Thursday, 29 January 2015

Royal Q&A Friday Feb 6th

Question 1: What are my chances with Prince Harry? Do you think he likes blonde Americans? by Purple unicorn lover

Answer: Prince William reportedly dated an American before Kate, So why not Harry as well. The fact that you are American doesn’t work against you. Harry’s dated both Blondes and Brunettes, although his two high profile Girlfriends have both been Blondes. I think anyone has a chance at Prince Harry, you just have to meet him and make him fall in love with you. 

Question 2: What is Prince William's Job? by Anonymous

Answer: Besides Royal Duties, (Being Patron of Organizations and Charities and undertaking official engagements on behalf of the Queen and country) Prince William is currently training for his job as a Ambulance Helicopter Pilot. He is about 3/4 done with his 14 exams to gain a commercial pilot's license. (William previously worked as a Search and Rescue Helicopter Pilot for the Royal Air Force) He should be done with training by early summer.

Question 3: Are William and Kate having a Girl named Diana? Or are they naming it after Pippa?  by Maria 

What about the rumour that it's Tracey. After Emin? by @GalleryBluemoon 

Answer: With Prince George, William and Catherine did not know if they were having a Girl or a Boy ahead of time. They also took two days for them to pick and reveal Prince George’s name to the public. So mostly likely they will do the same this time, meaning we won’t find out till after the birth. And if they did know the sex of Baby #2 and have a list of names a head of time, I’m pretty sure that their list wouldn’t get leaked to the American Media. 

I doubt they would use the name Diana (William’s Mother) for a girl. A number of betting agencies have also suggested Charlotte as a possible name (Charlotte is Pippa’s Middle Name) I think it’s unlikely that Charlotte, being a name used by the immediate family, would be used for #RoyalBaby 2 either. But we will know for sure in a Aprox. 2 months.

Question 4: Why wasn't Pippa's Boyfriend or James's Girlfriend invited on the Family Trip for Carole's Birthday to Mustique? by RoyalLove247 #

Answer: Who knows why exactly. Nico has participated in some trips with the Middletons before. And it seems like Nico, Pippa’s Boyfriend or Donna, James’s Girlfriend are well liked by the family. This trip was a Private Family Trip. I think the fact that William, Catherine and George were there meant they wanted to close ranks and protect William and Catherine’s privacy as much as they can. The larger the group, the more attention it brings, and more likely things will get leaked to the media. Although I don’t think Nico or Donna would leak any of the details themselves. 

Also neither Nico or Donna were reportedly invited to stay at Amner Hall (William and Catherine’s Norfolk Residence) over Christmas.  I wouldn’t read anything into it. It’s just how they operate.

Question 5: Will There More Photos of William and Kate’s Holiday Released? 

Answer: One would hope not and that William, Catherine and the Middletons get to enjoy their family vacation privately. Photo’s of the Cambridges holidays seem to be taken by the press every year, but are usually held till after they return from their holiday to be released for security reasons, that was not the case this time however. Photo were published by the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS. There is still a chance that there might be more photos released. These photos however will not be published in the UK, only in Foreign Media. 

I would like to suggest to eh Middleton’s that they choose a new Vacation Spot next year. You secret is out and has been out for a number of years now.

Question 6: What do you think of Will & Kate bringing the nanny along on holiday? by @kateinthestreet #AskGert

A2: Being so young George can’t participate in all of the grown up activities, late night dinners, Snorkeling, etc. George is the only small child, in the group. By having the Nanny along you can have someone to watch over George while William and Catherine spend time with the rest of the Middleton’s, celebrating Carole’s Birthday or doing what not while not being confined to 1 & 1/2 year old child activities. Also Catherine is pregnant, and William is studying for Exams, so it probably nice to have an extra set of hands to watch over George. He seems like a hands full.

That being said, William and Catherine are very hands on parents and so is the rest of her family. As I pointed out on Twitter the photos, published by the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS, showed George holding Catherine’s hand, not the nannies.

Also some people asked why William was on the Beach while Kate was with George. It is important to realize that, first we don’t even know if those photo’s were taken on the same day at the same time. Second, they were snorkeling on the beach which may not be the most toddler friendly activity, when paired with a bunch of adults. They are going to want to swim out father and deep than a little toddler should. Also, the Villa the Cambridges are staying at has a kids pool, which would probably be a better fit for George to practice swimming in. Third this was one moment of the trip that is being shown in the photos, it’s not indicative of the whole trip. I’m sure William sent plenty of time with George while in Mustique. William is a very hands on father and enjoys bonding with George. William is actually president of the British Sub-Aqua Club. George started learning to swim by his first birthday and reportedly loves bath time. So I'm sure William and George have spent plenty of time together in the Villa Pool.

