Saturday 28 February 2015

March Q & A

Post your Royal Questions & I will get to them as soon as possible. Royal Baby Q&A Can Be Found Here (Some Questions have been moved there)

Question 1: Do you think Prince Harry would ever get a tattoo? Or what do you think their opinions on tattoos are?

Answer: While we don't know about any British Royals having Tattoos, there has been rumors that some of them might. Zara Phillip's, Princess Anne's Daughter, did have a tongue piercing when she was 17 years old. Other European Royals are know to have Tattoos including Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark.

And Princess Stephanie of Monaco

Prince Harry's 30 years old and has mellowed out over the years from his former party boyself. If he hasn't gotten a tattoo yet, I don't think he will in the future. Also, I don't think the Queen would look to kindly on a member of the BRF getting a tattoo.

Question 2: Do you think Prince Harry will ever Marry a American?

Answer: There is no rule in the BRF about having to marry a Brit. So, Harry could possibly marry an American if he wanted to. His Uncle, King Edward VIII, abdicated the throne to marry Wallis Simpson, who was an American.

King Edward VIII had to abdicate the Throne, not because he was in love with an American, but because she was a Divorcee. If Prince Harry finds an American who he likes, and wants to marry, I don't see anything standing in his way. A number of Royals both in European and British History have married people from other countries.

Question 3: Who's your favorite royal? BRF or other

Answer: My favorite Royals is quite obviously the Duchess of Cambridge.

I could go on and list all my other Favorite Royals, but that pretty much all the Young Royals. My Favorite Royal Couple, however, is Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary of Denmark. (William and Catherine are a Very Close 2nd.)

Question 4: Do you think Harry would date anyone with brown or dark hair?

Answer: I don't see why not. Certainly his two main flames, Chelsy Davy and Cressida Bonas has been blonde, but I don't think Prince Harry is that shallow that he wouldn't date someone with Brown or Dark Hair.

Question 5: Where does Kensington Palace release their official announcements? 

Answer: Kensington Palace releases their press releases on their website, under the media section.

They will also send out Press Releases directly to the Media, and very often ahead of their official release so that the media can write their story or ask Questions. Sometime the information is embargoed till a specific time. The same is done with Pictures.

Question 5a: I can't find that specific one. 

Answer: "That specific one" isn't that helpful.... I assume you are referring to the one about Prince Harry Leaving the Military/Duty in AUS/Trip to NZ/Africa. The News was Embargoed till Midnight, to be released on March 17th. The Press Release is not currently on their official Website. My guess is the Press Release will be released on their official website sometime today, during normal business hours.

Here is a copy of the Press Release sent to the Media. (Thanks Victoria Rose)
Here is the Full Press Release, now on Prince Harry's Official Website.

Question 6: Why do William and Henry want to put off being full-time royals? 

Answer: Being a "Part-Time" Royal allows them to have more privacy, to do more thinks that they are passionate about and live normal lives. Once they are "Full-Time" Royals, William can't fly helicopters, Harry (Henry) can't spend as much time in Africa and Catherine wouldn't be as easily able to pop into the Market and pick up things for dinner. Being "Full-Time" Royals also means a change in lifestyle, more staff, more time in London, etc.

Question 7: Where is Prince Harry's main residence?

Answer: Prince Harry's Main/Only Residence is a one bedroom apartment at Kensington Palace. The Cambridges as well as other Royals live at Kensington Palace as well. The Palace is divided up into different apartments, as well as State Room and Office Space.  Prince Harry & William previously lived there with their Parents, Diana and Charles, when they were younger.

Question 8: Does Prince Harry get to see Prince George often?

Answer: Yes, and Harry speaks very fondly of Prince George to the press and says he love spending time with him.

Question 9: Are there any Video of Member of the British Royal Family Singing?

Answer: Yes, here are a few. But you can find more on Youtube, especially of them singing "God Save The Queen".

Question 10: Why Are Eugenie and Beatrice the only ones with the titles princess, other than William and Harry being Princes?

