beatrice & Princess Eugenie
        • Princess Anne & Vice Admiral Sir Tim Laurence
        • Prince Edward & Countess Sophie
        • Duke and Duchess of Gloucester
        • Duke of Kent
        • Princess Alexandra
        • Princess Michael of Kent
    Friday 20th - Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting 
    • Roundtable with African Foreign Ministers on Conservation and the Illegal Wildlife Trade
      • Prince William, Prince Harry
    • Commonwealth Games Federation Sports Breakfast
      • Prince Edward (Vice Patron)
    • Commonwealth Canopy Initiative at the Royal Botanic Gardens
      • Prince Edward
    • Spouses' Programme at Kew Gardens
      • Countess Sophie
    Saturday 21st - Queen's Birthday
    • "Queen's Birthday Party" concert at Royal Albert Hall in aid of the Queen's Commonwealth Trust
      • Queen
        • Charles, Camilla
          • William, Harry & Meghan Markle
            • Prince Harry, as president of the Commonwealth Trust, will give a speech
        • Andrew
          • Beatrice, Eugenie & Jack Brooksbank
        • Edward, Sophie
          • Louise
        • Anne & Tim
          • Peter & Autumn
      • Duke of Gloucester & Duchess of Gloucester
      • Duke of Kent
      • Prince & Princess Micheal of Kent
      • Princess Alexandra
      • More Extended Family

    Monday, 5 February 2018

    Royal Countries Competing in Each Disciple

    Alpine Skiing x x x x x x x
    x x
    Biathlon x


    x x
    Bobsleigh x



    Cross-country skiing x x x x x

    x x

    Figure skating x
    x x

    Freestyle skiing

    x x
    Ice hockey

    x x


    Nordic combined

    Short track speed skating x



    Skeleton x
    x x

    x x
    Ski jumping

    Snowboarding x
    x x

    x x x
    Speed skating x x

    x x x

    Note: Spain is abbreviated ESP

    Medal Count for PyeongChang 2018 Olympics

    Country Gold Silver Bronze Total
    Norway 14 14 11 39
    Netherlands 8 6 6 20
    Sweden 7 6 1 14
    Great Britain 1 0 4 5
    Spain 0 0 2 2
    Belgium 0 1 0 1
    Liechtenstein 0 0 1 1
    Denmark 0 0 0 0
    Luxembourg 0 0 0 0
    Monaco 0 0 0 0

    Thursday, 1 February 2018

    February Q&A (2018)

    As always, post your Royal Questions & I will get to them as soon as possible.

    Question 1: Meghan or Eugenie - which engagement ring do you prefer? 

    Answer: I'm not a big jewellery person and have never had the pleasure of Engagement Ring Shopping, so I'm sure I'm crazy and will straighten out when I do get that pleasure of ring shopping, but I am a big fan of that classic solitaire Dimond Engagement Ring. I think Engagement rings should be diamond. You can use all the wonderful jewels on other pieces of jewellery.

    But for Royals, when the ring is that huge, I don't think all diamonds look good. There should definitely be some diamond, but you need something else. So, I would definitely pick Eugenie's ring. I'm glad Harry used Diana's Diamonds, but he should have purchased something other than a diamond to go with it. Plus with a Dimond and some other jewel, you then have that set of jewellery that goes with it.

    That being said, Duchess Sarah's, Princess Diana/Duchess Kate's and Crown Princess Mary's are some of my favourite Engagement Rings.

    Question 2: Best royal wedding dress ever?

    Answer: That's too hard!!! There are so many great dresses out there and it is hard to choose one because they are all so different. And there are definitely some I don't know if I love or hate. Just a few of my favourites: Duchess Camilla's (Wedding to Charles obviously), Princess Charlene's (Civil Ceremony),  Princess Stephanie of Lux (Religious Ceremony), Crown Princess Victoria, Duchess Kate (Reception Dress), Beatrice Borromeo (2nd Ceremony).

    Some I don't know if I Love or Hate: Queen Rania, Princess Caroline (Wedding to Philippe Junot), Crown Princess Mary, Queen Maxima.

    Question 3: Favourite royal tiaras

    Answer: Some of my favourites: Crown Princess Mary's Ruby Tiara,  Crown Princess Victoria's Cameo Tiara, The Grand Duchess Vladimir tiara (But you have to wear it with the peal pendants), The Queen Alexandra's Kokoshnik Tiara, Alba Russian Tiara, Spain's Prussian Tiara,  The Boucheron Honeycomb Tiara, Spain's Floral Tiara, Jordan's high-arched Cartier tiara.

    Question 4: Why doesn't Harry have any Tours planned?

    Answer: I think it's mainly he's just busy with the wedding planning right and he also wants to wait to go with Meghan. I'm sure we will see them do something in the latter half of the year. Rumor has it there will be an Australia/New Zealand Tour as part of the Invictus Games.

    Question 5: Have you gotten a Christmas reply from Queen Elizabeth or the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge yet?

    Answer: Not yet. Still waiting on replies from them and Prince Harry for Christmas.