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Royals attending the PyeongChang Paralympics (2018)

The 2018 PyeongChang Paralympics in South Korea are March 9th - 18th.

For your reference, we have marked:
  • International Paralympic Committee Board Members
  • National Paralympic Committee Members
  • Other

Dates not yet announced: 
  • Grand Duchess Maria Teresa of Luxembourg  (Not confirmed)
  • Prince Albert of Monaco (Not confirmed)

9th - Opening Ceremony
  • Princess Margriet of Netherlands
  • Princess Märtha Louise of Norway
  • Princess Margriet of Netherlands
  • Princess Märtha Louise of Norway
  • Princess Margriet of Netherlands
  • Princess Märtha Louise of Norway
  • Princess Margriet of Netherlands
  • Princess Märtha Louise of Norway
  • No Royal Attendance Announced yet
  • Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden
  • Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden
  • Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden
  • Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden
18th - Closing Ceremony
  • No Royal Attendance Announced yet

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Wednesday, 19 January 2000

Spain Royal Family Tree

List in order of birth, not line of succession.
  • HM King Juan Carlos (Reign: 1975 - 2014) married to HM Queen Sofia
    • HRH Infanta Elena (3rd) divorced from Don Jaime 
      • HE Don Felipe (4th)
      • HE Doña Victoria (5th)
    • HRH Infanta Cristina (6th) married to HE Don Iñaki
      • HE Don Juan Valentín (7th)
      • HE Don Pablo Nicolas (8th)
      • HE Don Miguel (9th)
      • HE Doña Irene (10th)
    • HM King Felipe VI (Reign: 2014 - Present) married to HM Queen Letizia 
      • HRH Princess Leonor of Asturias (1st in line to the throne)
      • HRH Infanta Sofía (2nd)

Luxembourg Royal Family Tree

For the sake of brevity, we have at times summarized, "Children not in line to the Throne," instead of listing all the children.

Children are in order of birth, not order of succession.
  • HRH Grand Duke Jean (Reign: 1964 - 2000, died 2019) married to HRH Grand Duchess Joséphine-Charlotte (died 2005)
    • HI&RH Archduchess Marie Astrid of Austria married to HI&RH Archduke Carl Christian of Austria
      • Children not in line to the Throne
    • HRH Grand Duke Henri (Reign: 2000 - Present) married to HRH Grand Duchess Maria Teresa
      • HRH Hereditary Grand Duke, Prince Guillaume (1st in line to the Throne) married to HRH Hereditary Grand Duchess, Princess Stéphanie
        • HRH Prince Charles (2nd)
      • HRH Prince Felix (3rd) married to HRH Princess Claire
        • HRH Princess Amalia (4th)
        • HRH Prince Liam (5th)
      • HRH Prince Louis divorced from Tessy Anthony
        • HRH Prince Gabriel
        • HRH Prince Noah
      • HRH Princess Alexandra (6th)
      • HRH Prince Sebastien (7th)
    • HRH Prince Jean divorced from Hélène Vestur, currently married to Countess Diane
      • Children with Hélène Vestur not in line to the throne
    • HRH Princess Margaretha of Liechtenstein married to HSH Prince Nikolaus of Liechtenstein
      • Children not in line to the Luxembourg Throne, although they are in line to the Liechtenstein Throne. 
    • HRH Prince Guillaume (8th) married to HRH Princess Sibilla 
      • HRH Prince Paul Louis (9th)
      • HRH Prince Léopold  (10th)
      • HRH Prince Jean André (11th)
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Belgium Royal Family Tree