Answer: Of the Queen Grandchildren, only the children of the male lines (Charles, Andrew, Edward) are entitled to the Royal status of HRH, and are traditionally styled Prince or Princess. Princess Anne's children Zara and Peter (coming from the female line) are not entitled HRH's, but could have been granted Titles at birth. Their parents decided against this. Also their father Mark Phillips had refused a Earldom, when marrying Anne. If Zara and Peter were given titles at birth, they would not be HRH.

When Prince Edward and Sophie married they were granted the titles Earl and Countess of Wessex instead of being given the usual Dukedom. This was at the request of Edward. Their two children Lady Louise and James Viscount Severn are entitled to the title of Princess and Prince, but their parents choose instead to have them be styled with the traditional titles of children of an Earl. They do have HRH Royal Status.

Friday 27 February 2015

2015 Tour of Japan and China

Tour of Japan and China:

William is visiting Japan (February 26 to March 1) and China (March 1 to March 4) undertaking official duties on behalf of the Queen. The focus of the trip is to promote UK-Japan/China relations, cultural exchange & combat the illegal wildlife trade and support wildlife conservation. This is William's first trip to either country. Catherine and George are staying at home, as Catherine is 7 1/2 months pregnant.

Official Count of Tour Engagements: 16 in Japan & 20 in China

Message for Chinese New Year

Japan: (16)

Thursday 26th February - Tokyo 
  • Arrived at Haneda Tokyo Airport and was received by Her Majesty's Ambassador to Japan (His Excellency Mr. Timothy Hitchens).
  • Speedboat tour of 2020 Tokyo Olympic sites
    • accompanied by the Governor of Tokyo (Mr. Yoichi Mazuzoe)
  • Traditional Tea Ceremony
    • at the Hama-rikyu Gardens

Friday 27th February - Tokyo/ Yokohama
  • Hodogaya Commonwealth War Graves Cemetery  - Yokohama
    • Lay Wreath 
  • Luncheon with The Emperor and Empress of Japan at the Imperial Palace.
  • Innovation is Great campaign launch at Mori Academy, Roppongi Hills
  • Visited The Crown Prince and Princess at Akasaka Palace.
  • Reception at the British Embassy

Saturday February 28th - Tokyo/ Tohuku region/ Koriyama
  • Visit NHK, public service broadcaster
  • Launch exhibition for the Innovation is GREAT campaign
  • His Royal Highness later visited Smile Kids Park, Fukishima Prefecture, and was received by Shinzo Abe (Prime Minister of Japan).
    • The region Fukushima was devastated by a magnitude 9 earthquake and tsunami in 2011
  •  Dinner given by the Prime Minister of Japan
Sunday March 1st - Ishinomaki
  • visited Ishinomaki NewSea building, Ishinomaki.
    • Meet locals affected by disaster
    • Meet local news paper editors who started Children' News Paper 
  • Hoyoriyama Hill Vantage Point, Ishinomaki, in remembrance of the tsunami victims.
    • laid a commemorative flower arrangement
  • Visit town of Onagawa
    • Ring Chime of Hope
    • Visit Shopkeepers and residences
  • Visited Matsushima Airbase in Miyagi Prefecture.

China: (20)

Sunday March 1st - Beijing
  • arrived at Beijing International Airport and was received by Her Majesty's Ambassador to the People's Republic of China (Her Excellency Ms. Barbara Woodward)

