Wednesday 28 June 2017

Spain State Visit to UK (2017) - Schedule

Day 0 - Tuesday, July 11th 
  • King Felipe and Queen Letizia arrive in the UK at Luton airport. They will be met at the Airport by Viscount Brookeborough, Lord-in-Waiting.
  • King Felipe and Queen Letizia stay at London Hotel.

Day 1 - Wednesday 12th
  • Greeted at London hotel by Prince Charles & Duchess Camilla
  • Official Welcome at Horse Guard Parade 
    • Inspect Troops
    • Carriage Procession to Buckingham Palace
    • With Queen, Philip, Charles & Camilla
  • Lunch with the Queen & Royal Family at Buckingham Palace 
    • Exchange Official Gifts
    • View Royal Collection Display
  • Tea at Clarence House with Charles & Camilla
  • Visit Parliament 
  • State Banquet at Buckingham Palace 
  • Spend the night at Buckingham Palace 

Day 2 - Thursday 13th 
  • Attend a UK-Spain Business Forum at Mansion House
    • with Prince Andrew
    • Speech by King
  • Visit Westminster Abbey
    • Lay a wreath at the Grave of the Unknown Warrior 
    • With Prince Harry
  • Attend reception for members of the Spanish Community at Spanish Embassy
  • Meeting with Prime Minister at Downing Street 
  • Banquet hosted by Lord Mayor of London
    • Speech by King Felipe
    • With Princess Anne & Vice Admiral Sir Tim Lawrence 
  • Spend the night at Buckingham Palace

Day 3 - Friday 14th 
  • Working Breakfast
  • Say Goodbye to the Queen & Prince Philip at Buckingham Palace
  • Visit the Francis Crick Institute 
    • With Prince Andrew
    • Day of Engagements 
  • Visit Weston Library in Oxford
    • View an exhibition of Spanish treasures 
  • Lunch at Oxford's Divinity School
    • King will give speech
  • Visit Exeter College, home of the King Alfonso XIII Professorship of Spanish Studies and the Queen Sofía Fellowship in Spanish. 
  • Official End of Tour
  • King Felipe and Queen Letizia depart. They are seen off at RAF Brize Norton by Lord Chamberlain

Wednesday 7 June 2017

Queen Máxima of Netherlands - Birthday Reply (2017)

A lovely reply arrived from the Netherland's today. I had written to Queen Máxima in May for her 46th birthday.

The envelope is the usual from the Netherland Royals.  The message under the Blue Crown reads Dienst Van Het Koninklijk Huis (Bureau of the Royal Household).

Inside is a simple pre-typed thank you note, with the Queen's monogram on top. The reply is exactly the same as Máxima's  Birthday reply from last year.

The reply arrived less than a month after I wrote, so it is a great response time. It was a little earlier than last year's reply.

I haven't gotten a reply for the letter I wrote for King Willem-Alexander's Birthday in April. His birthday is a few weeks before his wife. But it's understandable that they are busy, especially since it was his 50th Birthday this year. I have seen other people get a reply for his birthday, so I expect mine shortly. 

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Current British Royal Staff

Obviously not a complete list of staff. While I will try to keep this up-to-date and thorough, most staff appointments are not officially announced. So, we don't always know exactly when people start, leave, get promoted, etc. We have also tried to keep this focused on the more important Staff (as well as those who reply to letters). 

To help denote how up-to-date this information is, staff names are:
  • Black: NOT confirmed they still work for the Royals as of 2024. But obviously, since they are still on the list, I don't have reason to believe they have left. 
  • Colour Matching Royal: Confirmed they are working for the Royal as of 2024
We reset this every January. 