  • HM King Albert II married to HM Queen Paola   (Reigned: 1993-2013)
    • HM King Philippe married to HM Queen Mathilde   (Reigned: 2013 - Present )
      • HRH Princess Elisabeth, Duchess of Brabant (1st in Line to the Throne)
      • HRH Prince Gabriel (2nd)
      • HRH Prince Emmanuel  (3rd)
      • HRH Princess Eléonore (4th)
    • HI&RH Princess Astrid, Archduchess of Austria-Este (5th) married to HI&RH Prince Lorenz, Archduke of Austria-Este
      • HI&RH Prince Amedeo, Archduke of Austria-Este (6th) married to HI&RH Archduchess Elisabetta of Austria-Este
        • HI&RH Archduchess Anna Astrid of Austria-Este (7th)
      • HI&RH Princess Maria Laura, Archduchess of Austria-Este (8th)
      • HI&RH Prince Joachim, Archduke of Austria-Este (9th)
      • HI&RH Princess Luisa Maria, Archduchess of Austria-Este (10th)
      • HI&RH Princess Laetitia Maria Archduchess of Austria-Este (11th)
    • HRH Prince Laurent (12th) married to HRH Princess Claire
      • HRH Princess Louise (13th)
      • HRH Prince Nicolas (14th)
      • HRH Prince Aymeric (15th)
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Tuesday, 18 January 2000

Olympic Royals

Royals by country who have competed in the Olympics, with sport and year of participation.  Not a complete list.
United Kingdom 
  • Princess Anne
    • Equestrian 1976
  • Zara Philips (Tindall)
    • Equestrian 2012
      • Silver 2012
  • King Felipe
    • Sailing 1992
  • Queen Sofia
    • For Greece Sailing 1960
  • King Juan Carlos
    • Sailing 1972
  • Infanta Cristina
    • Sailing 1988
    • Married Iñaki Urdangarin 
      •  Handball 1992, 1996, and 2000
      • 2 medals, bronze in both the 1996 and 2000 Games.
  • King Harald 
    • Yachting 1964, 1968 and 1972
  • Prince Albert II
    • Bobsleding 1988, 1992, 1994, 1998, and 2002
  • Princess Charlene 
    • Swimming  2000

Tuesday, 11 January 2000

Royals in Hospital 2017

  • Queen Paola of Belgium (79)  
    • Spinal Fracture from fall
    • will require months of rehabilitation 
    • 1 week in hospital 
  • Grand Duke Jean of Luxembourg (96)
    • Bronchitis 
    • 2 weeks in hospital
February - March:
  • Queen Paola of Belgium (79) 
    • Fractured Hip from fall
    • Surgery 
    • will require months of rehabilitation 
    • 3 weeks in hospital
  • None
  • Prince Philip (96)
    • Infection
    • 2 nights in King Edward VII Hospital in London
  • Prince Henrik of Denmark (83)
    • Infection in the leg from a wound
    • Surgery to remove vein obstruction 
    • 1 week in hospital
      • Aarhus University Hospital (13th - 14th)
      • Skejby Hospital (14th - 19th)
  • Prince Henrik of Denmark (83)
    • Increasing pain in leg 
      • following last months hospital stay for an infected wound on leg and surgery to remove vein obstruction 
    • 9 days in hospital
      • Rigshospitalet (13th - 22nd)
  • Princess Sofia (32)
    • Give birth to Prince Gabriel 
      •  Danderyd Hospital (Aug 31st - Sept 1st)
September - October:
  • None
  • King Harald of Norway (80)
    • Infection 
    • Rikshospitalet Hospital (17th - 20th)

Thursday, 6 January 2000

Sophie's Official Patronages - History

In a effort to kept things organized this section features only Countess Sofia's History related patronages.  You can find links to all of her patronages here.

Rochester Cathedral Trust
Patron ()

Friends of Southwark Cathedral

Wednesday, 5 January 2000

Christmas and New Years Speeches - Main Pages

Most of European Monarchs give a speech sometime during the holiday season for either Christmas or New Years. 