 Monday, 2nd March - Shijia Hutong/ Shanghai
  • Received by The President of the People's Republic of China at the Great Hall of the People, Beijing.
  • Visited the Forbidden City, Beijing.
  • Received the Vice President of the People's Republic of China (Mr. Li Yuanchao) at the Great Hall of the People.
  • Officially open the GREAT Festival of Creativity at Shanghai's Long Museum
    •  1st event of the Year of Cultural Exchange between the UK and China
    • Speech
  • Received Mr. Ma Yun (Founder and Executive Chairman, Alibaba Group)
  • Received Mr. Wang Jianlin (Chairman, Wanda Group).
  • Received Mr. Yuan Yafei (Chairman, Sanpower)
Tuesday, 3rd March -Shanghai
  • Premier Skills event at Nanyang School.
  • Education UK's Alumni Awards Ceremony.
    • Meet nine Chinese finalists
    • Give Opening Remarks
  • Reopened the Heritage Building at the Intercontinental Shanghai Ruijin Hotel.
  • Illegal Wildlife Trafficking Meeting with international non-governmental organizations at the Intercontinental Shanghai Ruijin Hotel.
  • Officially opened the British Centre.
    • meet staff 
  • Chinese Film Premiere of "Paddington" at Shanghai Film Museum.
    • as President of BAFTA, present a special mask to the Shanghai Film Museum
  • Dinner for the GREAT Festival of Creativity at the Long Museum
Wednesday, 4th March -Xishuangbanna, Yunnan Province
  • visited Mengman Village, Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture.
  • visited the Asian Elephant Sanctuary, Xishuangbanna.
  • visited Wild Elephant Valley, Xishuangbanna.
  • visited Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Gardens.
  • attended the Conservation on the Border Conference at Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Gardens.

Sunday 22 February 2015

My Wild Predictions

This started as my predictions for #RoyalBaby2 in 2015, but have now expanded beyond that. Obviously, this is just for fun! Some of these may seem obvious now, but weren't when I originally made the predictions (months or even years ago). My guess is I will be about 85+% correct (once we have a large enough sampling).

You can find the resolved predictions:
Sussex Royal Baby:
  • The baby will be Born at Lindo Wing
  • Harry & Meghan will pose with the baby for the press 
  • The first official photo will be released 2-3 weeks later
    • will feature Meghan & Harry

      Wednesday 18 February 2015

      How I Keep Count of Engagements

      Contrary to popular belief, there is NO official count released by the Palace and NO official rules on how exactly engagements on the Court Circular (CC) should be counted.

      My count will be different than other people's. I do include some things not on the CC, but since I don't "double count" engagements, my count is often lower than others.

      How you count an engagement is probably the biggest reason people have different counts. (And that is also why a number of news sites have switched to counting the number of days worked instead.)

      Here Are Our Rules For Counting Events:
      • If it is listed in the Court Circular, or the Royal Diary, we usually count it as an engagement
        • This includes private events the press was not invited to 
      • But, not everything in CC is an official engagement. We don't count:
        • Births, Birthdays, Weddings, Christenings,  etc.
          • Except if they are attending is a Foreign Royal Event
        • Arrivals and departures at airports
        • Represented at an event by another person
        • Information for record
        • etc.
      • But, we may also include events not on CC, as the CC isn't always up-to-date, accurate or consistent 
        • Has this event been included in CC in the past?
        • Have there been other similar engagements listed on CC?
          • I.e. Signing Book of Condolences
        • Was the Royal there in an Official Capacity?
        • Was it announced as an engagement?
        • Did the Royal's social media post about it?
        • etc.
      • What we don't count
        • Things we don't have a exact date for
        • Interviews
        • Photocalls, Photoshoots, etc. 
        • Filming videos
      • Do we count that as one or two engagements?
        • Different organizations at different locations = multiple engagements. 
          • If there are 2+ organizations working together on a project, or 1 is the charity/ project of the parent organization, then they are usually counted as 1 organization.
        • Multiple organizations at 1 location for 1 event = 1 engagement. 
          • (I.e. a conference,  forum, etc.)
        • 2+ locations with 1 organization in 1 day = 1 engagement
        • Same event over multiple days = a separate engagement each day
          • If an event happens to go past midnight, we do not count that as two days.
      These rules are not hard and fast. If you have any questions about our counts of engagements just ask, I would be happy to clarify or hear your suggestions.

      Some Other Reasons People Get Different Counts?

