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October Q & A (2015)

As Always, Post your Royal Questions & I will get to them as soon as possible. 

Past Q&As

Question 1: Will the Cambridges attend the Royal Variety Performance this year?

Answer: Um...... It's Charles and Camilla's year but they will be on Australia/ New Zealand Tour.... Who knows? The Royal Variety Performance is an annual variety show, usually late November or early December, to raise funds for the Entertainment Artistes' Benevolent Fund which the Queen is patron.

Every year a senior member of the BRF attends. For a little over 20 years it has been alternating between the Queen (& Prince Phillip) attending and Prince Charles (& Camilla) attending. Before Charles started attending the Royal Variety Performance, attendance alternated between the Queen and the Queen mother.

Last year the Cambridges attended for the 1st time in the Queen and Prince Phillip's place, and many suggested that the Cambridges would be taking over attending for the Queen and Prince Phillip. This is year is Charles and Camilla's year, but they can't attend because they will be out of the country. They like to alternate years so that people aren't attending twice in a royal, so my bet is we will see someone other than the Cambridges attend, probably Princess Anne.

Question 2: Who is Prince Harry dating? Cause I keep seeing articles about him being out with different girls. 

Answer: As far as we know Harry is not dating anyone. The media is grasping at straws. Not that he couldn't be dating someone right now, but there aren't any facts to support any of the rumors.

Harry has been seen out with groups of friends a few times since returning from Africa. Just because one of the girls is single or happens to be his Ex-Girlfriend, doesn't mean they are dating. Harry gets linked to a dozen girls each year just because he's seen talking with them ONCE.

If Harry were dating someone we would see them out on multiple occasions and it would be reported on by a good share of the creditable new sites.

Question 3: What is up with the Crib from the Swedish Christening? 

Answer: The cradle used by Prince Nicolas during the reception, after the christening, is called the King Karl XV's cradle. It was made for the birth of then Prince Karl in 1826. Today the cradle is only used ceremonially, not for everyday use. At the christening reception the baby sleeps in the cradle while mummy and daddy greet guests. The cradle was used for both Princess Madeleine and Princess Leonore's christening.

Question 4: Are the Cambridges going to attend the China State Banquet? 

Answer: There has been no Official Confirmation from Buckingham Palace. Although it has been widely speculated.

Question 5: If William and Kate are the Earl and Countess of Strathearn when in Scotland what are Prince George and Princess Charlotte called?

Answer: George and Charlotte's titles don't change. They are still the Prince and Princess of Cambridge. Just like how Prince Harry is the Prince Henry (Harry) of Wales in Scotland even though his dad is the Duke of Rothesay, same with the York girls, and Wessexs. But Charlotte and George may also simply be referred to as Prince and Princess without the regional distinction.

When Prince George or Prince Harry marry they will get their own titles, usually three to represent different area's in England, Scotland, & Northern Ireland. Then as they travel to the different areas they will use their regional distinction in that area.

Question 6: Why wasn't Kate given the Royal Family Order?

Answer: The Royal Family Order is bestowed by the Monarch to Female member of the BRF.  The Royal Family Order is given at the Queen's discretion. It's not a matter of how long a female is a member of the BRF, but more the role they play. Although Catherine is the wife/mum of the future king, she is not a Full Time Working Royal. She is expected be given the order someday, most likely when she steps into a more full time role.

Each new monarch, has their own Royal Family order, so it is likely Catherine will be given one from each of the next few monarchs: Charles, William, George.

Question 7: I was wondering what you do with all the responses that you get. Do you keep them in an album? (I personally frame some of mine and put them up in my bedroom!!!) 

Answer: I have 2 binders with sheet protectors in them. I have my letters all organized, British Royals first, starting with the Queen and working my way down the line of succession, but including spouses. Each Royal or family has their own cover sheet and then all their letters are organized chronologically by when I received them.

It then moves on to Foreign Royals which are separated by Country, in alphabetical order, with all the all letters in each section organized chronologically.

At some point, I might separate things by grouping of years, but I'm not at that point.

 P.S I was the girl that wrote this past July about not getting a response back from Charlotte's birth. I'm sad to say I still haven't gotten a reply yet, but I haven't lost hope.

KP is still sending out replies for Princess Charlotte's birth.  KP was very behind, they are just now catching up and are sending out replies for Charlotte's Birth & Christening, & William and George's birthdays all at once. So even though we have been seeing latter events, they are still working on Charlotte's birth, so don't worry to much.

I expected them to much more timely than this, but unfortunately they have been very slow this summer.

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