''I hope that one day my son, George, will also experience the wonders that snorkelling and scuba diving have to offer.” Prince William at British Sub-Aqua Club in July 2014

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Royal Q&A Friday Jan 30th

Question 1: What do you think kate with name her next baby? via @bodaciousdavid 

Answer: I don’t know what William and Catherine are going to name #RoyalBaby2. William and Catherine don’t even know. Prince George Alexander Louis’s name was not released till two days after his birth. I’m guessing William and Catherine will have a short list of names for either sex worked up and decided on a name once the baby gets here. There is a Royal tradition of that.

That being said I would like to suggest my name for #RoyalBaby2, Gertrude, but I think that is to similar to George. Also my middle name, Alexandra, has also been taken by Prince George. I know the similarities is freaky, it is almost as if William and Catherine name George after me. You can’t get much closer to Gertrude Alexandra than George Alexander.

So since #RoyalBaby2 can’t be named after me, my money is on either Victoria or Albert.

Question 2: Do you think baby George will have a facebook and twitter when he grows up? will he be more connected to his people? via @bodaciousdavid 

Answer: I think that Prince George will definitely have some sort of Social Media presence when he is grown up. Over the last few years the Royals have been moving towards having more and more of a Social Media presence. They’re on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Google Hangout, etc. Not only are these platforms being used by their staff, to engage with people, but the Royals are actually using them themselves.

We also see this across the board with other European Monarchies. I think it is a necessary part of communicating and connecting with a the younger generation.

Will he have a personal/private Facebook or Twitter, who knows. Prince Harry has spoken out out about his hatred to Social Media and how with it come a whole other layer of a lack of privacy. That being said It has been suggested that Harry had a private Facebook in the past, and that was something he had to delete for privacy. I think it will be a balance for George between maintaining privacy and being able to engage with his peers.

Question 3: Have you ever met a Royal and if so, pls spill the beans! (who, when, where, wearing…etc) by @Royal Spectator 

Answer: No, I have never met any Royal, although I have written to them.  You can see some of the Responses I have gotten here

If I could only meet one Royal, I would want to meet The Queen since she has been around for so long and met so many interesting people. Plus she is The Queen.

Question 4: Do you like tiara's? If so, and you were given your pick of them all which would you choose? by @Royal Spectator

Answer: I like Tiaras, and Crowns are nice too. I think that too much focus is put onto the Gems and Diamonds in a Tiara, I would want something more understated, made of silver, with fine little flowers and leaves. The kind of thing where you have to look up close to see the intricate details and would appreciate it more. It should be more about the person wearing the Tiara than the Tiara it's self. So I would probably have my own made.

Question 5: Is Kate Lazy? Cause she doesn't do a lot of events and She's always shopping. By Jennifer 

Answer: Besides the Queen and Catherine, There are 13 other Working Royals, Who undertake official duties on behalf of the Queen: Prince Philip, Charles Prince of Wales, Camilla Duchess of Cornwall, Anne Princess Royal, Andrew Duke of York, Edward Earl of Wessex, Sophie Countess of Wessex, William Duke of Cambridge, Harry Prince of Wales, Richard Duke of Gloucester, Birgitte Duchess of Gloucester, Edward Duke of Kent, & Alexandra The Honorable Lady Ogilvy.

Do their Official Duties get splashed across every front page? No. For some it will be buried in the inner pages, for others they are lucky to be mentioned. Catherine gets a lot of attention every time she has a official engagement or is seen in public. When you have a lot of other royals carrying out official duties and royals who are more senior to Catherine, it is important to not allow Catherine to over shadow them.

I think the Palace is very strategic in limiting Catherine’s exposure. If Catherine has a engagement on the same day as another royal which one, will get more coverage? Not just in terms of space on a page or website, but also reporters covering the event. When Catherine had to back out of her visit to Malta due to being sick with HG and William was going to go and take her place, some reporters were talking about not going to cover the visit. William, her husband, doesn’t sell as many paper as she does. And If you look at the number of reporters who covered William and Catherine’s trip to Canada vs. Charles and Camilla’s or Edward and Sophie’s you see the same thing.

At the same time I don’t think Catherine is given credit for all of the work that she does do. You see photos of Catherine planting tree or unveiling plaques and assume that is all she does. While in actuality a few hours spent visiting one of her patronages is actually more work than it seems. She stays up-to-date on of her patronages and well as cultural and political events, meets with advisors and representatives, visits her charities privately, deals with correspondences, etc. We also have to mentions that she is a mother and a wife, and has to manage a house in Norfolk and an apartment in Kensington, along with Prince George. Yes she has help, a housekeep and nanny, but any Mother can tell you that it is a lot of work, even for a princess.

Also the younger Royals patron less charities than the older ones, this allows them to work more closely and intimately with a few, rather than slapping their name of many.

Question 6: What should I write to the Royals about? I really want to write to them, but I don't know what to write about. By Anonymous

Answer: First off, here is a post about writing to the Royals. It has a number of helpful tips.