      • Some count based on the Court Circular in The Times. Others based on the Court Circular on Royal.UK.
      • People include different things from the CC. 
        • e.g. Airport arrivals/departures
      • Some people include things not in the CC.
      • The press release explicitly mentions "Engagement #1," Engagement#2," etc. but the Court Circular summarizes the event. 
        • I once saw a press release about the royals attending a war commemoration that listed 5 "engagements." But the Court Circular was only one line.  
      • etc.
      For example, in CC for August 8th, 2019:
      The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge today held, and competed in, the inaugural King's Cup Regatta, Cowes, and were received by Her Majesty's Lord-Lieutenant of Isle of Wight (Mrs. Susan Sheldon). 
      Their Royal Highnesses afterwards attended the King's Cup Regatta prize-giving ceremony, Cowes.
      Some people count this as 2 engagements, Others (like me) will count it as 1. We both are including the same event, but are just counting it differently. So, we get different numbers. 

      Thursday 12 February 2015

      Prince Harry's Official Patronages

      Patronages are not always for a lifetime, but often a set amount of time (for an appeal, 3 years, 5 years, etc). Patronages are then reviewed after the period and possibly renewed.

      List of Current Patronages:

      Patron/ Co-founder (2006 - Present)

      Sentebale works with local grassroots organizations in Lesotho to help children in extreme poverty and with HIV/AIDS to lead healthy and productive lives.

      Co-founded with Prince Seeiso of Lesotho.

      Dolen Cymru
      Patron (March 2007- Present)

      Promotes activities that link health organizations, schools, villages, districts, and churches in both Wales and Lesotho.

      Patron (March 2007- Present)

      A National Charity that provides practical and emotional support to seriously ill children, young people and their families, Fund projects and research, & promotes new health, education and social care policy.

      Henry Van Straubenzee Memorial Fund
      Joint Patron with Prince William (January 2009- Present)

      The Charity, Henry Van Straubenzee Memorial Fund, was founded in memory of the Princes' close friend Henry Van Straubenzee, who died in a car accident in 2002 at the age of 18. The Henry Van Straubenzee Memorial Fund works to improve and build schools in Uganda.

      Invictus Foundation
      Patron (2014- Present)

      The Invictus Foundation manages the Invictus Games, an international sporting event for wounded, injured or sick Servicemen and women.

      Rhino Conservation Botswana 
      Patron  (January 2017- Present)

      Rhino Conservation Botswana is a charity based Botswana, Africa that works to protect and monitor the country's Rhinos. Their goal is to re-populate northern Botswana with the wild black and white rhinos in a hope to conserve the species. They work across Africa to locate and move Rhinos to the Moremi Game Reserve inside the Okavango Delta.

      African Parks
      President (2017-2023)
      Board member (2023-Present)

      African Parks is a charity that managed the national parks and protected areas in seven countries in Africa. They work in partnership with governments and local communities.

      Global Patron (2023-Present)

      The charity supports children and young people who lost a family member in the armed forces.

      Also Check Out:
      Prince Harry - Main Page
      Cambridges - Main Page

      The Duke of Cambridge's Official Engagements of 2015

      William did 131 engagements for 2015, 95+ a Royal Tour (36)

      (Unconfirmed) - Not Officially Confirmed/ Announced, yet, but Expected

      (Possible) -  Not Confirmed or 100% Expected, but Possible due to past appearances or reports of their attendance, etc.

      January (0)

      No Official Engagements 

      February (2 + Tour)

      (Sunday 8th: Prerecorded video tribute to BAFTA's former president Lord Attenborough)

      (Wednesday 18th: Release Video for Chinese New Year)

      (Wednesday 23rd:  filmed Tusk Trust 25th anniversary video, which was released April 20th)

      Tuesday 24th
      Tour of Japan and China: 16 in Japan & 20 in China = a total of 36 engagements

      Prince William visited Japan (February 26 to March 1) and China (March 1 to March 4) undertaking official duties on behalf of the Queen. The focus of the trip is to promote UK-Japan/China relations, cultural exchange & combat the illegal wildlife trade and support wildlife conservation. He gave one speech on the tour. 

