Wednesday 18 April 2018

Royal Baby #3 Timeline

April 9th: 
  • Parking Restrictions go up outside Lindo Wing (For April 9th - 30th).
  • Press Pen is set up. (Media is not allowed in the Press Pen yet, but can make a short visit to Lindo Wing.)

April 16th - 20th:
April 21st: 
  • Queen's 92nd Birthday
  • "Queen Birthday Party" Concert at Royal Albert Hall
April 23rd at about 6 AM: 
  • Duchess Kate Goes into Labour and is admitted to the hospital
8:22 AM:
  • Kensington Palace issues a Press Releases & posts on Social Media saying Duchess Kate has been admitted to the Hospital
  • Press is allowed into Press Pen
  • Social Media starts to freak out! 
  • (If the middle of the night, the news may be delayed until morning.)
April 23rd at 11:01 AM
  • Royal Baby is Born
Shortly after:
  • Close Family is informed of the Baby's Brith
1 PM:
  • Official Announcement about Baby's Birth is made via Press Release and Social Media (Time of Birth, Sex, Weight is announced) 
  • (If baby is born during the night, the announcement will be delayed until morning [Approx 8 AM] so that the Queen & close family can be told about the Birth before the announcement.)
Shortly after:
  • Easel is set up in the forecourt of Buckingham Palace, with framed official birth announcement
  • (After 24 hours, the Easel is taken down and the Birth Announcement is sent to the Privy Council Office for their records.)
4 PM
  • William leaves the hospital to return Kensington Palace.
  • William returns to the hospital with George & Charlotte.
  • Goerge & Charlotte look adorable, but a little overwhelmed by the crowds.
  • George & Charlotte visit Baby.
  • Geroge & Charlotte leave hospital via a side entrance and return home with their nanny.
5 PM 
  • Kensington Palace tells media the Cambridges will be leaving the hospital shortly.
    • Media tells us.
  • We wait.
  • Cambridges say thank you to Hospital staff.
  • We wait.
  • Cambridges make an appearance on the Lindo Wing step with their new little baby.
    • They say a few words to the press.
    • We go crazy! Super fans go wild!
  • Cambridges go back inside and put the little baby in its car seat.
  • Cambridges come back out
    • Car pulls up
    • William & Kate put baby in car
    • William drives them back to Kensington Palace
Later that Day/Day after: 
  • Extended Family visits Kensington Palace 
In the days after: 
  • Baby's name is released
    • HRH Prince Louis Arthur Charles of Cambridge
  • Birth Certificate is filled out by Prince William at Kensington Palace
May 2nd: 
  • Birthday Photo is released for Princess Charlotte's Birthday 
    • (Maybe, 1st photo of the Royal Siblings together?) 
May 19th: 
  • Cambridges minus the little baby attend Prince Harry & Meghan Markle's Wedding. 
Approx two months after birth: 
  • Royal Baby is Christened
A day or two after:
  • Official Christening Photos Released 

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