You can write to the Royals for really any reason. I usually write to them for their Birthday, Christmas, Birth of a Child, Etc. But you can just write to them telling them why you like them or admire them, congratulate them on their work or just because you like their outfit.

Address for the Royals can be found here. 

Question 7: How can I receive a more personal letter from TRH Duke and Duchess of Cambridge or Prince Harry? By Anonymous 

Answer: TRH Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry receive way to many letters each year to personally respond to all of them. The British Royal Family receive over 100,000 letters a year. William, Catherine and Harry do however write a number of personal responses each year. They are usually written to people they have some sort of personal connection. They will often write to people they have meet (E.g. Sick children they have meet, or their families of the child passed away). There are a lot of different reasons the royals will respond with a personal letter, but it’s usually because of some personal connection. Writing to wish them a Happy Birthday isn’t going to get you a personal response.

To get a more personal response (And by that I mean more than just their typical postcard response, maybe something written by a private secretary or press secretary, not necessarily actually written by a Royal) I would write to them for a more personal and unique reason, not for one of their birthdays or christmas or the birth of #RoyalBaby2, everyone will be sending letters for those occasions.

Question 8: If you could have dinner with a Royal (dead or alive) who would you choose? by @RoyalSpectator

Answer: I would want to have dinner with The Queen, She will be the longest reigning Monarch ever latter this year and I think she would have so much to say.

Question 9: Do the royals ever sell or donate their clothing? By Sarah

Answer: I don’t know the Answer to this. I do know that the Royals pay for all of their clothes, nothing is accepted for free. Also The Royals will often rewear outfits and we will often see things put on display. So my guess most of the clothes worn for Official Duties are kept, while everyday wear might be donated.

Question 10: Is Prince Harry dating anyone at them moment? By Anonymous 

Answer: No 

Question 11: Can I send Baby George a gift? Will he get it?  by Lindsay

Answer: The Royals have a policy of not accepting gifts. They only accept gifts from "people they know personally.” This means from Charities they work with, close friends, foreign governments, etc. Only Official Gifts or Personal Private ones. If you send them a gift they will most likely return it to you.

You can however send a Letter to them, or make a donation to one of their charities and they will be very touched by that. They do accept gifts on walkabout from members of the crowd. 

Question 12: What is Wales? And how can Prince Harry be the Prince of Wales, but also be in line for the English throne? by Anonymous #AskGert

Answer: Wales is, a country, that is a part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, which also includes the countries England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Great Britain can refer to either the whole of the UK or just the main island part, composed of England, Scotland and Wales.

Royals are given Regional titles. Prince of Wales is actually the tile for the Heir Apparent to the British Throne (E.g. Prince Charles, Harry’s Father). Harry, as the son of Charles, Prince of Wales, and uses his fathers regional title. Princess Beatrice and Eugenie of York do the same, using their Father’s, Duke of York, title. When Harry marries, he will most likely receive a dukedom and be come the Duke of ___. There is no set title that Harry will receive when he marries.

Question 13: Do you think Kate has a major impact on the fashion world? By @bodaciousdavid 

Answer: Yes, Catherine most definitely has a major impact on the fashion world. Not only on a micro scale, the clothes she wears sells out, the designer websites often crash and the designers see a big boost in sales all around, but also on a macro scale. A big example is looking at the Wedding Dress collections debuting after the Royal Wedding. You saw a lot of inspiration and mimicking of Catherine’s wedding dress as well as Pippa Middleton’s brides maid dress.

Also around the royal wedding you saw big boost in the sale of luxury items. Not only are people RepliKateing her style, but she is also creating trends that bleed though out all of fashion. Nude Heels, Little Blue Dresses, Sapphire jewelry, etc.

Question 14: Do the royals fly on private planes? By Rachel

Answer: Not normally. For official events they can either fly commercially, often  in economy, sometimes business and on occasion for longer trips first class. It depends on the Royal and where they are going. For Royal tours The country they are visiting often provides transportation, usually from the military.  The Royal Family also has a helicopter that is used for official duties,  as well as a Royal Train. The Royal Train due to high costs is only used by The Queen, Phillip, Charles and Camilla.

If they do fly on private planes, it is not usually for official duties and the cost of the trip is not meet by Tax dollars.

The Royal Family is very sensitive to the costing meet by tax payer dollars.

Question 15: Who is your favourite Royal & why? by @Royal Spectator

Answer: That’s a hard question. I have so many different royals that I really admire for some many different reasons, and not just British Royals either. The Duchess of Cambridge, Prince Mary of Denmark and Queen Raina of Jordan are among some of my favorites. They are not just beautiful (in a natural way), but also Smart, Hardworking, Caring, Independent, Strong. I also really like the work that they do. 

This weeks Q&A is over. Feel free to post your questions for next weeks Q&A (Feb 6th, same time, same place) on it's blog page or at @GertsRoyals with #AskGert