      March (7)
      Monday 9th
      • Attend Commonwealth Observance in Westminster Abbey
      Friday 13th 
      • Afghanistan war service at St Paul's Cathedral in London 
        • Attends Reception at Wellington Barracks
      Tuesday 17th
      • Pass out Shamrocks at the 1st Battalion Irish Guards's St. Patricks Day Parade 
      Wednesday 18th
      • Meet with the  Ambassadors of Nicaragua and Austria at Buckingham Palace
        • Attended with the Queen
      (March 26th: Attended the Memorial for Richard Meade at Bath Abbey)

      Friday 27th 

      • Visit the Stephen Lawrence Centre, Deptford 
        • tour the facility 
        • meet Charitable Trust members
      • Visit XLP (The eXceL Project), a charity working to create positive futures for young people from inner London boroughs
        • Visit XLP in Gipsy Hill
          • watch an Arts Showcase presentation by young performers
        • Visit an XLP community bus and the XLP mobile recording studio on the Hazel Grove Estate, Sydenham.
      • Held Meeting at St. James Palace for The Royal Foundation of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry
      (Monday 30th: Started Working as an employee of Bond Air Services. Previously he had been training and taking Exams.)

      April (1)

      (Monday 20th: Article Written by Prince William for, His Patronage, Tusk Trust's 25th Anniversary is released. Also released is a video featuring Prince William for Tusk's 25th Anniversary.)

      (Finished 1st Phase of Training with Bond Air Services, taking unpaid leave till June 1st, with 2 weeks Paid Paternity leave once Baby arrives.)

      Saturday 25th

      • Wreath laying ceremony at the Cenotaph in London to commemorate the Centenary of the Gallipoli Campaign and Anzac Day
      May (10)

      Friday 1st

      • Signs condolence book for Victims of the Earthquake in Nepal. 
      (Saturday 2nd: Princess of Cambridge is born)

      Monday 18th
      Tuesday 19th 
      • Investiture at Windsor Castle
      Wednesday 20th 
      • Meet England Senior Women Football Team at St George's Park, as they train for the FIFA Women's World Cup. (FA)
      Thursday 21st
      • Investiture at Buckingham Palace
      • Met recipients of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Scholarship at Kensington Palace
      • Attend a reception and dinner at Windsor Castle to mark the Tusk Trust 25th anniversary
      Friday 22nd
      • Private Lunch for Defense and National Rehabilitation Centre at St. James Palace
      Saturday 30th
      • Attend the FA Cup final between Arsenal and Aston Villa at the Wembley Stadium.
      Sunday 31st 
      June (6)
      (June 1st: Returns to Work with Bond Air Services)

      Thursday 11th

      •  Attend Jewish Care’s 25th anniversary dinner at Alexandra Palace.
      Saturday 13th
      • Attend Trooping the Colour in London. 
      Sunday 14th 
      • Polo Match at Beaufort
        • Raised money for Household Calvary Foundation
      Monday 15th
      •  Visit Runnymede on the occasion of the 800th anniversary of the Sealing of the Magna Carta.
        • With Queen and other Royals
      • Attend a Service for the Order of the Garter at St. George's Chapel.
      (Monday 15th: Released video for Queen Young Leaders) 

      (Tuesday 16th: Letter from William to First Welsh Award Scheme Achievers released for patronage Skillforce)

      (Friday 26th: Private meeting at Kensington Palace with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie-Pitt to discuss shared interest in combating the illegal wildlife trade)

      Saturday 27th

      (Sunday 28th: Released Statement Congratulating the England Women's team on getting to the World Cup Semi Finals)

      July (9)

      (Thursday 2nd: Released Statement Praising England Women Team on their achievements at World Cup)

      Friday 3rd: 

      • Played in Audi Polo Challenge Match
      (Sunday 5th: Princess Charlotte Christining)

