Wednesday, 1 March 2000

Monaco Royal Family Tree

Children in order of birth not, line of succession
  • HSH Prince Rainier III (reigned 1949 – 2005) (died 2005) married to HSH Princess Grace (died 1982)
    • HRH Princess Caroline, Princess of Hanover (3rd)
      • Divorced from Philippe Junot (marriage annulled by Catholic Church)
        • no children
      • Married to Stefano Casiraghi (died 1990)
        • Andrea Casiraghi (4th) married to Tatiana Santo Domingo 
          • Alexandre "Sasha" Casiraghi (5th)
          • India Casiraghi (6th)
        • Charlotte Casiraghi (9th)
          • Raphaël Elmaleh
        • Pierre Casiraghi (7th) married to Beatrice Borromeo
          • Stefano Casiraghi (8th)
      • Separated from HRH Prince Ernst August of Hanover
        • HRH Princess Alexandra of Hanover (10th)
    • HSH Prince Albert II (reigned 2005-Present) 
      • Child with Tamara Rotolo
        • Jazmin Grace Grimaldi
      • Child with Nicole Coste
        • Alexandre Grimaldi-Coste
      • Married to HSH Princess Charlene
        • Princess Gabriella (2nd)
        • Crown Prince Jacques (1st)
    • HSH Princess Stéphanie (11th)
      • Divorced from Daniel Ducruet
        • Louis Ducruet (12th)
        • Pauline Ducruet (13th)
      • Divorced from Adans Lopez Peres
        • No children
      • Child with Jean Raymond Gottlieb (Paternity never officially confirmed)
        • Camille Gottlieb


  1. Sacha and India Santo Domingo are not Casiraghis, and not in succession. Nor is Andrea married to Tatiana. Succession is as follows: Jacques, Gabriella, Caroline, Andrea, Pierre, Stefano, Alexandra, Stephanie, Louis and Pauline. Also, Jacques's title is Hereditary Prince of Monaco, NOT Crown Prince.

    1. You're mistaken. Andrea and Tatiana weren't married when Sacha was born, so at the time their child was not in the line of sucession. But when Andrea and Tatiana married a few months later, in 2013, Sacha (as well as subsequent children) was included in the line of sucession.

      (Also Charlotte is in the line of sucession, you left her out of your list.)

      As for Jacque's Title, the Palace uses Crown Prince in English and Prince Héréditaire in French. I know previous generations have used Hereditary Prince in English, but that is not what Palace currently uses.