State Opening of Parliament Speeches (2016)

Liechtenstein (January)
United Kingdom (May, June, July)
Sweden (September)
Netherlands (September 20th)
Norway (October 3rd)
Denmark (October 4th)
  • Queen Margrethe does not give a speech
Jordan (November 7th)

Tuesday, 4 January 2000

State Opening of Parliament Speeches (2017)

Liechtenstein (March 30th)
United Kingdom (June 21st)
Sweden (September 12th)
Netherlands (September 19th)
(Called Prinsjesdag (Prince's Day)
Denmark (October 4th)
  • Queen Margrethe does not give a speech
    Norway (October 9th)
      Jordan (November 12th)

      Saturday, 1 January 2000

      2018 Calendar

      Royal Birthdays
      5th      Grand Duke Jean of Luxembourg (97)
      5th      King Juan Carlos I of Spain (80)
      8th      Prince Vincent of Denmark (7)
      8th      Princess Josephine of Denmark (7)
      9th      Duchess Kate of Cambridge (36)
      15th    Princess Michael of Kent (73)
      19th    Princess Margriet of the Netherlands (75)
      20th    Queen Mathilde of Belgium (45)
      20th    Countess Sophie of Wessex (53)
      21st     Princess Ingrid Alexandra of Norway (14)
      23rd    Princess Caroline of Monaco (& Hanover) (61)
      25th    Princess Charlene of Monaco (40)
      30th    King Felipe VI of Spain (50)
      30th    King Abdullah II of Jordan (56)
      31st     Princess Beatrix of Netherlands (80)

      Royal Events
      Christmas/New Years Speeches
      1st  Denmark - New Year's Day Banquet
      •  at Christian VII's Palace, Amalienborg
      3rd  Denmark - New Year's Receptions
      • For Supreme Court judges, the Royal Guard and Regiments Officer Corps at Christian VII's Palace
      • For Diplomatic Corp at Christiansborg Palace
      4th Denmark - New Year's Reception
      • For the military, patronages, country leaders, etc. at Christiansborg Palace
      22nd UK - Princess Eugenie & Jack Brooksbank announce their engagement
      25th Liechtenstein State Opening of Parliment
      30th Spain - Offical Ceremony for Princess Leonor to receive the Order of the Golden Fleece 
      30th - Feb 2nd - Cambridges visit to Sweden & Norway

      Royal Birthdays
      1st        Princess Stéphanie of Monaco (53)
      5th       Crown Princess Mary of Denmark (46)
      6th       Princess Marie of Denmark (42)
      12th     Princess Astrid of Norway (86)
      14th     Prince Hans-Adam II of Liechtenstein (73)
      18th     Hereditary Grand Duchess Stéphanie of Luxembourg (34)
      19th     Prince Andrew, Duke of York (58)
      20th     Princess Leonore of Sweden (4)
      21st      King Harald V of Norway (81)
      22nd    Duchess of Kent (85)
      23rd     Princess Estelle of Sweden (6)

      Royal Events
      3rd Netherlands - 80th Birthday Celebrations for Princess Beatrix
      9th - 25th - PyeongChang Olympics (South Korea)
      (11th Mother's Day: Norway)
      13th Denmark - Prince Henrik died
      20th Denmark - Prince Henrik's Funeral
      26th Netherlands - Winter Photocall in Lech, Austria

      Royal Birthdays
      1st        Timothy Laurence (63)
      2nd      Prince Oscar of Sweden (2)
      10th     Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex (54)
      14th     Prince Albert II of Monaco (60)
      21st      Princess Claire of Luxembourg (33)
      22nd    Grand Duchess Maria Teresa of Luxembourg (62) 
      23rd     Princess Eugenie of York (28)

      Royal Events
      9th -19th - PyeongChang Paralympics (South Korea)
      (11th Mother's Day: UK)
      12th    Commonwealth Day
      17th UK - St. Patrick's Day 
      (19th Father's Day: Liechtenstein, Spain)
      (21st Mother's Day: Jordan)
      29th  UK - Royal Maundy Service at St. George's Chapel at Windsor Castle