Note: Some staff members are referred to multiple ways on things like the Court Circular. We have included in (parenthesis) included other names they are referred to. In a lot of cases it is a woman being referred to by their husband's name. (E.g. Annabelle Galletley is sometimes referred to as "Mrs. Angus Galletley"). 
    King Charles & Queen Camilla
    • Private Secretaries
      • Clive Alderton
        • Private Secretary to Charles & Camilla (2015-Present)
        • Private Secretary for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs (2009-2012)
        • Deputy Private Secretary (2006-2008)
      • Christopher Fitzgerald
        • Deputy Private Secretary (2021? - Present)
      • Sophie Densham (or Sophia)
        •  Deputy Private Secretary to Camilla (? - Present)
        • Assistant Private Secretary to Camilla (2005 - ?)
      • Belinda Kim
        • Assistant Private Secretary to Camilla (?- 2015 - Present)
    • Press Officers
      • Tobyn Andreae
        • Communications Secretary (2022-Present) 
      • Jilly Hurley
        • Assistant Communications Secretary (2018-Present)
    • Equerries
      • Major Jonathan Thompson 
        • Equerry (2020?-Present)
    • Other
      • Claudia Spens (Previously Mrs. Claudia Holloway)
        • Head of Correspondence Section (1998- 2o22)
        • ? (2022- Present)
      • Eva Omaghomi
        • Director of Community Engagement (2021-Present)
        • Deputy Communications Secretary (2013 - 2021)
        • Assistant Communications Secretary (2008-2013)
    • Ladies of the Household
      • Dame Annabel Whitehead
        • Lady of the Household (2022-Present)
        • Lady-in-Waiting to Queen Elizabeth (2002? - 2022)
        • Lady-in-Waiting to Princess Margret (1971-2002)
      • Mary Anne Morrison
        • Lady of the Household (2022-Present)
        • Lady in Waiting to Queen Elizabeth (1960? -2022)
    • Queen's Companions
      • Sarah Troughton
        • Queen's Companions (2022-Present)
      • Fiona, the Marchioness of Lansdowne
        • Queen's Companions (2022-Present)
      • Lady Katharine Brooke
        • Queen's Companions (2022-Present)
      • Baroness Carlyn Chisholm
        • Queen's Companions (2022-Present)
      • Lady Sarah Kewick
        • Queen's Companions (2022-Present)
      • Jane von Westenholz
        • Queen's Companions (2022-Present)
    The Waleses
    • Private Secretaries
      • Ian Patrick
        • Prince Secretary to Prince William (2024-Present)
      • Louis Reynolds
        • Assistant Private Secretary (2022-Present) 
      • Laura Baker (née Osbaldeston)*
        • William's Assistant Private Secretary? (2014?- 2020 - Present)
        • Worked for Clarence House 
          • ?  (2013 ?- 2015?) 
          • Research Officer/ Senior Research Officer (2007-2011)
      • Natalie Barrows
        • Kate's Assistant Private Secretary (2017? - Present)
    • Press Officers
      • Lee Thompson 
        • Communications Secretary (2021 -Present)
      • Edwina Iddles
        • Deputy Communications Secretary (2021-Present)
        • Communications Secretary for Royal Foundation (2020)
      • Laura King *
        • Communications Secretary (?- 2017 -Present)
        • Worked for Buckingham Palace Communications Secretary (?- 2014-?)
    • Other
      • Natasha Archer
        • Personal Assistant (2011- Present)
        • Often credited at Kate's Stylist
      • ?
        • Orderly (2013-Present)
      • Lieutenant Commander Rob Dixon
        • Equerry (2020 - Present)
      • David Hunt
        • Advisor
      The Wessexes
      • Brigadier Alexander Potts 
        • Private Secretary (2023-Present)
      • Alexander Stonor
        • Assistant Private Secretary (2018?-Present)
      • Annabelle Galletley (Mrs. Angus Galletley)
        • Assistant Private Secretary and Lady-in-Waiting (1993-Present)
      • Suzanne Lofthouse-Jackson *
        • Assistant Private Secretary and Lady-in-Waiting (2000-Present)
      • Jackie Phipps* 
        • Secretarial Assistant (?  - Present)
        Princess Anne
        • Private Secretaries
          • Colonel John Boyd 
            • Private Secretary (Feb 2024- Present)
          • Commander Anne Sullivan (Mrs. Anne Sullivan) *
            • Assistant Private Secretary (?2011- present)
        • Ladies in Waiting
          • Caroline Nunneley (Mrs. William Nunneley)
            • Lady in Waiting (?-1993-present)
          • Elizabeth Harriet Bowes-Lyon (Mrs. David Bowes-Lyon) 
            • Lady in Waiting (1990-Present)
          • Jane Holderness-Roddam (Mrs. Timothy Holderness-Roddam)
            • Lady in Waiting (1998?- Present)
          • Celia Innes (or Mrs. Malcolm Innes)
            • Lady in Waiting (1977-Present)
          • Madeleine Louloudis
            • Lady in Waiting (?- 1997?-Present)
          • Lady McFarlane
            • Extra Lady in Waiting (2024-Present)
          • Lady Elizabeth Leeming 
            • Extra Lady in Waiting (2024-Present)
          • Mrs. John Armstrong
            • Extra Lady in Waiting (2024-Present)
          • Mrs. Dolly Maude
            • Extra Lady in Waiting (2024-Present)
          • Mrs. Simon Rhodes
            • Extra Lady in Waiting (2024-Present)
        • Other
          • Isabella Ward*
            • Office Secretary (?- 2017- Present)
          • Captain Stuart Kaye
            • Equerry (2022-Present)
        Duke & Duchess of Gloucester
        • Lieutenant Colonel Alastair Todd 
          • Private Secretary (2012-Present)
        • Lucinda Baker (or Mrs. Grant Baker) (Previously Miss Lucinda Hanbury
          • Deputy Private Secretary  & Lady in Waiting to The Duchess of Gloucester (?- present)
          • Extra Lady in Waiting (2004-?)
        • Susan Wigley (or Mrs. Michael  Wigley) *
          • Lady in Waiting (?-1982-Present)
        • Helen Page (Mrs. Howard Page)**
          • Lady-in-waiting (1993-Present)
          • Lady-in-waiting to Princess Alice (?-2004)
        Princess Alexandra
        • Diane Duke (Mrs. Brian Duke)
          • Private Secretary and Comptroller (?-2008-Present)
          • Meriel Afia (Mrs. Peter Afia)*
            • Lady in Waiting (?1993- Present)

