Sunday, 8 November 2020

Royal Attendance at Cenotaph Remembrance Sunday (2015-Present)

x - Laid Wreath 
* Wreath Laid on their Behalf
B1 - Center Balcony (Light Blue)
B2 - Right Balcony  (Medium Blue)
B3 - Left Balcony (Dark Blue)
Yellow box, took the salute at the March Past at Horse Guard Parade later in the day. 

Which Royal is on which balcony depends on how people there are, the number of balconies being used, and the order of precedence. 

The Queenb1*Canceled*
Prince Philip*
Prince Charlesx
Duchess Camillab2b2
Prince Williamxx
Duchess Kateb2b2
Prince Edwardx
Countess Sophieb3b2
Princess Annex
Sir Timb3b3
Duke of GloucesterCanceledb3
Duchess of GloucesterCanceledb3
Duke of Kentxb1*
Prince Micheal of Kent
Princess Micheal of Kent
Princess Alexandrab1
Lady in Waiting
Susan Rhodes (b1)

2nd table
The Queenxb1*
Prince Philipxb1**
Prince Charles*xx
Duchess Camilla
Prince Williamxx
Duchess Kateb1b2b1
Prince Harryx
Duchess Meghan
Prince Andrewxx
Prince Edwardxxx
Countess Sophieb1b2b3b2
Princess Annex xx
Sir Timb1b2b3b2
Duke of Gloucesterb2b3
Duchess of Gloucesterb2b3
Duke of Kentx
Prince Micheal of Kentx

Princess Micheal of Kentb2
Princess Alexandrab2
King (x) & 
Queen (b1) of 
The Netherlands
President (x) & 
First Lady 
of Germany (b2)