Friday 31 March 2023

Monarch's Buckingham Palace Garden Parties - Royal Attendance Summary (2016-Present)

This post summarizes royal attendance at the Monarch's 3 Buckingham Palace Garden Parties. (We do not include the Garden Party at the Palace of Holyrood house, as that is a separate event with different rules of attendance.) You can find more information on Garden parties, and break down of attendance each year here.

Color Chart
When 3 Party  HostAttends 1 Attends 2 Attends 3 
When 2 Party        HostAttends 1Attends 2

King Charles III's Reign

Royal202320242025 20262027
Number of Garden Parties22---
King CharlesHost (1)---
Queen Camilla1---
Prince WilliamHost (1)---
Princess Kate1
Princess Beatrice
Princess Eugenie
Prince Edward21---
Duchess Sophie21---
Princess Anne1---
Sir Tim
Peter Phillips
Zara & Mike Tindall
Duke of Gloucester2---
Duchess of Gloucester2---
Duke of Kent1

Queen Elizabeth II's Reign

The Queen & Prince Philip were usually the only royals to attend all three of the Queen's Garden Parties at Buckingham Palace. In 2018, the Queen started attending only 2 of the 3, with Charles hosting the one on her behalf. In 2022, due to mobility issues, Queen Elizabeth attended none of the Garden Parties with Charles, William & Edward each hosting one on her behalf.  

Usually, each working royal attends one of the 3 Garden Parties, with the Queen's cousins sometimes attending 2. 

Royal201620172018 20192022
Number of Garden Parties33333
Queen Elizabeth3 (Host)2 (Host)
Prince Philip3RetiredDead
Prince Charles1 1 (Host)
Duchess Camilla1
Prince William11 (Host)
Duchess Kate1
Prince Harry

Duchess MeghanPre-wedding

Prince Andrew1
Princess Beatrice1
Princess Eugenie1
Prince Edward
(Host of 1)
Countess Sophie1
Princess Anne1
Sir Tim

Duke of Gloucester2
Duchess of Gloucester2121
Duke of Kent21
Prince Michael of Kent
Princess Michael of Kent

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