      Royal Birthdays
      10th       Princess Ariane of the Netherlands (11)
      14th       Princess Marie of Liechtenstein (78)
      15th       King Philippe of Belgium (58)
      16th       Princess Eléonore of Belgium (10)
      16th        Prince Sébastien of Luxembourg (26)
      16th       Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg (63)
      16th       Queen Margrethe II of Denmark (78)
      19th       Prince Alexander of Sweden (2)
      20th      Prince Georg of Liechtenstein (19)
      21st        Queen Elizabeth II (92)
      21st        Princess Isabella of Denmark (11)

      27th       King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands (51)
      29th       Princess (Infanta) Sofía of Spain (11)
      29th       Princess Benedikte of Denmark (74)
      30th       King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden (72)

      Royal Events
      1st  -  Easter 
      4th-15th Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast, Australia
      16th - 18th  Commonwealth Forums in UK
      22nd  -  London Marathon
      26th Sweden - King Carl Gustaf becomes the longest reigning Swedish Monarch
      27th Netherlands -  Koningsdag (King's Day)
      30th Netherlands - 5th Anniversary of King Willem-Alexander's accession

      Royal Birthdays
      2nd          Princess Charlotte of Cambridge (3)
      13th          Prince Carl Philip of Sweden (39)
      15th          Zara Tindall (37)
      17th          Queen Máxima of the Netherlands (47)
      24th          Prince Joseph of Liechtenstein (23)
      26th         Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark (50)

      Royal Events
      Mother's Day (6th - Spain) (13th - Belgium, Denmark, Liechtenstein, Netherlands) (27th - Monaco, Sweden)
      8th Denmark - Prince Joachim and Princess Marie's 10th wedding anniversary 
      15th - Buckingham Palace Garden Party
      17th Norway - National Day
      17th - Peter and Autumn Phillips 10th wedding anniversary  
      19th - Prince Harry & Meghan Markle's wedding
      22nd - 26th UK - RHS Chelsea Flower Show
      • 21st - Preview Day 
      22nd UK - Garden Party for Prince Charles Patronages in honor of HRH’s 70th Birthday
      31st - Buckingham Palace Garden Party

      Royal Birthdays
      3rd        Prince Félix of Luxembourg (34)
      5th         Princess Astrid of Belgium (56)
      6th         King Albert II of Belgium (84)
      7th         Prince Joachim of Denmark (49)
      10th       Princess Madeleine of Sweden (36)
      10th       Prince Philip (97)  
      11th        Hereditary Prince Alois of Liechtenstein  (50)    
      15th       Prince Nicolas of Sweden (3)
      20th       Duchess of Gloucester (72)
      21st        Prince William (36)
      26th       Princess Alexia of the Netherlands (13)
      27th        Christopher O'Neill of Sweden (44)
      28th       Crown Prince Hussein of Jordan (24)

      Royal Events
      Father's Day (5th - Denmark) (10th - Belgium) (17th - Monaco, Netherlands, UK) (21st - Jordan)
      2nd - 65th Anniversary of Queen Elizabeth's Coronation
      6th Sweden -  National Day
      8th Sweden - Princess Madeline & Chris O'Neil's 5th Wedding Anniversary 
      9th UK -   Trooping the Colour 
      18th UK - Order of the Garter
      18th UK - Zara Tindall gives birth to her 2nd child
      19th - 23rd UK - Royal Ascot
      23rd Luxembourg -  National Day

      Royal Birthdays
      4th       Prince Michael of Kent (76)
      4th           Queen Sonja of Norway (81) 
      14th         Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden (41)
      17th         Duchess Camilla of Cornwall (71)
      20th        Crown Prince Haakon of Norway (45)
      22nd       Prince George of Cambridge (5)