      Tuesday 7th
      • Attend 10th anniversary event in Hyde Park commemorating the 7/7 London bombings.
      Wednesday 8th 
      • Watch Tennis at All England Club/Wimbledon
      Thursday 9th
      • Host Breakfast Reception at Kensington Palace for England Women's Football Team, after their World Cup Success. (FA)
      • Visit the Imperial War Museum Duxford
      • Attended the Regimental Boxing Night at Cavalry Barracks, Hounslow
      Friday 10th
      • 75th anniversary of the Battle of Britain reception and lunch at Buckingham Palace.
        • RAF Flypast 
        • with Queen and other Royals
      Saturday 11th 
      (Monday 13th: starts first full week of shifts as a pilot for East Anglian Air Ambulance)

      Sunday 26th 
      • Attend the America's Cup World Series in support of 1851 Trust 
        • 30+ MPH winds caused the racing portion of the engagment to be canceled.
      (Friday 31st: KP and Tusk Trust announce 1st recipient of Tusk Wildlife Ranger Award, Edward Ndiritu. KP releases letter (dated 27th July) written by William to congratulate Edward) 
      August (0)
      (Friday 14th: KP releases letter about Unauthorized Paparazzi Pictures.)

      (Saturday 22nd: KP releases Preface to Douglas Hurd's Elizabeth II: The Steadfast written by William )

      No Official Engagements

      September (8)

      Thursday 17th 
      Friday 18th 
        Monday 21st 
        •  Visit Hammersmith Academy to support the Diana Award's #Back2School Anti-bullying Campaign
        • Attend Wales Rugby World Cup team Welcome Ceremony at Guildhall 
        Tuesday 22nd 
        • Visit Royal Air Force Coningsby to observe the 100th Anniversary Parade of 29 (Reserve) Squadron
          • Battle of Britain Memorial Flight's Seventy Fifth Anniversary of the Battle of Britain Lunch
        Wednesday 23rd
        • Join DIY SOS to help with the final stages of their Veterans build in Manchester
        Saturday 26th 
        (Wednesday 30th: Tust Trust's 25th Anniversary Film featuring Prince William won 4 EVCOM Clarion Awards - 2 Gold [Social Film, Environmental] & 2 Silver [Celebratory, Community Engagement/Social Enterprise]) For film see April 20th.

        October (29)
        Thursday 1st 
        •  Visit the National Sport Centre to launch Coach Core Welsh Rugby Union Programme 
        •  Rugby World Cup Wales vs. Fiji match
        (Sunday 4th: Financial Times publishes article on Illegal Wildlife Trafficking written by William)

        Friday 9th 

        • Presents the Welsh Rugby World Cup Team with their Australia vs. Wales Match jerseys. 
        Saturday 10th 
        • Attend reception for Mind at London's Harrow College to mark World Mental Health Day
          • Meet volunteers with Mind in Harrow & the anti-stigma campaign Time to Change
        • Rugby World Cup Australia vs. Wales Match
        (Wednesday 14th: Appear on BBC1's Big Build Veteran's Special Manchester 8pm)

        Thursday 15th  
        • Visit St John's College, Cambridge to open the School of Pythagoras Archive Centre
        • Attend Child Bereavement UK's 21st birthday dinner
        Monday 19th
        • Officially open the Leadenhall Building
          • With Harry
        • Royal Foundation meeting at Leadenhall Building
          • With Harry
        • Meet Henry Worsley at Kensington Palace 
        • Meeting with Mr. Ma Yun (Founder and Executive Chairman, Alibaba Group).
        • Deliver a speech on illegal wildlife trade at the Maughan Library at King's College London.
          • The speech will be filmed to air on Chinese TV later this month. 
        Tuesday 20th  
        • Meet with President Xi of China at Buckingham Palace
        • China State Banquet
        Wednesday 21st 
        • Meet with Mr Yuan Yafei chairman of SanPower about collaboration with United for Wildlife.
        • Attend at a creative industry event at Lancaster House to celebrate cultural collaboration, existing and future, between the UK and China.
          • With Catherine, and President Xi and Madame Peng 
        • Host Reception for Media at Kensington Palace
        • Attended the Autumn Dinner at Sunbeam Studios, London (The Royal Foundation)
        (Wednesday 21st: Appear on BBC1's Big Build Veteran's Special Manchester 8pm)