          Monday 5 June 2017

          Royal Response to London Bridge + Borough Market Attack (2017)

          Not everyone makes a public statement after an attack. Often they call and send their condolences privately.



          "It is with great pain that the Grand Duchess and I have learned of the terrible attack that occurred at London Bridge and Borough Market yesterday.

          "Our most heartfelt sympathy goes out to the victims and their families.

          "The Luxembourg people join us in sending to Your Majesty a message of compassion and solidarity, in the face of this new attack in the heart of your capital." - Grand Duke Henri in Letter to Queen


          "Again is Great Britain hit by a terrorist act. Our thoughts are with the victims in London and with the people who were injured. With them and with their families, we joined on this sad day." – WA and Máxima


          "The British people will override the barbarism and unreason. We are today United in pain and always defending freedom."


          Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

          It is with great sadness I find Your country being struck by a terrible attack a third time this spring. The Queen and I wish to convey our sincere condolences on the tragic loss of lives in London, Saturday evening. We offer our deepest sympathies to the families of the victims and to the people of the United Kingdom.

          CARL GUSTAF R

          Royal Palace, Stockholm
          5 June 2017

          Thursday 1 June 2017

          June Q&A (2017)

          As always, post your Royal Questions & I will get to them as soon as possible.

          Question 1: What do you think of Meghan?

          Answer: I like Meghan. She is the first one of Prince Harry's girlfriends I've really liked and could see him marrying. I think she would make a good Princess. But I think they still have a ways to go in their relationship before they take that next step and get engaged. 

          Question 2: Could you tell me if Princess Diana could be titled as Princess Charles of Wales? And why?

          Answer: Diana could be called Princess Charles of Wales, but she didn't go by it. She used "HRH Princess of Wales," and signed "Diana." When she divorced she became "Diana, Princess of Wales"

          The idea of Princess Charles of Wales stems back from a time when women took their husband's name when they married. If a women married a man called Mr. John Smith, she would be called Mrs. John Smith. A couple would be referred to jointly as "Mr. and Mrs. John Smith." 

