Monday, 1 October 2018

October Q&A (2018)

As always, post your Royal Questions & I will get to them as soon as possible.

Question 1: I wrote to Princess Eugenie for her engagement in July. I know you're always saying that you shouldn't be worried even after six months, but I kind of am. I know people wrote late for the Sussex/Cambridge family events, but was wondering if that was the case for the Yorks or if it is unlikely I will get a reply. Do you think I should mention it in my wedding letter to her?

Answer: First let me say, I usually tell people you shouldn't worry if it's only been 1-2 months. 1-2 months is a completely normal response time. 4 Months is usually the longest you will ever wait. Unless they are swamped with mail because it is a very big and important event. (When I know a Royal doesn't usually/always reply, e.g. the Wessexs, I assume by about 3.5 months of waiting I'm not going to get anything.)

If you wrote to Princess Eugenie in July, it's been 3 months or less. So it's a little long, but not unexpected. The Royals & their staff take most of August off. So things pile up over the summer, and it takes them a while to answer mail from well-wishers. Unlike Clarence house, Prince Andrew does not have staff whoes only job is to answer mail. They have other duties they need to do, and reply to well-wishers when they have the time. I haven't seen any replies yet for Princess Beatrice's birthday in August. So, they are just a little busy right now. 

You did write 6 months after the engagement, so they very well may not have any of the engagement replies left. So, it could be they are waiting to send you the wedding reply. 

But I wouldn't mention anything in your wedding letter. I think it would be a little rude. I hope you are not just writing because you want some pretty reply but because you honestly wanted to wish the couple congratulations. 

Question 2: I wrote to The Cambridge’s for the birth of Prince Louis in April and I also wrote for Prince William’s birthday in early June but I have not received a reply for any of them. Do you think I will get a reply?

Answer: You will get a reply. Clarence House has just been very, very busy with all of the mail for the different events. I haven't gotten my reply for Prince Louis's birth either. 

Question 3: Have you get an answer for the Royal Wedding from the Duke and the Duchess of Sussex or the Baptism of Baby Louis of Cambridge? And what means the little paper in the Royal letters? It is to say sorry because they can't answer fast.

Answer: I haven't gotten my reply yet for The Sussex wedding, Louis's Christening or Prince Louis' birth. But I have seen other people's reply and some have included a little note, saying sorry for the delay. 

Question 4: I have already sent my congratulations card to the Princess of York. I sent it to the Buckingham Palace Office. But I addressed the card to the princess. Will I still get an answer? 

Answer: You will get an answer.

Question 5: A few Q&A's ago I asked you if you thought Eugenie's wedding would be mentioned in the CC and you said you didn't think so. If you don't mind me asking why didn't you think so and why do you think they put it in in the end? 

Answer: Way back then when you asked, I didn't think Eugenie's wedding was going to be the official public event it turned out to be. I did not expect it to be televised or to get so much much info from the Palace. I thought it was going to be a more private family event like Zara Tindall or Mike Philips's weddings, which were not mentioned in the CC.

Question 6: Would it be appropriate to write to the Duchess of York about Eugenie's wedding? I have already written to Eugenie, but I really love Sarah and I was thinking about writing to her too.

Answer: Yes, it would be appropriate. 

Question 7: Do the royals mind if I write my letter in one of the country's official languages and perhaps make some minor mistakes because it is not my mother tongue (native language)? 

Answer: The Royals aren't going to care about minor writing mistakes. What is most important is that they can understand what you are saying. 

It is perfectly fine to write to a royal in one of the countries official languages, English, or the Royal's mother tongue/native language. I think all of those choices are perfectly fine and equal, so I would write in whatever you are most comfortable in and will be clear and understandable. 

Don't feel like you need to write in the official language instead of English. For me, as an American, my English is great. There is no reason for me to write something messed up in another language when I can write in English. Although sometimes, I will include the phrase "Happy Birthday" or "Congratulations" in the official language.

Question 8: Can the address on the envelope be written in all capital letters? 

Answer: Yes, that is perfectly fine. And some places recommend it. At a minimum, you want to have the country name in all capital letters.