        Friday 23rd - Dundee, Scotland
        • Visit Dundee Rep Theatre and participate in See Me workshop
          • Meet See Me volunteers and learn about their work to tackle mental health stigma and discrimination.
        • Visit the Corner for an anti-bullying workshop
        • Attended a meeting with Young Scotland in Mind stakeholders at the Shore
          • meet leaders in the Scottish mental health sector
        • Visit Royal Research Ship Discovery
        • Attend BAFTA young game designers event at Abertay University.
          • winners of the Academy's Young Game Designers Awards 
          Monday 26th 
          •  Attend creative industries-themed Charities Forum event hosted by BAFTA and Aardman 
            • Children from the variety of William, Catherine and Harry's patronages will attend
            • Viewing of Shaun the Sheep: The Farmer's Llamas
            • With Catherine and Harry. 
          • Informal Charities Forum meeting
          • Royal Film Performance of new James Bond film, Spectre, at Royal Albert Hall 
          Tuesday 27th 
          • Investiture at Buckingham Palace
          • Attended a Dinner in aid of Stop Ivory, in London. 
          Saturday 31st 
          November (13)
          Sunday 1st
          • Attend Submariners’ Remembrance Service and Parade in London, with Reception after.
          Saturday 7th 
          • Attend the Royal British Legion Festival of Remembrance at the Royal Albert Hall
            • With The Queen, Catherine and other royals 
            Sunday 8th  
            • Remembrance Sunday at Cenotaph in Whitehall, London.
              • Take the Salute at the March Past of Veteran and Civilian Organisations on Horse Guards Parade.
            Tuesday 17th
            • Investiture at Buckingham Palace
            • Sign book of condolence at French Embassy 
            • Attend England vs. France football match at Wembley Stadium (FA)
            Wednesday 18th 
            • Visit  Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust, in Surrey.
              • Tour the Centre for Molecular Pathology 
              • Tour  the West Wing Clinical Research Centre 
              • Host Private dinner for Royal Marsden at Kensington Palace
            Thursday 19th 
            Friday 20th - Northern Wales
            • Visit GISDA, a charity the supports homeless youth
              • Meet staff and youth
              • Walkabout at Castle Square
            • Visit "Mute: are you being heard?" photography project run by the charity Mind
            • Visit an Outdoor Education Centre in Snowdonia run by Mountain Rescue England and Wales.
            • Visit Vale of Clwyd Mind Men's Shed project in Denbigh
              • Watch performance from the 'Musical Meatballs in Mind' choir.
            Tuesday 24th 
            • Tusk Trust Conservation Award at Claridge's, in London 
              • Host winners and finalists at Kensington Palace 
              • Attend Reception to meet Tusk personnel and supporters,
              • Present Tusk Wildlife Ranger Award & Prince William Award
              • Give Speech
            December (10)
            Wednesday 2nd 
            Monday 7th - Birmingham  
            •  Visit Football for Peace initiative at Saltley Academy
            • Attend Diana Award at Bournville College
            • Visit the "Live and Work" partnership between St Basils and a local NHS Trust. 
            (7th: Interview with Big Idea, on Homelessness is released)

            Tuesday 8th 
            • Investiture at Windsor Castle
            • Attend Diplomatic Reception at Buckingham Palace
              Wednesday 9th 
              •  Attend ICAP's annual Charity Day
              • Host a global taskforce on conservation for transportation firms, government agencies, and wildlife experts (United for Wildlife)
              • Attend reception for The Royal Foundation at St. James Palace
                • with Catherine and Harry 
              Thursday 10th 
              • Visit Keogh Barracks in Aldershot
                •  Award members of 22 Field Hospital with them the Ebola Medal for Service in West Africa for their work during the 2014/15 Ebola outbreak.
              (Tuesday 15th: Joint Patronage of 100 Women in Hedgefund's Philanthropic initiatives is renewed)

              (Wednesday 16th: Attend Funeral of John Pelly)

              (Saturday 26th: Make Christmas call to encourage Henry Worsley on Shackleton Solo Challenge)