      Royal Events
      2nd-15th - Wimbledon
      6th - Order of Thistle Service
      9th - Prince Louis's Christening
      (10th - Mother's Day: Luxembourg)
      14th Sweden - Victoriadagen
      21st Belgium -  National Day
      • King Philippe of Belgium's 5th anniversary of accession 
      Royal Birthdays
      3rd       Prince Louis of Luxembourg (32)
      4th       Duchess Meghan (37)
      8th       Princess Beatrice of York (30)
      15th     Princess Anne, Princess Royal (68)
      19th     Crown Princess Mette-Marit of Norway (45)
      20th    Prince Gabriel of Belgium (15)
      26th    Duke of Gloucester (74)
      31st     Queen Rania of Jordan (48)
      31st     Prince Gabriel of Sweden (1)

      Royal Events
      15th Liechtenstein - National Day
      29th Norway - King Harald and Queen Sonja's 50th Wedding Anniversary
      31st Monaco - Annual Monaco Picnic at Princess Antoinette Park

      Royal Birthdays
      11th    Queen Paola of Belgium (81)
      15th    Prince Harry (34)
      15th    Prince Daniel of Sweden (45)
      15th    Queen Letitia of Spain (46)
      22nd   Princess Märtha Louise of Norway (47)

      Royal Events
      1st UK - Braemar Games in Scotland
      15th Sweden - 45th anniversary of King Carl Gustaf's accession
      18th Luxembourg -  Prince Félix and Princess Claire's 5th Wedding Anniversary 
      18th  Netherlands - Prinsjesdag (Prince's Day)/ State Opening of Parliament

      Royal Birthdays
      4th     Prince Emmanuel of Belgium (13)
      9th     Duke of Kent (83)
      15th    Prince Christian of Denmark (13)
      15th    Sarah, Duchess of York (59)
      17th    Princess Marie Caroline of Liechtenstein (22)
      19th    Prince Laurent of Belgium (55)
      25th    Princess Elisabeth of Belgium (17)
      28th    Hereditary Princess Sophie of Liechtenstein (51)
      31st      Princess Leonor of Spain (13)

      Royal Events
      (7th  Father's Day: Luxembourg)
      2nd Denmark State Opening of Parliament 
      2nd Norway State Opening of Parliament 
      12th - Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank Wedding at St George's Chapel
      12th  Spain - Fiesta Nacional de España (National Day of Spain)
      16th - 31st - Sussex's Autumn Tour
      20th-27th - Invictus Games in Sydney, Australia 
      23rd-24th - Netherlands State Visit to the UK

      Royal Birthdays
      2nd     Queen Sofia of Spain (80)
      8th      Lady Louise (Windsor) (15)
      11th     Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume of Luxembourg (37)
      14th    Prince Charles (70)
      15th    Peter Phillips (41)

      Royal Events
      10th - Festival of Remembrance
      (11th Father's Day: Norway, Sweden)
      11th - Remembrance Sunday 
      15th Belgium -  Koningsfeest (King's Feast)
      19th  Monaco - National Day

      Royal Birthdays
      3rd         Prince Sverre Magnus of Norway (13)
      6th          Princess Sofia of Sweden (34)
      6th          Prince Nikolaus of Liechtenstein (18) 
      7th          Princess Catharina-Amalia of Netherlands (15)
      10th        Princess Gabriella of Monaco (4)
      10th        Crown Prince Jacques of Monaco (4)
      17th        James, Viscount Severn (Wessex) (11)
      23rd       Queen Silvia of Sweden (75)
      25th        Princess Alexandra of Kent (82)

      Royal Events
      4th UK - Diplomatic Reception
      8th -  Christmas card should be mailed by
      17th  Bhutan -  National Day of Bhutan
      24th  Christmas Eve 
      • King Felipe VI of Spain - Speech 
      • King Philippe of Belgium - Speech 
        25th  Christmas Day
        • Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain  - Speech 
        • King Carl Gustaf of Sweden - Speech 
        • King Willem-Alexander of Netherlands - Speech 
          31st   New Years Eve 
          • Queen Margrethe of Denmark - Speech 
          • Prince Albert of Monaco - Speech 
          • King Harald V of Norway - Speech