          That practice has mostly died out. Today, women often just take their husband's last name. But we still see a bit of it. There are a bunch of older ladies-in-waiting that use their husband's names. 

          For example, The Duchess of Gloucester's Lady-in-Waiting goes by Mrs. Grant Baker (see top of letter). But signs her name Lucinda Baker.

          When a woman marries a man with a title, she takes on her husband's title. Lady Diana Spencer became Princess of Wales, when she married Charles. But some of the will also take on their husband's names. 

          Princess Michael of Kent's real name is Marie Christine. Before her marriage, she was known as Baroness Marie Christine von Reibnitz. When she married Prince Micheal of Kent, she took on that name and became Princess Michael of Kent.

          Question 3: Do you think that if I ask, Prince Albert will send me back a picture in respond to my letter on the occasion of his birthday?

          Answer: Prince Albert....I assume you mean King Albert of Belgium? who is having a birthday this month. I've never written to King Albert of Belgium for his birthday. I would expect his birthday reply will be similar to his wife's. I wrote to her last year, nice flat card, no picture.  

          Queen Paola's Birthday reply 2016

          I don't really know the Belgium Royals policy on sending pictures if requested. I've never asked any Royal for a photo. But you will certainly get a reply from King Albert for your birthday letter.

          Question 4: Does Belgian Family reply to letters on the occasion of Princess Astrid's birthday?

          Answer: I've never written to Princess Astrid, but I have seen other people get replies from her. So I expect you will get something if you write for her birthday. 

          Question 5: On which address should we send condolences to Prince Richard family?

          Answer: Which address you use depends on who are writing your letter to. For:

          • Princess Benedikt - send the letter to her office in Denmark
          • Prince Gustav - Family home in Germany
          • "Family of Prince Richard" Family home in Germany
          I wrote to Princess Benedikt in Denmark and got a reply from Germany that was from the whole family. Usually, I write to a specific person, and then in my letter say to "you and your family."

          I am slightly concerned that Prince Richard passed away 3 months ago. Ideally one should send condolences with-in a week or two of the death or funeral.

          But I think the family would still love to hear that people are thinking of them and send their condolences for Richard's death. But you want to make sure you comes off as genuinely sincere. 

          I think one of the problems with writing so late is can look very insincere like you didn't care enough or knew about this 3 months ago. 

          It kind of like if you sent a lovely letter to the Jordan Royals wishing them a "Merry Christmas." It can be a very lovely letter, and obviously, have good intentions, but they are Muslim and don't celebrate Christmas. 

          The two address are: 

          Denmark Royals

          Postboks 2143
          1015 København K

          Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg Royals

          Schloss, Goetheplatz 8
          57319 Bad Berleburg

          Question 6: Do you have an address for the Duke of Verdome?

          Answer: The address for Prince Jean, Duke of Vendôme is:

          Association Gens de France
          2 square d’Aumale
          F-28100 Dreux

          Question 7: How long did you wait for a reply from Duchess of York?

          Answer: Between 1-2 Months, which is the usual wait time for Royals. 

          Question 8: Do you think I will get a reply for the letter I sent to Prince Philip when his retirement was announced? 

          Answer: Yes, give it time. It's just been a month since the announcement was made. 1-2 months is a normal response time. Could be longer.

          Question 9: Do Jordan royals reply?
          Answer: Not normally. I've only seen a few replies from them ever, and those were from years ago. 

          Question 10: I'm not sure what would be the appropriate way to express my condolences about the recent horrific events in Manchester and London. I'm writing a letter to William for his birthday and I thought I would add a message of condolence at the end but I'm stuck. Who am I supposed to offer my condolences to? Writing my thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families is okay?

          Answer: As long as you are being respectful, there isn't really an inappropriate way to express your condolences. 

          Prince William doesn't exactly seem like the right person to write to send condolences for the attack. But I think it's fine if your writing for William's birthday to say: you were very upset by the news. The victims, their families and people of UK have been in your thoughts and prayers, etc. and if you wanted you could ask him to Please pass on your condolences. 

          You will see a lot of people writing to The Queen, Prime Minister, Major of London or Lord Mayor of Manchester. As the heads of the country, or that area, they are representatives of the people, so that is often who people will send condolences to. If you wanted to write to one of them: 

          Buckingham Palace
          London SW1A 1AA

          (Prime Minister of UK)
          10 Downing Street
          SW1A 2AA

          You can address her as:
          The Rt Hon Theresa May MP, Prime Minister
          Prime Minister Theresa May
          Prime Minister May 
          The Prime Minister of the UK 

          (Mayor of London)
          City Hall 
          The Queen's Walk
          London SE1 2AA

          You can address him as:
          The Mayor of London
          Mr. Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London
          Mayor Sadiq Khan

          (Lord Mayor of Manchester)
          Churchgate House
          56 Oxford Street
          M1 6EU

          You can address him as:
          The Lord Mayor of Manchester
          Mr. Andy Burnham, Lord Mayor of Manchester
          Lord Mayor Andy Burnham

          When I am often looking for the right way to say something, I often turn to the Royals themselves. Here is the Royal Responses to Manchester & London Bridge + Borough Market Attacks.

          Question 11: Do you think I'll get a reply in Dutch if I send a card in Dutch to King Willem-Alexander or Queen Maxima? Or do they just glance at the envelope and if it's from abroad, they automatically send the English thank you card? I'm a double major in English and Dutch and so far I've only written to them in English but I thought I would send my next letters in Dutch to try and get a Dutch reply.

          Answer: I can't say for certain you will get a Dutch reply, but I think it is very likely. They certainly have replies made up in Dutch. They obviously don't just look at the envelope when they send out replies. They need to look at the letter to see what the person is writing about so they can send the appropriate reply. So, they will see you wrote in Dutch. But there could be some disconnect between who reads your letter and the person who sends out the pre-made reply. 

          I don't think English is always automatic for foreign replies. There are a lot of Dutch citizens who live abroad, who speak Dutch. But Dutch isn't all that widely spoken outside of that area, so most of their letters from abroad will likely get English replies. With other countries like Belgium, with national languages that are more widely spoken, they might be sending out a lot of replies abroad in one of those national languages. 

          Question 12: Do you think there will be a special thank you card for the anniversary of the Queen and Prince Philip? I know they don't usually send out photo replies but since it's their seventieth, I thought they might.

          Answer: I wouldn't expect a photo. We have seen the Queen send out a special card with photos for big milestones, but not every milestone. Usually just the really big months long blowouts like her 90th birthday or Dimond Jubilee. 

          Question 13: What would be a polite way to ask for a photo of the Queen? I know she doesn't send back photo replies but I would love to have a photo of her that came from the Palace.

          Answer: You could just ask, "Would it be possible to get a photo of Her Majesty?"

          Question 14: I noticed that people writing to the Cambridges and/or Harry started getting letters from secretaries other than Miss Claudia Spens. All my letters came from her but now I saw someone who got a letter from Miguel Head. What changed? Is it because William is becoming a full time royal?

          Answer: This isn't anything new. William, Kate and Harry's secretaries and other staff have always answered the occasional letters. Most of the mail is handled by the correspondence section at Clarence House. They are going to deal with all the general mail, for normal people. But when people write for something specific that needs the private secretary attention, or if it needs/deserves a more personal reply then you might see a Private Secretary write it. Royal are shown a selection of letters, and it's very likely that they private secretaries will reply to those. 

          Question 15: What's the reply rate of Norwegian royals? 

          Answer: Very low. I've written to the family a bunch of times (Birthdays, Christmas, illness, etc.), only got 2 replies. One for King Harald's birthday in 2016 & one for Queen Sonja's birthday 2015. I haven't always gotten a reply from the King & Queen for their birthday, so they don't have any pattern.